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chief press officer Latest chapter update list


001 sir, help002 Hooligans003 Are you investigating me?004 escape
005 let her go006 There is a good show to watch007 I am tolerant enough008 Tit for Tat
009 Come to the door010 no choice011 The Guan family is over012 Rumors
013 Calming the Riot014 Genius015 Don't Come to Me016 Press Conference Leaks
017 How about your press conference?018 Hello everyone, I am the press officer019 Clarify rumors020 Sensation
021 Kidnapping022 Not an ordinary person023 Guess024 found
025 Even nest end027 Just Remember028 Because of that autism?029 High Cold vs. High Cold
030 Simple and Rough Friday Lord031 live together032 Truth or Dare033 lost
034 written test035 Kidney Deficiency036 I Come to Interview You037 Pass the interview
038 I still have to come back to live039 Sure enough, she's a goblin!040 Who is the scheming bitch041 Zhou Muze's Warning
043 Don't be afraid, file a complaint with Jay Chou044 A bunch of nonsense045046 I'm Really Not a Liar
047 Mutual backsliding049 I just don't like whores050 Gossip and research051 Team up
052 Being Targeted053 Punishment054 Two suggestions055 Two teams merge
056 reject057 Runs and concerns058 If the sky wants its death, it must first desire its madness059 interview
060 Make trouble061 Face Slap062 Powerless to Refute063 debate
064 Not Playing Cards According to the Routine065 Too much money is hot066 Get teased067 Sensational?
068 Only five people069 Fighting with reason070 Not Giving Up071 Caliber Preparatory Meeting
072 Not a solution, a solution073 What a Talent074 Big things are about to happen075 Endless
076 We Are Amazing077 Strong Drugs078 end079 Calling Daddy
080 No more love081 Let Shi Yu Come to the Imperial Capital?082 Leak083 Take Full Responsibility
084 Here He Comes085 Jealousy086 If I say no, I won't087 Very good, this is Jay Chou
088 Don't rely on me, who do you want to rely on?089 Controversy090 disagreement091 Breaking news
092 It's time to settle the score093 Dog bites dog094 One Power Drops Ten Meetings095 Is your mind full of spicy chicken?
096 Confrontation097 Be Strong!098 Excellent!099 Probing
100 just one chance101 Necessary understanding102 Ming Family Banquet103 I don't want a second time
104 Final warning105 plan106 Asking for something107 Uncontrollable Kiss
108 No such person109 This is my uncle110 Old men are also unreliable111 End of research
112 difference113 Plausible114 Why use your mouth when you can use your hands?116 Attacked
117 Bigger Trouble118 To vent anger119 spanking120 Those two requirements
121 visit122 bump into123 track124 Bear boy
125 Who is not a little public opinion!126 Discrimination127 Apologize or Get Out128 How dare she hook up with another man!
129 Her Smile Is So Dazzling131 Take You to Watch the New Year132 Mr Z133 This is how I apologize...
134 Resurrection135 give up136 I'm Going Crazy137 Entry
138 If you can't do it, you have to get out139 Offended140 It's Others Who Do Wrong Things141 Pretending to be a jerk
142 Strike Back143 for144 Is it wrong to be beautiful?145 Another Trick
146 return147 Who Are You?148 Temporary translation149 Deliberately Cold
150 Pride and pride151 Enemy152 changes153 Separation and Crisis
154 Very Bad Grandpa Friday155 past156 True and False Can't Tell157 Who decides who plays the home game!
158 You are popular on the Internet159 I will believe160 Brawl161 The state advocates late marriage and childbearing
162 Emergency163 second person164 Feeding failed165 I am not a dog
166 Jay Chou hasn't even had a consecration yet!167 Come and not reciprocate168 Breaking Down One by One169 Your circle is really chaotic
