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DW cat and mouse game

DW cat and mouse game最新章节列表,DW cat and mouse game全文阅读

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DW cat and mouse gameBrief introduction:

The author (Xi Yao Fusheng)'s classic novel: "DW Cat and Mouse Game" latest chapter full-text reading service is provided for free. This site is updated in a timely manner and has no pop-up advertisements. Welcome to () to watch the novel: A group of criminal investigation geniuses are imprisoned in the reasoning world  , a cat and mouse game quietly staged.  When you are in a real case, you must decipher the truth before you can leave.  Human nature, emotion, morality, desire, all beauty and ugliness are revealed.  Is the winner of this game, us who have become mice, or the cat who made the game?  Try to know.

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      DW cat and mouse gamelatest chapter:Chapter 93 Nameless

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