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doom cockroach

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doom cockroachBrief introduction:

Provide the author (Wei An Cockroach)'s classic novel for free: "Cockroach at the End of the World" full text reading service of the latest chapters, this site is updated in a timely manner, without pop-up advertisements, welcome to () to watch the novel: Cockroaches are small people, and in this last days full of dangers,  Wandering around, realizing the law of survival in the last days, the dangers of the last days have slowly worn away his inertia and sensibility, and gradually become stronger. Of course, strength is also there. Looking at the madness of human beings in the last days, trampling everything that can be trampled, cockroaches  He always has a little heart, he doesn't want to be a hero, but he doesn't mind giving others a piece of bread on the premise of eating and clothing himself.  The cockroach will live in the cracks of the last days until the cracks can no longer hold him.

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