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I am not a savage Latest chapter update list

author£ºJie and 2

Text New BookText Preface: The G-spot of the EarthMain text Chapter 1 When I came, the sky was full of springMain text Chapter 2 Man-made wealth and dead birds die for food
Main Text Chapter 3 Yunchuan's First BattleMain Text Chapter 4 I Finally Became a SavageText Chapter 5: The Greatest Thief at the Creation of the WorldText Chapter 6 This is a time of great harvest
Main text Chapter 7 Miracle is not so miraculousMain Text Chapter Eight: Is Mother a Born Politician?Text Chapter Nine! !Text Chapter 10 The Caveman and Youchao
Text Chapter 11 All things are born for human useText Chapter Twelve The True King's Way!Main Text Chapter Thirteen A King Who Lost His Territory Ends BadlyMain text Chapter 14 Kings are generally willing to die rather than submit
Text Chapter 15 The ancients are sincere, don't be bullied!Text Chapter 16: I Am Xuanyuan, the Son of the Xiong FamilyText Chapter 17 My name is Xuanyuan, be obedient!Text Chapter 18: The Inexpensive Giant Panda
Main text Chapter 19 Banished by his mother...Text Chapter 20: I am a DandelionText Chapter 21: The Elephant Who Can Fight FireMain text Chapter 22: Natural selection that removes human nature
Text Chapter 23 Retribution Comes So QuicklyText Chapter 24: Yunchuan Needs a HammerText Chapter 25 Thunder, I made a mistake!Text Chapter 26 Kua Fu, Kua Kua Father?
Text Chapter 27 Roasting ConferenceText Chapter 28: Ugly Human BeingsText Chapter 29: PicaMain text Chapter 30 Classes are for ruling
Text Chapter 31 Obedient! i am your dadText Chapter Thirty-SecondText Chapter 33: The Fate of Not Going to SchoolText Fat people are all sinful people
Text Chapter 34 This Is LifeText Chapter Thirty-six: Two-dimensional Application of ScrubbingText Chapter 37 Killing Is Not the Best OptionText Chapter 38: Enjoying the Fruits of My Labor
Text Chapter 39 Be My Brother!Text Chapter 40 Wisdom is GodMain Text Chapter 41: Cute People, Vicious SchemesText Chapter 42: Of the terror of the well-informed
Text Chapter 43 Unacceptable GoodsText Chapter 44 Beautiful things are always unforgettableText Chapter 45: Wild and UntamedText Chapter 46: The Principles of Primitive Man
Text Chapter 47: New Perspectives, New CognitionsText Chapter 48: The Evolution of Xiling Kingdom from Ancient to ModernMain Text Chapter 49: A Natural BarbieMain Text Chapter 50 Not One Less
Text Ask for tickets at the beginning of the month, you must ask for it.Text Chapter 51 Devils really exist!Text Chapter 52 Huangdi said: Cannibals, die!Text Chapter 53 Don't Run! !
Text Chapter 54: The Village in the CrackText Chapter 55: The Origin of the Myth!Text Chapter Fifty-six The original version of the combination of vertical and horizontalText Chapter 57 Meeting is not as good as being famous
text Never mind, I broke outText Chapter 58: People can only rely on themselvesText Chapter 59: The Sad World of RealityText Chapter 60: Quantitative Change Induces Qualitative Change
Text Chapter 61 I am a fair personText Chapter 62 Bronze CauldronText Chapter 63: Jingwei¡ª¡ªText Continue to ask for monthly tickets, ask for various tickets
Main Text Chapter 64: The Damned Savage View of LoveText Chapter 65 Humans Should Reproduce AsexuallyText Chapter 66 Everything I Do Is For LoveText Chapter 67 Will I be struck by lightning when making characters?