170 Come After Work and Hear I Have Made Contributions?171 First hit172 The Heavens Turned Upside Down173 provocation
174 Second hit175 Who is behind the scenes176 Night Encounter177 Is that enough?
178 But I Care179 Can you meet people?180 Who is afraid of whom to complain?181 Ming's Press Conference
182 One ring after another183 reverse184 Accountability185 Even if you kill yourself, you won't wake up in the middle of the night
186 Why doesn't he want you187 Mianmian, Don't Reject Me Again188 Boiled Frogs189 Peep
190 Unrepentant191 The real purpose192 Who Really Disclosed the News193 The general trend
194 Appetite195 Methods of collecting interest196 Think Again197 You know how to make me change my decision
198 The third way199 She seems to have bitten Zhou Muze...200 Is cod better or abalone better?201 Birds of a feather flock together
202 Mu Xiu Yu Lin203 Waiting for a Rabbit204 Interview Walkthrough205 The goddess also looked for a babysitter...
206 It Was Her207 A dog that bites does not bark208 will affect my driving209 Let Whoever Goes Bankrupt Go Bankrupt
210 joint interview211 Joint interview (2)212 Joint interview (3)213 Joint Interview (4)
214 Joint interview (5)215 The Dragon Has Reversed Scale Touching Death216 gains and losses217 Another trouble
218 Beating the Reservoir Dog219 Qin Aiguo221 Can I buy this?222 Scout
223 Are you kidding me?224 I haven¡¯t seen a girl as stupid as you for a long time225 They Are Not Worthy of Carrying My Shoes226 You Are Originally from the Zhou Family
227 I don't want to be found by you228 Aggrieved229 People are more popular than people230 Why Are You Again
231 Why?232 Please show me the way233 I'm afraid you'll be shy234 old acquaintance
235 must be very big236 Secret Mission237 See Who Has the Last Laugh238 I heard that Qin and Shi are a couple
239 It's Impossible!240 Not Giving Up241 Even Mom Can't Recognize242 Lineage Questions
243 There Is No Pie in the World244 Totally Impossible245 found246 foreign aid
247 The One Who Owns the Debt Is the Uncle248 Throw it away249 Meeting Again250 think too much
251 Dual Personality252 Inference253 Do you know her?254 returns
255 sniper256 missing257 Don't suffer this loss258 Can't Die
259 The Leaky Room Meets the Night Rain260 Fight back!261 Stay or Throw262 Blindfolded
263 What about Mianmian?264 Drowsiness Meets Pillow265 Is this lucky?266 He Came For Her
267 The real purpose268 Finally Contacted269 ??Alarm270 Urine escape
271 Crossfire272 One More Look273 Diplomatic immunity274 Rule Breakers
275 You Bitten276 Become a spy?277 Lion's Big Opening278 This is definitely true love!
279 Relationship Exposure280 Don't leave281 Let her make her own decision282 The Way of Heaven Is Good for Reincarnation
283 The Police Call284 Lawyers arrive285 Anti-customer-oriented286 Circumstantial evidence
287 Beauty is in the bones but not the skin288 I'll wait with you289 Open Heart Knot290 It's Not Important
291 court session292 Pleading not guilty293 Confrontation294 I'm going to make a big fuss
295 No matter what she says296 Absolute Reversal297 Acting skills are better than the last298 Not Normal
299 Brain hole breaks through the sky300 three are just right301 Trip to Geneva302 Returning the way of the other to the other
303 fake304 Countermeasures305 Begging for a Thigh Hug306 Brewing a Big Move
307 Sudden Dog Food308 Press Conference (1)309 Press Conference (2)310 Press Conference (3)
311 Press Conference (4)312 Press Conference (5)313 Press Conference (6)314 Press Conference (7)
315 Be good, don't move316 The Ultimatum317 Overbearing318 Back to origin
319 Authentic Shigure-style Answer320 new leads321 Misfortune Comes Out of Mouth322 Brazen
323 Big heart324 Disaster Water Leads East325 Invert black and white326 show lower limit
327 names are not right328 Yangmou329 Hit me if you have the ability330 jealous
331 Relic332 safe333 Zhao Wenping's Will334 The Truth About Zhao Lingnan
335 High Compensation336 Who is Zhao Lingnan337 Thank you, Mr. Zhou338 My Husband Lost
339 Harmony340 return home341 Who is that little bitch342 I don't want to be careless
343 Get Married First344 Impression Shattered345 is not an example346 Her Heart Disease
