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Imperial Pronoun Latest chapter update list

author£ºWang Zijun

Volume 1 Sleepy Shoals 001¡¾First Year of Chongzhen¡¿Volume 1 Sleepy Shallows 002¡¾Get a dog-beating stick at the beginning¡¿Volume 1 Sleepy Shoal 003¡¾Jinmen Wind and Rain¡¿Volume 1 Sleepy Shallows 004¡¾Killing and Gathering¡¿
Volume 1 Sleepy Shallows 005¡¾Grate Lice¡¿Volume 1 Sleepy Shoals 006 [Break Through the Sky]Volume 1 Sleepy Shallows 007¡¾Changes¡¿Volume 1 Sleepy Shallows 008¡¾Boiling¡¿
Volume 1 Sleepy Shoals 009 ¡¾Proposal¡¿Volume 1 Sleepy Shallows 010¡¾Night Attack¡¿Volume 1 Trapped Shoal 011 [The Thief Defeated]Volume 1 Sleepy Shallows 012 [A foster son? ¡¿
Volume 1 Sleepy Shoal 013 [The World's No. 1 Brothel]Volume 1 Sleepy Shallows 014 [Feng Jian Boy]Volume 1 Sleepy Shoal 015 [Spear Art]Volume 1 Sleepy Shoal 016 [Jingkou Station]
Volume 1 Sleepy Shallows 017¡¾Strict Ethics¡¿Volume 1 Sleepy Shallows 018 [Convincing people with reasoning]Volume 1 Sleepy Shallows 019¡¾Stories¡¿Volume 1 Sleepy Shoal 020¡¾Young Lady Lou¡¿
Volume 1 Sleepy Shallows 021 [Mahjong Improver]Volume 1 Sleepy Shoal 022¡¾Incorruptible Governor¡¿Volume 1 Sleepy Shoals 023 [Selling Officials and Selling Nobles]Volume 1 Sleepy Shoal 024 ¡¾Exegesis¡¿
Volume 1 Sleepy Shallows 025 [Little Master]Volume 1 Sleepy Shallows 026 [I listen to the young master]Volume 1 Sleepy Shallows 027¡¾Bloodyness and Backbone¡¿Volume 1 Sleepy Shoals 028 [The special skill of the traveler: storytelling]
Volume 1 Sleepy Shallows 029¡¾Strict Master and High Apprentice¡¿Volume 1 Sleepy Shoal 030¡¾Master Pang¡¿Volume 1 Sleepy Shoals 031¡¾Smooth weather¡¿Volume 1 Sleepy Shallows 032¡¾Crazy¡¿
Volume 1 Sleepy Shallows 033¡¾What a big seniority¡¿Volume 1 Sleepy Shoal 034¡¾How about I teach you to rebel? ¡¿Volume 1 Sleepy Shallows 035 [It's not something that spreads all over Jiangxi]Volume 1 Sleepy Shallows 036¡¾Cerebral Hemorrhage¡¿
Volume 1 Sleepy Shallows Thank you all great gods!Volume 1 Sleepy Shallows 037¡¾Shameless¡¿Volume 1 Sleepy Shallows 038¡¾The Magical Pen¡¿Volume 1 Sleepy Shallows 039 [Old Friends]
Volume 1 Sleepy Shallows 040 [Tian Yuan Shu? ¡¿Volume 1 Sleepy Shallows 041¡¾Winter Solstice Chinese New Year¡¿Volume 1 Sleepy Shoal 042 [Good cabbage can't bear the pig's arch]Volume 1 Sleepy Shallows 043 [Admitted on the spot? ¡¿
Volume 1 Trapped Shallows 044 [Writing Decline]Volume 1 Sleepy Shallows 045 [Ancient Prose Viewing]Volume 1 Sleepy Shallows 046 [I can't find it even if I want to read ancient Chinese]Volume 1 Sleepy Shoal 047 [Art of War and Martial Arts]
Volume 1 Sleepy Shallows 048 [Xiaye? Bandits? Strong man? ¡¿Volume 1 Sleepy Shoal 049 [King Qin? farce! ¡¿Volume 2 Yang is Down 050 [Why don't you die? ¡¿Volume 2: The Sun is Down 051¡¾Blood from the Knife¡¿
Volume 2 Yang is Down 052 [Squire! Country wish! ¡¿Volume 2 The sun is below 053¡¾Mandarin ducks¡¿Volume 2 The sun is under 054¡¾Self-reliance¡¿Volume 2 Yang in the next 055 [red oil chili]