Text Chapter 68 Learning? knowledge!Text Chapter 69: Jingwei who Loves LearningText Chapter 70 Revenge Can't Wait Until DawnText Chapter Seventy-One
Text Chapter 73: Savages are easier to deceive than imaginedText The last whine before the shelvesText Chapter 73: Savages who meet schemes for the first timeText Chapter 74: Don¡¯t Be Friends with Monsters
Text Chapter 75: The Legend of the ElixirMain text Chapter 76: I only need an island?Text Chapter 77: The Endless ThreatText Chapter 78: If you don¡¯t work hard, you¡¯ll get nothing
Text Chapter 79 Who is the villain?Text Chapter 80: The Thief's Bones Must Be KilledText Chapter 81 Whose life is not life?Text Chapter 82 Xing Tian's Poetry Collection
Text Chapter 83: There Are Many Idiots Down Changyang MountainText Chapter 84: The Patriarch Is Too OldText Chapter 85: Xuanyuan Builds Cars!Text Chapter 86: The Age of Godmaking
Main Text Chapter 87: Xuanyuan That Makes People SpeechlessText Chapter 88: How much is friendship per catty?Text Chapter 89: The Sky and the EarthText Chapter 90: Prepare for a rainy day
Text Chapter 91: Gentle AuthorityMain Text Chapter 92 It¡¯s Comfortable to Get AlongText Chapter 93: Mankind Needs to Make Great ProgressText Chapter 94: Everyone Should Have a Car
Text Chapter 95 Food is never enoughMain Text Chapter 96: Meeting the Xuanyuan Clan for the First TimeText Chapter 97 Xuanyuan's Dragon ProjectText Chapter 98: I am the Descendant of the Dragon
Text Chapter 99 Good Morning, My DragonMain text Chapter 100: What is yours is what you really ownText Chapter 101 Becoming a God Is a FashionText Chapter 102 Missing is the Best Sacrifice
Text Chapter 103 How to eat braised pork with rice?Text Trapped at the airport.Text Chapter 104 UnsafeText Chapter 105
Text Chapter 106 Thirty Years of Hedong, Thirty Years of HexiMain Text Chapter 107 A Vicious Story¡ª¡ªText Chapter 108: Getting Drunk Can Solve Thousands of SorrowsText Chapter 109: A Small Town with Many Stories
Text Chapter 110 Paradise on EarthText Chapter 111 I Can't Bear to Leave YouText Chapter 112 Boring WarText Chapter 113 Are they here to give away the head?
Text Chapter 114 can write names to be an adultText Chapter 115 The First Snow in LifeText Chapter 116 Climate ChangeText Chapter 117 Land Transactions, which have existed since ancient times
Text Chapter 118 Yunchuan Can Extend Human LifeText Chapter 119 Peaceful LandText Chapter 120 The Hospital and the First Serious PatientText Chapter 121: The First Conspirator in History
Main Text Chapter 122 Hard Life Sharpens the Strongest WillMain Text Chapters 1, 2, and 3 People don¡¯t really want muchText Chapter 124 Strange Self-EsteemText Chapter 125 I hope it will eventually come true
Text Chapter 126 Let¡¯s mix it up like thisText Chapter 127: People Who Eat Grass for a LivingText Chapter 128 Yunchuan's Morning Bell and Evening DrumText Chapter 129 Shennong's attack
Text Chapter 130 Political TalksText Chapter 131: Gods Should Have MiraclesText Chapter 132 Luxurious LifeText Chapter 133 Primitive society never lacks traitors
Text Chapter 134 HuntingText Chapters 135 are all for one biteText Today, I have been on the road for a day, so I ask for leave, and I will make up for it tomorrow.Text Chapter 136: Hunting and farming which is better
Text Chapter 137 Things are always changingText Chapter 137 Things are always changingText Chapter 138 Rice is my lifeText Chapter 139: The Beauty of Mountain Ghosts
Text Chapter 140: The Enemy Is ComingText Chapter 141 There are many cattle and sheep at the foot of Changyang MountainText Chapter 142: Personal EnmityText Chapter 142: Everyone Loves Xuanyuan
Text Chapter 143 The Concept of Yunchuan YaojiaMain text Chapter 144 The function of taste buds should be strengthened from an early ageText Chapter 145 City life is not for everyoneText Chapter 146 This Is Life
Text Chapter 147 Xuanyuan of the Elephant HuntingText Chapter 148 Open Source, PositioningText Chapter 149 New members on the recipeText Chapter 150: The Four Night Royal Women? This is impossible!