347 crazy348 Black History349 Troublemaker350 Reorganization of Three Views
351 commission352 preference353 You Don't Owe Me354 Assault
355 Supporting You356 promotion357 Showing Love358 Misfortune Comes From Heaven
359 Can I Eat You?360 A Knife on the Head of Ninja361 Thinking of the Superior363 The youngest director in the world
364 Which number am I?365 It's not scary to bump into a shirt, whoever is ugly is embarrassed368 Zhou Family Birthday Banquet (3)369 Zhou Family Birthday Banquet (4)
370 Zhou Family Birthday Banquet (5)371 Zhou Family Birthday Banquet (6)372 Zhou Family Birthday Banquet (7)373 Zhou Family Birthday Banquet (8)
374 Zhou Family Birthday Banquet (9)375 Zhou Family Birthday Banquet (10)376 Zhou Family Birthday Banquet (Eleventh)377 Get what you want
379 The Truth of Sharing Wealth and Wealth380 Can't help it381 Three Chapters of the Covenant382 Flirting and Anti-flirting
383 A Full Man Doesn't Know a Hungry Man Is Hungry384 Bewitched385 meeting386 Three Different Views
387 It's all in the dark388 Ming Qi Was Calculated389 A Good Deal390 Arrange a Big Show
391 invitation392 The Rhythm of Making Troubles393 Dinner394 Absolute Headlines
395 Recognition of relationship396 Who Has the Advantage397 The key to preventing mistresses398 This is Interesting
399 I'm Heartbroken Again, Mr. Zhou400 Peach News401 Doing It402 Victim Guilt
403 Blind Eyes404 Touching her is equal to touching me405 Lady Diplomacy406 Serious nonsense
407 state of mind408 motivation409 I did it410 Adding insult to injury
411 Debunked412 counted413 Makeup414 He Doesn't Need It
415 Ming Qi's Punishment416 Mingya's Accident418 First telephone interview419 The Powerful Goddess of Favor
420 Reluctant421 Inappropriate remarks422 Little Director423 no apology
424 The first day of Huaguo425 one sided426 Pressure427 wait for me to come back
428 Fanning the Flames429 Overturning the Old Debt430 Investigation Team431 I Can Only Tell Reasons
432 No Discussion About Substitution433 Bringing You Meals434 Seeking justice435 Reason with them
436 Sophistry437 Avenging Myself438 I like to do things aboveboard439 Public Reward
440 Sue them in court441 Run away after kissing442 Good-looking people look good in everything444 The Chef Delayed by the President
445 Bao Guozhen is Dead446 Phenomenal News447 Mutual Exploration448 Evidence
449 Jedi Counterattack450 roll451 Illegal testimony452 Absurd
453 Holding back bad moves454 What a sisterly love456 God Can't See It457 I have to rely on you
458 Let You Be More Confident459 Because My Surname Is Zhou460 You are already mine461 Competing for Favor
462 I want to cover it up463 Only You Are You464 Daughter-in-law Doesn't Accept Gifts465 Autistic?
466 What did you find467 Strange Feeling468 I have to ask your Mr. Zhou469 Take the initiative
470 The Great Show Begins471 This Netizen Is Too Bad!472 Sweet Burden473 Welcome Reception (1)
475 Welcome Reception (3)476 Welcome Reception (4)477 Some People Are Naturally Brilliant478 His Legend
479 exposed481 Special significance482 I Know You Better Than You Think483 Naturally Edible
485 New Year's Eve486 A Not-So-Friendly Call487 Iron Tree Blossom488 Ming Xi's Painting
489 Mathematics is Wonderful490 Shi Yu's Trick491 same way492 The World in Ming Xi's Eyes
493 Savant Syndrome494 The Respect from an Idol495 This Woman Is Too Bad!496 Are you still alive?
497 Love Letter498 Do You Know That You Are Living Together Illegally?499 They treat you very well500 Little Bie Wins New Love
501 The best drama502 Laugh at me again, I will show affection503 There is a hole in the brain504 Internet celebrity collection professional account
505 What do you think of me506 You Are Famous507 Blocked508 Will You Die If You Don't Show Your Love?
509 Can't hold it510 Daqian Station511 Armed to the Teeth512 You just show me this when I take off my pants?
513 Arrive in Washington514 Powerful General515 Suspected old friend came516 You Are Really Different
517 As if mentally retarded518 Pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger519 Miss Miracle520 Shoot the head bird
521 straight back522 Having the Best Man in the World523 Complex Relationships524 Miss me?