Volume 2 Yang is under 056 [Club Organization]Volume 2 Yang is Down 057 [Money Refunded! ¡¿Volume 2 The sun is below 058¡¾Fashion boss¡¿Volume 2: Yang is Down 059 [Centrifugal Virtue]
Volume 2 The Yang is Down 060 [Forget it if it's reversed]Volume 2 Yang is under 061 [Sophistry]Volume 2: The Yang is Down 062 [Theory of Gestation]Volume 2 The sun is under 063¡¾Zhu Zi¡¿
Volume 2 The Sun is Down 064 [Bullying You for Less Reading]Volume 2 The sun is under 065 [Datong Society]Volume 2 The sun is below 066¡¾Zhao Zhuochen¡¿Volume 2 The sun is under 067¡¾Farming¡¿
Volume 2: The Sun is Down 068 [National Affairs]Volume 2 The sun is under the sun 069 [Green Hat Forget Eight]Volume 2 Yang is under 070 [authorship fees]Body 071 [Humanity]
Text 072 [Clarifying Contradictions]Text 073 [Tax Envoy]Text 074 [Missy]Text 075 [Eat the home and eat the next home]
Text TestimonialsText 076 [Having an affair with the young lady? ¡¿Text 077 [The gun shoots out like a dragon]Text 078 [Fire County Government Office] (addition for the penguin boss)
Text 079 [Dark Thieves] (addition for the penguin gangster)Text 080 [Murder and Throwing Corpses] (Adding Updates for the Penguin Boss)Body 081 [Aunt and grandma can't be messed with]Body 082¡¾Fei Family Children¡¿
Text 083 [Down and Out Inspection] (addition for Penguin boss)Text 084 [Looting Banknotes] (addition for Penguin boss)Text 085 [Huangjia Town, Master Huang] (addition for the penguin boss)Text 086 [Wisher takes the bait]
Text 087¡¾Send a Maid¡¿Text 088 [Yangzhou Slender Horse] (addition for the penguin boss)Text 089 [Kowtow Together] (addition for the penguin boss)Text 090 [Powder Keg] (addition for the penguin boss)
The text has been revised and kowtowedText 091 [Master Zhao Help]Text 092 [Certificate of Voting]Text 093 [Submissive? mob? ] (addition for the lord "Zi Yi Zi")
Text 092 [Occupying Huangjia Town]Text 095 [Fei Erfool]Text 096 [Lixin Liwei] (addition for the leader "Ding Boyue")Text 097¡¾Send a Wife¡¿
Text 098 [Beggar Soldiers]Text 099 [Doing Great Things] (addition for the leader "Walking Beyond the Clouds")Text 100 [Master Zhao is here to accept food]Body 101 [Drama Performance and Complaint Conference]
Main body 102 [Datong under heaven] (addition for the leader "The tree is like this 12")Text 103 [Do you think I can only repair Tengwang Pavilion? ¡¿Text 104 [Two Left Talents]Text 105 [Actual combat training] (addition for the leader of the "starting point eight million eagle knight chief coach")
Text 106¡¾It is to change house¡¿Body 107¡¾Walking the dog¡¿Body 108 [Night Raid on Chaoguan] (addition for the lord "Cold Wind")Body 109 [Seizing the City]
Body 110 [Scholar in White]Text 111 [Crazy life? ] (addition for the leader "Ti Boshu Wu")Body 112 [Zero Casualties, Defeat Thousands of Thieves]Body 113 [Encounter on a Narrow Road]
Body 114 [Winner wins] (addition for leader "Neven Moore")Body 115 [Army Expansion and Reorganization]Body 116¡¾Farming and Eating¡¿Body 117 [Catch a Wild Shangshu] (addition for the leader "Demon Saber Wanhua")
Body 118¡¾Weak landlord class¡¿Body 119¡¾Court Hall¡¿Text 120 [Following the Thief]Body 121 [Shortage of food]