Text Chapter 151 First Fate, Second Luck, Third Feng ShuiText Chapter 152: Linkui's Big PlanText Chapter 153 Kuafu Day by Day Part 1Text Chapter 154 Kuafu hits the second day every day!
Text Chapter 155 Kuafu Chasing the Third Strike!Text Chapter 156 Kuafu Chasing the Fourth StrikeText Chapter 157 Kuafu Chasing the Sun's Fifth StrikeText Chapter 158: The Sixth Strike of Kuafu Chasing the Sun
Text Chapter 159: The Seventh Strike of Kuafu Chasing the SunText Chapter 160 Kuafu Chasing Sun's Final BlowMain text Chapter 1: SeedsMain text Chapter 2 Subtle influence
Text Chapter 3 New Tribes and New WorldText Chapter 4: Xuanyuan's Kingly SwordText Chapter 5 I'm Waiting for a Blizzard to ComeText Chapter 6 Lei City? Lei city?
Text Chapter 7 God Fucking Entrusts His Wife and SonMain text Chapter 8 Are there still miracles?Text Chapter Nine: The Wolf Is ComingText Chapter 9 Life is Never Peaceful
Text Chapter 11 Wolf DisasterText Chapter 12 Natural Disasters? Man-made disaster?Main text I will host an interview this afternoon, ask for leave, and go back to make upText Chapter Thirteen: The Great Era of Witches
Main Text Chapter Fourteen Are there really werewolf herders in the world?Main text Chapter 15 Suicide -Text Chapter 16 Big Difference, Big DifferenceText Chapter 17 Tribal Upgrade Preparations!
Text Chapter 18 There is no room for fools in the world of monsters!Text Chapter Nineteen The Old Lurker¡ª¡ªSu Nu!Text Let me share with you an award-winning side story "Dragon Totem"Text "Dragon Totem" belongs to Yunchuan's Three Kingdoms Story
Text Chapter 20 The World Is Not SimpleText Chapter 21 The Price of GrowthText Chapter 22 Autumn Leaves Know AutumnText Chapter 23 Crisis in Tranquility
Text Chapter 24 We want to become strongerText Chapter 25 Only Competition Can DevelopText Chapter 26 See you on the grillText Chapter 27 When it is messy, it is a good time for development
Text Chapter 28 We Are the Best NeighborsText Chapter 29 The Worst ThingText Chapter 30: Cangjie's Shopping DesireText Chapter 31: Accidental Is Beautiful
Text Chapter 32 Su Nu and Xuan YuanMain Text Chapter 33 Essence and Blood Theory is a question without an answerText Chapter Thirty-Four: The Code of Conduct of the Ministry of YunchuanText Chapter Thirty-fifth The Merciful Xingtian
Text Chapter Thirty-six: The Brave Li MuText I have a fever today, 38.5 degrees.Text Chapter 37: The Ancient CovenantText Chapter 38: Xuanyuan's Minority Submits to the Majority
Text Chapter 39 Different Aspirations, Different PathsText Chapter 40 Devil Yunchuan!Text Chapter 41 Let's Get Married!Text Chapter 42 What should come will always come, and there will be no escape
Text Chapter 43: Rules-Based CombatText Chapter 44: War will refine the division of labor in societyText Chapter 45 Who's Threat?Text Chapter 46: This Is the King's Treatment
Text Chapter 47 Covering Ugly People with BeautyText Chapter 48 Sorrow and JoyMain text Chapter 49 is just the first stepText Chapter 50: Wrath of the Earth
Text Chapter 51: The Great Sacrifice Is NecessaryText Chapter 52: The Great Sacrifice of the Cloud River TribeText Chapter 53 God, You WinText Chapter 54: The Disaster
Text Chapter 55: Red Pine Nuts?Text Chapter 56 Ten thousand years is too long...Text Chapter Fifty-SevenText Chapter Fifty-eight Take the initiative to attack?
