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chief press officer

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chief press officerBrief introduction:

Provide author (Ye Huo Huo)'s classic novel for free: "Chief Information Officer" latest chapter full-text reading service, this site is updated in a timely manner, no pop-up ads, welcome to () to watch the novel: Young acquaintances, Zhou Muze became Qin Yi's guardian  , to save her from tossing and wandering.  When she was a minor, Qin Yi's goal was to win Zhou Muze when she became an adult, and when she became an adult, Qin Yi's goal was to spend the rest of her life with him.  But he never thought that he would abandon her unfeelingly.  After being separated for four years and shouldering responsibilities that cannot be renounced, Qin Yi doesn't want to have anything to do with Zhou Muze anymore, so he just keeps chasing after him.

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      chief press officerlatest chapter:Extra Story: Families with children grow up early (2)

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