Text 122 [Borrowing Grain] (addition for the lord "Wardrobe Guest Qing Bald Song")Body 123 [For the Evil Seed]Text 124 [Cheating on a Thief Ship]Body 125 [Propaganda Datong] (additions for the lord "Daoyuan Butu and Lord of Mysteries")
Text 126 [Just hug for a while]Text 127 [A den of thieves? This Taoyuan also! ¡¿Text 128 [Or else, forget it as a thief] (addition for the lord "echoss")Text 129¡¾Peasant riot again¡¿
Body 130¡¾Assassin should also follow the gift¡¿Text 131 [Leisure Fun] (addition for the leader "Longxiang Shengteng")Body 132¡¾Strategic Development¡¿Body 133¡¾Soldiers without blood¡¿
Body 134 [Gentleman Formation] (addition for the leader "")Body 135 [The Great Filial Piety]Text 136 [Saturation Dedication]Body 137 [PUA Master] (addition for leader "Mr. Hello Fu")
Text 138 [Occupying Three Counties]Body 139¡¾Trivia¡¿Body 140 [Four provinces besieged and suppressed Zhao Han] (addition for the leader "Six sons are afraid of water")Body 141 [Secret Agent Xu Ying]
Body 142 [Theory on the Dividing of Land in Datong]Body 143 [Marching in the Snow] (addition for the leader "The Past Is Smoked")Text 144 [Catch a scientist]Text 145 [Great understanding of Song Yingxing]
Text 146 [Night Detour] (adding changes for the leader's "transformation")Body 147¡¾Training talents¡¿Text 148¡¾It¡¯s not a false surrender¡¿Text 149 [Faction Contradictions] (addition for the leader "the friend with the two-hand pattern who can't get the ID")
Text 150 [Rectify the interior]Text 151¡¾Punishment¡¿Body 152 [Gentlemen Escape] (addition for the leader "SAYBYESAYHI")Text 153 [Law of the Ming Dynasty]
Body 154¡¾Unreasonable¡¿Text 155 [Northern Expansion? ] (addition for the leader "Weixi Style Valley")Body 156 [Internal Affairs Adjustment]Body 157 [Theory of Family, Country and World]
Body 158 [Resurrection of Military Affairs] (addition for the leader "Yanhan Wuxin")Body 159 [Luling Zhao Tianwang]Body 160 [Suppressing bandits and making money]Text 161 [Who is the traitor? ] (Add more for the leader "This is a monster")
Body 162¡¾Water Battle in Bailuozhou¡¿Body 163 [Fierce Battle]Text 164 [You can shake the pot] (adding updates for the leader "Kitten Maomao Rush Forward")Body 165 [Happiness on top of happiness]
Body 166¡¾Destiny¡¿Body 167 [Thieves] (addition for the leader "Genius945")Body 168¡¾Group wedding¡¿Body 169 [Businessmen chasing big profits]
Text 170 [Money Ability Shows Power] (addition for the lord's "one person alone catches one river autumn")Text 171 [The whole family rebels against thieves? ¡¿Body 172¡¾What I have seen and heard¡¿Text 173 [Governor to vote? ] (addition for the leader "Han Qiuzi")
Body 174 [Old Zhangren]Body 175¡¾Plunder¡¿Text 176 [Desperate Charge] (addition for the leader "half a catty" and "eight taels")Body 177 [Capture]
Body 178¡¾Encircling Wei and Rescuing Zhao¡¿Text 179 [Clan Departs]Body 180¡¾The magistrate¡¯s last words¡¿Text 181 [A lot of acquaintances] (addition for the leader "99 Jiu Jiu Jiu Jiu")
Body 182 [A group of talented scholars]Body 183 [Tiger General]Text 184 [Military and Political Adjustments] (adding updates for the lord's "Second Opening of Eyes to See the World")Body 185¡¾Efforts of Chongzhen¡¿