Text Chapter 59: The Transformation of ChilingText Chapter 60: Crisis, Crisis, and Opportunity in DangerText Chapter 61: The World Is Full of Strange PeopleText Chapter 62 Killing God!
Text Chapter 63: Xuanyuan who is willing to bow his head is even more terrifyingText Chapter 64: Small Things, Big UsesText Chapter 65 Aren't you afraid?Text Chapter 66: Li Mu, I despise you
Main text Chapter 67: Arima is everythingText Chapter 68 This is my horseText Chapter 69: How to raise a good horse?Text Chapter 70: The Significance of the Collective
Text Chapter 71 Horse training? it's not that easyText Chapter 72 Nobody's Life Is HardText Chapter 73: Hymns of LifeText Chapter 74 Who Can Be Smarter Than Me?
Text Chapter 75: The Killing Formation Formed by Four WolvesText Chapter 76: People Are Always ChangingText Chapter 77 I'm going to beat your shit outText Chapter 78: Demons in the World
Text Chapter 79: Xuanyuan's Concept of World UnityText Chapter 80: The Future of KumokawabeText I am taking leave of absence, my gums are swollen, my face is swollen, and my eyes are swollenText Chapter 81: Jingwei's Banquet
Text Chapter 82: The Unusual Path of KumokawabeText Chapter 83 Jingwei¡¯s Banquet (2)Text Chapter 84 Jingwei¡¯s Banquet (3)Text Chapter 85 Jingwei¡¯s Banquet (4)
Text Chapter 86 Jingwei¡¯s Banquet (5)Text Chapter 87 Jingwei¡¯s Banquet (6)Text Chapter 88 Jingwei¡¯s Banquet (7)Text Chapter 89 Jingwei¡¯s Banquet (8)
Text Chapter 90 Struggle with HeavenText Chapter 91 People need a little spirit.Text Chapter 92: Burning Peach BlossomsText Chapter 93 Xuanyuan's Destiny!
Text Chapter Ninety-FourText Chapter 95: Irreparable Intellectual GapText Chapter 96: The Appearance of the SoldierText Chapter 97 Let Feather Arrows Fly for a while
Text Chapter 98: There Can¡¯t Be Too Many PeopleText Chapter 99: Xuanyuan's WorriesMain text Chapter 100: Is the red mandrill really a dry mandrill?Text Chapter 101: The White Lotus of Yazi
Please take a day off, I am very sorry.Text Chapter 102 My King YunliText Chapter 103 Who cares who is bornText Chapter 104 Killing Lin Kui and Chi You?
Text Chapter 105: The Heinous SlaveryText Chapter 106: Biological, BiologicalText Chapter 107 Yunchuanbe 1.0 EraText Chapter 108 Different Views on Life and Death
Text Chapter 109: Cultured People Should InvadeText Chapter 110 is getting more and more complicatedText Chapter 111 Kuafu PatrolMain text Chapter 112 Hitting you is actually for your own good
Text Chapter 113 The Yunchuan tribe is a good tribeText Chapter 114 DilemmaText Chapter 115 The King from the EastText Chapter 116 The most important thing about rules is consistency
Text Chapter 117 It's Time for FriendshipText Chapter 118 Nature's Connotation Is RicherText Chapter 119 Cruelty Has No LimitsText Chapter 120 It¡¯s Useless to Overthink
Text Chapter 121 Xuanyuan's Great DiscoveryText Chapter 122 Xuanyuan CriesText Chapters 1, 23, Repaying Friendship with LoveText Chapter 124: Capturing the Wild Horses
Text Chapter 125 Strength is the basis of strategyMain Text Chapter 126: Tricks Are Really UselessText Chapter 127 Unpredictable FutureText Chapter 127 Unpredictable Future
Text Chapter 128: Close the door and go to sleepText: Chapter 129: The Evolution of the KumokawabeText Chapter 130: Xuanyuan is Recruiting TalentsText No. 131 You recruit and I set weights and measures