525 The Shorter the Words, the Bigger the Things526 no zuo no die527 Breaking the Convention528 Dismissal
529 Three Questions530 A Blockbuster531 International Joke532 meeting
533 You come and I go534 Ginger is still old and spicy535 contact536 Revisiting the old place
537 Relic538 Well-matched539 letter540 Her Redemption
541 I'm in542 Deepest Desire543 What a coincidence, me too544 ring
545 You Need to Hug to Sleep546 Mind Exposure547 investigation548 Crossing the River and Destroying the Bridge
549 end of visit550 acquaintance551 Branding552 Miss Qin's Lover
553 Mr. Chicken Soup554 court session555 You are innocent556 is new to me
557 love558 Flip559 Qin Yi's Handle560 Ugly
561 black material562 Can't run away563 Irreplaceable564 Departing for Home
565 Good friends are important, men are also important567 Reunion569 missing570 Not a new favorite, but an old favorite
571 Give You a Chance to Be a Domineering CEO573 scheming boy574 I Can't Control It575 Little Expert in Make-Up
576 Do you like me?577 To tease you578 Soft girl579 cannot copy
580 Responsibility581 The reason why I must choose you582 Don't be careless about them583 US delegation arrives
584 I thought it was a friend585 No Longer Tolerance, You Will Not Be a Chinese586 Noble Gentleman587 Good luck is also a part of strength
Hot search on 588590 Let's get engaged591 Qin Yi's Mr.592 It's not official yet
593 by chance594 each other each other595 negotiation596 Adding Oil to the Fire
597 except you598 Use Your Beauty to Win Glory for the Country599 remedial600 complaints
601 best guess602 White Eyed Wolf603 Old Routine604 Leaving without breaking up
605 It would be better to kiss again606 This is the gap607 Are you playing with me?608 This is the bride price
610 Come on! Hurt each other!611 It's okay if you think it's okay612 Do you hate me?613 That's a lifetime
614 Porcelain615 I give you five seconds to get up616 Textbook Level Responses617 Killing One Thousand Enemies and Self-Injury Eight Hundred
618 Great People619 Having a fiancee is amazing621 Do you want to know his origin?622 wise man
623 You know how to do it624 Makeup625 Strange626 Toasting and not eating fine wine
627 Unconventional means628 Stay with me till the end629 Severity of problem630 Detonating Public Opinion
631 Then go to hell632 Seeing Little Knowing Works633 Lost Mind634 Prepare to Counterattack
635 Good deal636 Ten thousand points of damage637 Explosive Effect639 I give this routine full marks
640 The Final Conclusion641 Heartbeat642 Only the Cough and Love Can't Hide It643 Complicated Moods
644 A Dead Fellow Daoist Will Not Die a Poor Dao645 I Can't Eat the Grass by the Nest647 We Can Only Rely on Ourselves648 Traits of a Scumbag
649 Official Qin650 is not groundless651 Fearsome Words652 If you care about them, you will lose
653 It Doesn't Matter Without You654 The Situation Worsens655 If You Are Human, You Should Speak Human Words and Do Human Things656 suspension
657 leave658 Responses659 default660 I know everything about her
661 I need your guarantee662 As expected of a couple663 different664 IMHO
665 I won't take this blame666 Talk about life667 Qin Yi's Decision668 You deserve the best
669 exception670 Her business is mine671 Who Gave You the Right and Courage672 You Can Do Anything You Want With Money
673 Make a decision before moving674 struggle675 Shi Wei's Choice676 She Still Has Her Own Pride
679 Repaying Himself with His Way680 burst681 What's wrong with me relying on men682 Stop
683 Retribution Sooner or Later684 Stay with me till the end685 Car Accident686 I just want to do it
687 Unforgettable688 no regrets689 I'm Not Here690 I'm looking forward to it
691 You Did It On Purpose693 I underestimated you694 Aunt695 Becoming a Baby for the First Time
697 engagement (2)698 engagement (3)699 engagement (4)700 engagement (5)
701 Engagement (6)702 engagement (7)703 engagement (8)704 This Is Called Estrus
708 Fianc¨¦ couples are also husband and wife709 Stronger, Freer710 Confessions Are Not Benevolent and Righteous711 Prodigal Bitch