Body 186¡¾Bird Gun and Black Powder¡¿Body 187 [Happy Gathering] (addition for the leader "cry lunatic")Text 188 [The unselfish speculator]Text 189 [Out of the boudoir]
Body 190 [Supervisor¡¯s Means] (addition to the leader ¡°v Nima`` ratio)Text 191 [Landscape Shape Wins]Body 192 [A Group of Weak Chickens]Text 193 [Yasha Heavenly Soldiers] (addition for the leader "Shangxian Qitian")
Body 194¡¾Going south to Ganzhou¡¿Body 195 [Mutiny]Body 196 [Ganzhou Water Battle] (addition for the "temporary vacancy" of the leader)Text 197 [Gentleman and Peasant Union]
Text 198 [Fei Ruhe Rolling All over the Floor]Text 199 [Siege] (addition for the leader "Book Friends 20210617003015576")Text 200¡¾Offensive and defensive¡¿Body 201 [Strong Battle]
Body 202 [Broken] (addition for the leader "Hengfeng")Body 203 [Development of Peasant Associations]Body 204 [Special Circumstances]Text 205 [Specific analysis of specific issues]
Body 206 [The People of the Mountain]Text 207 [Kuang character generation] (addition for the leader "Huai Nanyue")Body 208¡¾Records of Xu Xiake's Experience¡¿Body 209 [Agronomy Enthusiasts and Travelers]
Body 210 [Recruit? ] (addition for leader "KevinDu12345")Body 211 [Education Reform Plan]Body 212¡¾Secret contract between officials and bandits¡¿Body 213 [Imperial Examination Reform Proposal] (addition for the leader "BirdZ")
Text 214¡¾Young Mathematician¡¿Body 215¡¾Cultivation of seedlings¡¿Body 216 [Traveling in the mountains and rivers] (addition for the leader "Gone with the Wind NJ")Text 217¡¾Lawlessness¡¿
Body 218¡¾Southern Inspection¡¿Body 219 [Preliminary decision of Southern Jiangxi] (addition for the leader "Ubiquitous Fatty")Body 220 [Bodhisattva Heart, Thunderbolt Means]Text 221¡¾Commitment¡¿
Body 222 [Zhao Tianwang's Wild Fan] (addition for the leader "yzzzzzzzzz")Text 223 [Twenty thousand surrounded by one thousand]Body 224¡¾Zhao Han's promotion¡¿Text 225 [Taking Jingdezhen] (addition for the penguin boss)
Text 226 [Expansion plan ahead of schedule]Text 227¡¾Luling County Middle School¡¿Text 228 [Bonds] (additions for Big Penguin)Text 229¡¾Zhao Han wants to join hands with the emperor¡¿
Body 230 [Emperor and Empress]Body 231 [The chief envoy preparing to follow the thief] (addition for the penguin boss)Text 232 [Tengjia Legion and Zheng Zhilong]Text 233 [Lead Mountain Fei's]
Text 234 [Zhao Han Can¡¯t Die] (Adding Updates for Big Penguin)Text 235¡¾Evil animal¡¿Body 236 [Story of an old friend]Text 237 [Longhushan, Zhang Tianshi] (addition for the penguin boss)
Text 238¡¾Dominate Jiangxi¡¿Text 240 [Trans-provincial dispatch of troops] (addition for "Nuanyang 1314" of the Silver League)Text 241 [Attacking the Heart is the Best]Text 242 [Wang Zhiliang]
Text 243 [Xiangtan Zhou Clan] (addition for "Nuanyang 1314" of the Baiyin League)Text 244 [Limited elites]Text 245 [Merchants offering the city]Text 246 [Wonderful Night Attack] (adding updates to the "Nuanyang 1314" of the Baiyin League)