Text Chapter 132 Collective, Collective, Kumokawabe is CollectiveText Chapter 133 This is too unfair to meText Chapter 134 is not rigid in formText Chapter 135 City of Gods
Text Chapter 136Text Chapter 137 Changyang Mountain City, which has begun to take shapeText Chapter 138: A Flesh ManText Chapter 139: Nobody Knows How Powerful the Cloud Chuanbe Is
Main Text Chapter 140: The Call of DadMain text Chapter 141Text Chapter 142: The First Manifestation of LoveText Chapter 143 Crossing the Primitive Society
Text Chapter 144 Where did the white-faced savage come from?Text Chapter 145 Unexpected BreakthroughText Chapter 146 Parents are shortText Chapter 147: The Legend of Rapunzel
Text Chapter 148: Leave room for doing thingsText Chapter 149 The Battle of the Five Armies (1)Text Chapter 150 The Battle of the Five Armies (2)Text Chapter 150 The Battle of the Five Armies (2)
Text Chapter 151 The Battle of the Five Armies (3)Text Chapter 152 The Battle of the Five Armies (4)Text Chapter 153 The Battle of the Five Armies (5)Text Chapter 154 The Battle of the Five Armies (6)
Text Chapter 155 The Battle of the Five Armies (Final Chapter)Text Chapter 156: The Jimi Tribe of the Yunchuan TribeText Chapter 157 The longest dynastyText Chapter 158 Returning Like Yesterday
Text Chapter 159 SeparationText Chapter 160 Family WorldText Chapter 1 Calmness is BlessingMain text Chapter 2 No war, no war!
Main text Chapter 3 Under the whole world, is it the land of the king?Main Text Chapter 4 All the Fault Is in PovertyMain text Chapter 5 Comprehensive prosperity is the essenceMain Text Chapter 6 The Distant Kongtong Mountain
Text Chapter 7 EnlightenmentText Chapter 8: Immortals and MenText Chapter Nine Son and FatherText Chapter 10: Killing Gods Must Start from the Source
Text Chapter 11 Yazi Became a BeggarMain Text Chapter 12 Borderlands Are Poor, There Are ReasonsText Chapter Thirteen The Causes of IgnoranceText Chapter Fourteen Too Poisonous
Text Chapter Fifteen Away from the Hustle and bustleText Chapter 16: Cloud and TigerText Chapter 17 The Pride of Being a ManMain text Asking for leave, I just came back after participating in an emergency research activity today, I am almost exhausted
Text Chapter Eighteen: Killing a ChildText Chapter 19: The Heart of a King?Text Chapter 20: Gorilla Killing Incident?Text Chapter 21: Yunchuan on Fire
Text Chapter 22 Sulfur, a good thingText Chapter 23 Linkui's PainMain Text Chapter 24 Use One Generation, Study One GenerationMain Text Chapter 25 Wild Giant Fish
Text Chapter 26: Chi Ling is a FishermanText Chapter 27: Chiling is leavingText Chapter 28 Enemies, Friends Can't TellText Chapter 29: Kunlun is Kunlun
Text Chapter Thirty Poor Wise KingText Chapter Thirty-OneText Chapter Thirty-SecondText Chapter 33: The Bright Future of Dao
Text Chapter 34 Please allow me to cut off your headText Chapter 35 Five Reasons Not to Kill YunchuanText Chapter Thirty-six: Turtle ImmortalText Chapter 37
Text Chapter 38: A Man Can Easily Become a SaintText Chapter 39 Kuafu Becomes a Wise ManText Chapter 40 What is Happiness?Text Chapter 41 Keep Your Own Part
Text Chapter 42 Guangchengzi is hereText Chapter 43: Kill You and Talk AgainText Chapter 44 Guang Chengzi's Head LostMain Text Chapter 45: Aggressive Strange Things
Text Chapter 46: The road is facing the sky, each side walksText Chapter 47 Is this a roc?Text Chapter 48 Guangchengzi's Kingdom of HeavenText Chapter Forty-ninth: Keqing should not eat plain rice