712 move713 met714 The Wife Called by Her Ability715 After the founding of the People's Republic of China, it is not allowed to become a master
716 Leaving Without Saying Goodbye718 Zifeiyu719 extravagance720 It's better to be friends with sex
721 Have My Way722 Smiling like a mentally handicapped723 Pay attention to moderation724 Insane
725 Appraisal Results726 That's Wrong727 Qualified728 another last name
729 Other possibilities730 Change731 Impulse is the Devil733 I Have Love For You
734 Hint?735 Deja vu736 explained737 intuition
738 Mist740 return home742 A Chance of Redemption743 Mysteries
744 mutation745 law746 I'll Go Forever747 Back to origin
748 Probing749 Miura's Legacy750 her father751 Fate tricks people
752 obsession753 Doubt754 Imagining Father755 analogy
756 She wants to know758 Three investigations759 Correct Attitude760 worry
761 Business trip to Tokyo762 A Clear Conscience764 messages765 Chicken and Duck Talk
766 Gathering place of aliens767 Sixth Sense768 induction769 new ideas
770 If you want to do it, you can do it big772 threats773 Affected774 He's Dead
775 Suspicious Characters776 Killing Her777 arrest warrant778 False and Snake
779 escape780 Shameless You782 Finding a Way785 Life and Death
786 anti-identification789 Audacity790 show attitude791 code
792 Assassination793 what the hell794 Mobilizing Manpower795 blocked
796 worst case797 Heart attack798 One Thing Drops One Thing799 Death Point
800 can't leave801 delay802 Can't Bet803 Leaving the embassy
804 Finally Found Her805 is me806 Look More807 Another Medical Team
808 DNA identification results809 Last Chance810 Stretched811 no time
812 Last Half Hour813 effective treatments814 Transfer refused815 The Price of Blood
816 A Clear Conscience817 The love of my life818 The biggest sacrifice819 I've Been Promised
820 Uncovered821 I'm afraid you won't be able to bear it822 Her Father823 meeting
824 Rectifying His Name825 How Many Eyes Does Prince Ma Have?827 Killed828 Think Beautifully
829 The Happiness of This Life830 new change832 i love you833 Bridesmaids
834 Addicted835 very sweet836 grooming837 Mrs. Zhou
838 Marriage839 Please take care of me for the rest of my life841 My Wife Forbids Saying842 Wedding Night
843 I will only love you844 Grapes845 Spoiled846 pregnant
847 sick848 Pregnant Mrs. Zhou849 Shuangquan850 Nicknames
851 I Am the Spokesperson Qin Yi (The Finale)Extra Story: A Family with Children (1)Extra Story: Families with children grow up early (3)Extra Story: Families with children grow up early (4)
Extra Story: Families with children grow up early (5)Extra Story: Families with children grow up early (6)Extra Story Journey (1)Extra Story Journey (2)
Extra Story Journey (3)Extra Story Journey (4)Extra Story Journey (5)Extra Story Unknown Years (1)
Extra Story Unknown Years (2)Extra Story Unknown Years (3)Extra Story Unknown Years (4)extra episode
Extra Storyextra daughter blowingextra long time026 tall, handsome, rich
042 Threat048 Named115 Yao Bingxue Drops Out of School130 His intentions
220 You Are So Cute362 I only touch you in this life366 Zhou Family Birthday Banquet (1)367 Zhou Family Birthday Banquet (2)
378 Duplicity417 unnamed speakers443 Qin Yi's Small Abacus455 Killer
474 Welcome Reception (2)480 jackpot484 Reluctance and Difference566 Never go back
568 welcome home572 Black Heart Stuffing598 Cult fan609 Throw me a peach and return it with Qiongyao
620 You Can Fall Asleep When You Are Tired638 We are already a big country!646 Preheating first677 Lost Mind
678 Breaking the Seal692 This is Her Strength696 engagement (1)705 Overturned on the spot
706 You know it in your heart707 Not enough to believe717 Break up?732 Arrived in Tokyo
739 Enemy or Friend741 Thunderbolt from the Blue Sky757 He is also my father763 New target
771 Missing Person Notice781 Leave or stay783 Tune the Tiger from the Mountain784 carpet search
787 close at hand788 closed826 Who Is Your Big Brother?831 touch more times
840 Good lookingExtra Story: Families with children grow up early (2)  
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