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Sundries - List of articles

Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
A mecha story that transforms into a soft girl Array Text Chapter 596 The End (End) RenCanYinJiaSiMeiKong 3789K 24-03-14 serializing
Infinite Ultimate Demon King Array Volume 18: Spore’s Graduation Examination. Final Thoughts CanFeiDeTeKuai 5076K 24-03-13 serializing
Conan in my name Array Go straight to the bottom Chapter 158: Set up CongBuMaoPaoDeXiaoYu 3022K 24-03-13 serializing
Yakuza Arms Array Text Chapter 202: Just Ants LongTaoLe 1536K 24-03-13 serializing
Cute girl summoner Array Text Chapter 290 Escape NaSeLangHaoShuai 2458K 24-03-13 serializing
Devil chapter Array Text Chapter 23 Victory, unknown challenges (finale) AnHeiJiaZi 6577K 24-03-13 serializing
The Infinite Horror of the Outsider Array Extra... 6; Rest and discovery DuoTianShiDeYouYu 2908K 24-03-12 serializing
Professor of Runes at Hogwarts Array Text Updated Apology Announcement XianZhi韻 839K 24-03-12 serializing
Smiling and Proud Huashan Array Volume 6: Five Mountains Alliance Volume 7: Swordsman Chapter 31: The Final Chapter: Swordsman ZhanZhanQingTian 1924K 24-03-12 serializing
Infinite Demon Rin Array Volume 1 Notice Nov11th 557K 24-03-12 serializing
The darkest night of fate Array Darkness of a Thousand Souls Chapter 148 The Legendary Sword HeiAnShengTangWuShi 1044K 24-03-12 serializing
One Piece: Poseidon Glory Array The Peak of Power Chapter 62 For the sake of justice, I am willing to become a devil XiaoFeiYuPiaoLa 765K 24-03-12 serializing
Holy King of Destiny Night Array Zero Destiny Night 14. The Spiritual Wind of Luanying DeQiuUOMoWang 606K 24-03-12 serializing
Shaman King s Path Flame Array Text Chapter 64 Taoist People LangJiXiaoGui 537K 24-03-12 serializing
One Piece: Sweeping Thousands of Troops Array Prelude to a New Era Chapter 191: Writing desert plots in summer is the most annoying thing HengSaoQianJunRuXiJuan 1683K 24-03-12 serializing
A certain oriental kissing maniac Array Extra: Invincible Pit~ Chapter 3: True; Hidden Mulan Missile BaYiJiongLin 2009K 24-03-12 serializing
Carry Jade Ruyi with you everywhere Array Volume 1 Final Thoughts ChengDuRen 2996K 24-03-12 serializing
Apocalyptic life Array Volume 3 (New) The National Salvation Army at the End of the World LiuRuZhenYan 910K 24-03-12 serializing
Naruto ghost figure appears Array Volume Six·Remnant Dawn Chapter 25 Different·Death of God HaiZhiZhuSeDeFa 2119K 24-03-12 serializing
Heroic Emiya’s Comprehensive Comic Journey Array Magical ban?  Super gun?  no.11 The Sparkling Truth AiLouSha 388K 24-03-12 serializing
The new life of a tentacled creature in Academy Ci Array Text nx organization version 2 settings JiuTouSheLong 191K 24-03-12 serializing
Xenozord: Poyang Ghost Cave Array Side story, please send me flowers, please send me fans, please add me on Weibo. ZiYeMaoYan 360K 24-03-12 serializing
super minion Array Entering the Road to Conflict Chapter 61 The Captain Arrives ChuangZaoJiJi 523K 24-03-12 serializing
Foxes making trouble in the Tang Dynasty Array Text Chapter 374 The Final Ending (Part 2) WoBuShiXueQin 1256K 24-03-12 serializing
Infinitely powerful Array Volume 3: The Gathering of Storms and Clouds, Chapter 500: Dingzhen Mountains and Rivers MoShengYan 5655K 24-03-11 serializing
Time travel  damn otaku Array Volume 6 - Black Prince·Rebellious Boy Chapter 69 - Battle of Narita Mountains (Part 2) BeiChenMo 2128K 24-03-11 serializing
The Heaven-defying Dragon Clan Array Text The full version of "Autumn Falls without Cliff" written by a fan 1 MiLianXiaoQi 902K 24-03-11 serializing
A certain scientific Kamijou Touma Array Text 185. In tears BiMoLunHui 1101K 24-03-11 serializing
Central Urban Skills Institute Array Volume 11: False Peace Chapter 290: Abnormal Normal People ZuoRiPanDuoLa 2718K 24-03-11 serializing
Control zombies Array Volume 3 Safe Zone Chapter 215 Finale JiBaiLinTieJiang 2200K 24-03-11 serializing