Text Chapter 50 Everything Is NaturalText Chapter 51: This is the real ruthless personText Chapter 52 Threshold!Text Chapter Fifty-Three
Text Chapter 54: I'm not the second childText Chapter 55: I Don¡¯t Want to Be the Second ChildText Chapter Fifty-six A Good Warrior Doesn't Come Out of ComfortText Chapter 57 Too Slack
Text Chapter Fifty-Eighth: The Ministry of Clouds and Rivers Has a New RuleText Chapter Fifty-ninth: Be the First in EverythingText Chapter 60 Kuafu's Daughters-in-LawsText Chapter 61: The Pain of Yazi
Main text Chapter 62: All are working hard for idealsMain Text Chapter 64: Follow the ReasonText Chapter 65: There is no difference between life and deathText Chapter 66 Noble Way of Thinking
Text Chapter 67 The Season of ReproductionText Chapter 68: Things Yun Chuan Can't UnderstandText Chapter Sixty-nine: Incomparison of Good and EvilText Chapter 70 People Shouldn't Grow Up
Text Chapter 71 Who lost the bamboo raft?Text Chapter 72: Yin Yang and Five Elements TheoryText Chapter 73: The Power of HeavenText Chapter 74: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth
Text Chapter 75 Three TigersText Chapter 76: Yunchuan who can see through the fogText Chapter 77: Each Has Its PlansText Chapter 78 How can I calm my heart?
Text Chapter 79 Dividing PorkMain text Chapter 80 Eat more and eat lessText Chapter 81 I Need HelpText Chapter 82: The Unresistible Kumokawabe
Text Chapter 84 Desire is a very good thingText Chapter 85 Everyone's Desires Are DifferentText Chapter 86: The Beauty of a Gentleman as an AdultText Chapter 87 Worrying
Text Chapter Eighty-eightText Chapter 89 Without you, this world will be colorlessText Chapter 90: Two Despicable and Shameless PersonsText: Chapter 91: Strong Wall and Qingye Xuanyuan
Text Chapter 92 Goals, GoalsText Chapter 93 Poor Xuanyuan Tribe PeopleText Chapter 94: Fat HamsterText Chapter 95 The Best Cargo
Text Chapter 96 Delicious Dog MeatText Chapter 97: On Tracks and MindText Chapter 98: The Road Is Like a BasketText Chapter 99 Stockholm Syndrome
Text Chapter 100 Whose way is not the way?Text Chapter 101: The Powerful YaziText Chapter 102 Everyone is Living HardText Chapter 103 God has nothing to do with longevity
Text Chapter 104: The Daily Troubles of the SavagesText Chapter 105 I love you? nonsense!Text Chapter 106 The copper plate is still hereText Chapter 107 The Gentle Knife
Text Chapter 108 Yunli's SituationText Chapter 109: Yunchuan's One Body and Two SidesText Chapter 110 Internal ChangesMain Text Chapter 111 Human Distress
Text Chapter 112 The object of the great unification is dragons, not humansMain text Chapter 113 Lishou's new planMain Text Chapter 114 General PatternText Chapter 115 requirements are different
Text Chapter 116: I don¡¯t know I¡¯m a guest in my dreamText Chapter 117 The Most Beautiful PoemText Chapter 118 Who is the good guy and who is the bad guy?Text Chapter 119 Gentle Xuanyuan
Text Chapter 120 The Wise Men Are CrazyText Chapter 121 Premature strength is not a good thingMain Text Chapter 122 Three Years of CicadasText Chapter 123 Ordinary Things
Text Chapter 124 Arrangements Always Make MistakesText Chapter 125 Suicide Requires QualificationsText Chapters 1, 26 are so boring, I won¡¯t come again (final chapter)Text Chapter Thirty-five: Ono Hoshidru
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