Text 247 [Seizing the city at night]Text 248 [Stirring the World]Text 249 [The Leak-picking King] (adding updates to the "Nuanyang 1314" of the Baiyin League)Body 250 [Battle in Guangdong]
Text 251 [Thirty people seize the city]Text 252 [Words and Cranes] (adding updates to the "Nuanyang 1314" of the Baiyin League)Main body 253 [Fire gun shooting]Text 254 [The Discredited Datong Army]
Text 255 [Covenant of Township and Industrial Technology Revolution] (addition for Penguin boss)Text 256¡¾Coin Minting Plan¡¿Text 257 [Military ticket? banknotes? ¡¿Text 258 [Concubinage is a political task] (addition for the penguin gangster)
Body 259¡¾Playing Mahjong¡¿Body 260 [Clan Power]Body 261 [Macao can be taken back without food] (addition for the penguin boss)Body 262¡¾Weapons of Merchants¡¿
Text 263¡¾The Ambition to Seal the Wolf and Live in Xu is Too Little¡¿Body 264 [Zheng's father and son] (addition for the penguin boss)Text 265 [Zhao Han's Beggar Navy]Body 266 [Spanish, Portuguese and British]
Body 267 [Unequal treaties? ] (Add more updates for Big Penguin)Body 268 [Macao Coup]Body 269 [Military Law]Text 270 [Governing Guangzhou] (adding updates for the dual leader "KevinDu12345")
Text 271¡¾Change¡¿Body 272¡¾Battle of Macau Attack and Defense¡¿Text 273 [The Tragic Victory at the Sea Battle] (adding updates for the dual lord "Floating Beyond the Clouds")Text 274¡¾Pan Qimei¡¿
Body 275 [Three Loyalties of Lingnan]Text 276 [Going Home] (addition for the double leader "hello Mr. Fu")Text 277¡¾War is Gambling¡¿Text 278¡¾Suffering¡¿
Text 279 [Prosperity and Corruption] (addition for Penguin boss)Text 280¡¾Fallen¡¿Text 281 [Red Nun]Text 282 [Liu Rushi] (addition for the penguin boss)
Body 283¡¾Rehabilitation¡¿Body 284¡¾Planning¡¿Text 285 [Let¡¯s go to Jiangxi collectively] (addition for the penguin boss)Text 286¡¾Zhang Xianzhong¡¿
Text 287 [Yuan Jun]Text 288¡¾Will arrive in the Han and Tang Dynasties within thirty years¡¿Text 289 [Say what you say]Text 290 [Poetry Talent] (addition for the penguin boss)
Text 291 [Jiangxi Literary World]Body 292 [Female intern]Body 293 [Zhezhong Scholar Uprising]Text 294¡¾If you want to be an official, don¡¯t form a party¡¿
Text 295 [Monarch and Subject]Text 296 [Family with a Good Wife] (addition for the penguin boss)Text 297¡¾Many people will be unlucky¡¿Text Month-end summary and October rankings
Body 298 [Ethical dramas and martial arts films]Text 299 [It¡¯s better to go home and grow sweet potatoes] (addition for the penguin boss)Text 300 [South Hole]There is a serious error in the text
Body 301 [Smashing the Statue of Confucius and Rescuing Confucius]Body 302 [Shouting to end the battle] (addition for the penguin boss)Text 303 [Shooting through Zhejiang without bloodshed] (adding updates for book friends who subscribe to vote)Text 304¡¾See also Crazy Life¡¿
Body 305 [Same surname, different relocation]Text 306 [Qian Muzhai] (addition for the penguin boss)Text 307 [Gu Yanwu]Body 308¡¾Nanjing event¡¿
Text 309 [Honorous] (addition for the penguin boss)Body 310 [Still Party Struggle] (Adding updates for the penguin boss)Text 311 [Li Zicheng]Body 312¡¾Huguang Water Battle¡¿
