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half fairy

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half fairyBrief introduction:

The author (Yue Qianchou)'s classic novel: "Half Immortal" latest chapter full-text reading service is provided for free.  I am not talented, I am only nineteen years old, I have been a Taoist priest since I was a child, there are more than a dozen brothers in the upper class, and I am the youngest in the lower class, commonly known as closed disciples.  The master's school was too poor, and the senior brothers couldn't bear the hardship. Fortunately, the master master was open-minded and allowed all the senior brothers to break up and go away.  Later, there were three brothers who lost their way and found their way back. They were quite old, all in their forties or fifties.  Favored by the master, before his death, it was said that the master was located in Xiaodao, but no matter his age or qualifications, he could not convince the crowd, and the three senior brothers refused to accept it.  Shimen is unfortunate, Xiaodao is not a soft persimmon, he will never back down, and fight with internal strife.  In the village at the foot of the mountain, there is a new recruit, who was born in Xiaodao, and the master also explained before his death that he was escorted to Beijing for the exam.  righteous

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