Body 313 [There are many martyrs] (addition for the penguin boss)Body 314 [Chong ¡¤ Best Internal Response ¡¤ Zhen]Main body 315 [A large area of ??farmland in the south of the Yangtze River is abandoned]Main body 316 [His treacherous minister, my capable minister] (addition for Shangxian Qitian boss)
Body 317 [Concept of Raising Horses] (additions for Shangxian Qitian)Text 318 [King title, country title]Body 319¡¾Deposed Lord of North Korea¡¿Body 320 [Charge and Surrender]
Body 321 [Betrayal]Text 322 [Adding Ding] (adding more for Shangxian Qitian)Text 323 [Officials and Bandits Surrender Together]Text 324 [Sunset and Western Mountains]
Text 325 [Scholar's Heart]Body 326 [Three Principles]Text 327 [Onlookers training soldiers] (addition for Shangxian Qitian boss)Text 328 [Only waiting for the first sound of the new thunder]
Text 329 [A Scholar with Nothing Useful]Text New chapter under reviewText 330 [Datong Zhengyin] (addition for Shangxian Qitian)Body 331 [Return to the South]
Text 332¡¾Physics¡¿Text 333 [The Northern Expedition Coming Soon] (Adding more updates for the penguin boss)Text 334¡¾South Flood and North Drought¡¿Body 335¡¾Yangzhou no longer has ten days¡¿
Text 336¡¾Lu Xiangsheng¡¿Text 337¡¾Conflict with Zhang Xianzhong¡¿Text 338 [The first confrontation with the rogues] (addition for the penguin boss)Text 339 [Expansion, Dress Up, Bayonet]
Body 340 [Chongzhen Fundraising]Body 341 [Wolf is coming]Body 342¡¾Rebellion and Rebellion¡¿Text 343 [Dutch Messenger] (addition for Penguin)
Body 344¡¾Cao Cao¡¿Body 345 [Dragon Cavalry Battle]Text 346 [Chasing and Killing] (Adding more updates for the penguin boss)Body 347 [Salt Law Reform]
Text 348 [White Lotus Bandit]Text 349 [People from the South] (addition for the penguin boss)Body 350 [legislation]Text 351 [Zen position? ¡¿
Body 352 [The leader of Fushe got cold feet and defected] (addition for the penguin boss)Body 353¡¾History Textbook¡¿Main body 354¡¾Those who fought wars became disaster relief¡¿Text 355 [Conspiracy in Sichuan]
Text 356 [Qin Liangyu]Text 357 [Panniang Candy] (addition for the penguin boss)Text 358¡¾Low-rent housing and the Grand Court¡¿Text 359¡¾Spring Festival couplets¡¿
Text 360 [Scaring off Zhang Xianzhong] (addition for the penguin boss)Text 361 [Turning and Storming]Text 362 [Still the Crooked Neck Tree]Text 363¡¾Copy rate¡¿
Text 364 [The Manchu Qing sent troops]Text 365 [Siege]Text 366¡¾Riding battle¡¿Text 367 [Plague] (addition for the penguin boss)
Text 368¡¾Start of War¡¿Text 369 [Persistence]Text 370 [Disgusting] (addition for the penguin boss)Body 371¡¾Click back¡¿
Body 372¡¾Rescue¡¿Text 373 [Thinking] (addition for the penguin boss)Text 374¡¾Cunning Zhang Xianzhong¡¿Text 375 [Run away again]
Text 376 [Datong Town Victory]Body 377¡¾Li Dingguo¡¯s soil work¡¿Text 378¡¾Strike at halfway¡¿Text 379¡¾Fraud and Surrender¡¿
Body 380 [Zhang Xianzhong in exile in Taiwan] (addition for Penguin boss)Text 381 [Country title, year title, internal and external systems]Body 382¡¾Royal Education and Knighthood Issues¡¿Text 383¡¾Examination for Female Officers¡¿
Text 384 [Simplification of the inner court]Text Monthly ticket eighth, thank you all book friendsBody 385 [Establishment of the Cabinet]Text 386¡¾Dengji Yuyu¡¿
Text 387 [Sun Chuanting Going to be the County Magistrate of Taipei] (addition for Penguin boss)Text 388¡¾Sichuan Situation¡¿Text Talk about the controversyText 389 [The Zheng family who has made a lot of money]
Text 390 [Long Huamin] (addition for the penguin boss)Text 391 [Zheng Zhilong's Resignation]Body 392 [Yellow Emperor Era and New Calendar]Text 393¡¾Racing horses and enclosing land¡¿
Text 394 [Royal Father and Regent]Body 395¡¾Preparation for war¡¿Text 396¡¾Guangxi Cubing¡¿Text 397 [Five Emperors Coexisting] (addition for the penguin boss)
Text 398¡¾Taking Chengdu¡¿Text 399¡¾Surprise attack on Liaodong¡¿Text 400 [Three Cities in a Row] (addition for the Penguin boss)Text 401 [Broken Haizhou]
Text 402 [Scrambling for white space]Text 403 [Calendar and Characters]Text 404 [Chinese cabbage and pigtails]Text 405 [The Great War broke out]
Text 406 [Rebel Army]Text 407 [Seizing the City Alone] (Adding Updates for the Penguin Boss)Text 408 [The more you fight, the more outrageous it is]Text 409¡¾Front-on combat¡¿
Text 410 [Kill the Miscellaneous Soldiers First] (addition for the penguin boss)Body 411 [Flesh and blood fight]Body 412 [Hunter]Text 413¡¾Repeated horizontal jump¡¿
Body 414¡¾Siege Artillery¡¿Text 415 [Life Prisoner Hong Chengchou]Text 416¡¾The Kong family prepared with many hands¡¿Text 417¡¾Battlefield in Henan¡¿
Text 418 [The Manchus want a decisive battle]Text 419 [Slightly prepare a small gift] (addition for the penguin boss)Body 420 [Chasing after chasing]Body 421 [War in the Wilderness]
Body 422 [Military Spirit and Discipline]Text 423 [Thousands of People Charge]Text 424 [Full body plate armor]Text 425 [Broken City]
Body 426¡¾Dorgon withdraws troops¡¿Body 427¡¾Killing Prisoners¡¿Text 428 [The Plague is the Great Enemy] (addition for the penguin boss)Body 429¡¾Plague and Flood¡¿
Body 430¡¾Retreat to Liaodong¡¿Text 431 [Yangzhou thin horse, disappearing from now on]Body 432¡¾The treatment of the Kong family¡¿Text 433¡¾Punishment hole¡¿
Text 434¡¾On Death¡¿Text 435¡¾Snatch when there is no food¡¿Body 436¡¾Sea fish and kelp¡¿Text 437 [Heroes gather in Taiwan]
Text 438 [Using a bull knife to kill chickens]Body 439¡¾North Korea, Annan came to Korea¡¿Body 440 [Jinling University and the Child Prodigy]Body 441¡¾Helicopter¡¿
Body 442¡¾Playing with lost ambition¡¿Text 443¡¾The Prospecting Team and the Pigtail¡¿Text 444¡¾The Fool in the Mining Area¡¿Text 445¡¾Bastion¡¿
Text 446 [The Lame First Manchurian Warrior]Text 447 [Turtle fight]Text 448¡¾Mutual Injury¡¿Text 449¡¾A follower of Bodhisattva Zhao¡¿
Body 450 [Array of Oboi]Text 451 [The Dream of the Red Chamber is gone]Text 452¡¾Encircling Wei and Rescuing Zhao¡¿Text 453 [In the army, take the leader directly]
Text 454¡¾Persistent Consumption¡¿Text 455¡¾The Manchus also want to train dragoons¡¿Text 456¡¾Wenwu Emperor Temple¡¿Text 457 [A hundred schools of thought contend]
Text 458 [Qian Qianyi who admits counsel]Body 459 [Japanese news]Text 460 [Flickering on both sides]Body 461¡¾Japanese Mission¡¿
Text 462 [Nanjing Experience]Body 463¡¾Fuan Religious Rebellion¡¿Text 464¡¾Church Split¡¿Text 465 [Educational Expenses] (additions for Big Penguin)
Body 466¡¾North Korea Changes¡¿Text 467¡¾Improved Textile Machinery¡¿Text 468¡¾Commercial market grows¡¿Text 469 [The Story of the Prince Returning to the Country¡ª¡ªZhao Han's European Image]
Body 470¡¾Worship to Zhu Yuanzhang¡¿Text 471 [Jiangshan Picture]Text 472¡¾Amateur royal hunting¡¿Text 473 [Detailed work]
Text 473¡¾Mission Impossible¡¿Text 474 [Thinking of the state of the world]Text 475¡¾Information¡¿Text 476 [Garbage Spy]
Text 477¡¾Impermanence in black and white¡¿Text 478¡¾Whoever has milk is a mother¡¿Text 479 [Datong Lingling Lacquer]Body 480¡¾Difficulties of soldiers in Guangxi¡¿
Text 481 [The Wonderful Warrior]Text 482 [Single-out before battle]Text 483 [Laughing to death]Text 484¡¾Dongzhu¡¿
Text 485 [Fushou cream]Text 486 [Emperor Si Zonggang]Body 487 [Chinese businessmen]Text 488¡¾Tu Hua¡¿
Text 489¡¾Survival Army¡¿Text 490¡¾Blood for blood¡¿Text 491 [China and the Netherlands join hands to fight Spain? ¡¿Text 492¡¾Taking advantage of his illness to kill him¡¿
Text 493¡¾Connecting with the Native Allies¡¿Body 494¡¾Diplomatic Ancestor¡¿Text 495 [Combined Forces in Manila Bay]Body 496¡¾Battle of Manila¡¿
Body 497¡¾Landing in Manila¡¿Text 498 [Siege in the Rain]Text 499 [Typhoon Operation]Text 500 [surrounded until death]
Body 501 [Divide Nanyang]Text 502¡¾Outward Expansion¡¿Body 503 [Shui'an's]Text 504 [Native Chicken and Tile Dog]
Text 505¡¾Chain Reaction¡¿Body 506 [Water West Girl]Text 507 [Brothers]Body 508¡¾Elimination of middlemen¡¿
Text 509 [Chaos in Dafang City]Text 510 [Wild Huntress]Text 511 [Zunyi still belongs to Guizhou]Text 512¡¾I don¡¯t want to go back¡¿
Text 513 [Huanghuai Floods]Body 514¡¾Hot Air Balloon¡¿Text 515 [Steam engine? ] (Add more updates for Big Penguin)Text 516 [Three consecutive good things]
Text 517 [Dashun cooperates with Manchu Qing? ¡¿Body 518¡¾Mountain Independence Camp¡¿Body 519¡¾Wise Generals of the Qing Dynasty¡¿Body 520 [Hollow Formation and Mountain Guerrilla Warfare] (addition for Penguin boss)
Text 521 [Snowy Night Wins the Pass]Text 522 [One city and two gates, I want them all]Text 523 [Cao Thief]Text 524 [Imperial City Towering]
Text 525¡¾Type Chaohui¡¿Body 526 [Lantern Festival]Body 527¡¾DArtagnan¡¿Body 528¡¾The Theology of Great Harmony¡¿
Text 529 [Emperor's own plowing]Text 530 [Major case]Text 531 [Still an insurgent]Text 532 [Exploration]
Text 533 [Another Big Fish]Text 534 [A group of good officials who were cheated]Text 535 [Peasants and Soldiers Hearing Orders]Text 536 [Why bother? ¡¿
Text 537¡¾Gathering of old friends¡¿Body 538¡¾Tianjin War¡¿Text 539¡¾Tianjin cannot fight¡¿Main body 540 [Army Confrontation]
Text 541 [Tongguan]Body 542 [Hero]Body 543¡¾Login¡¿Text 544 [The bloody battle on the Yellow River]
Text 545 [Rush to Xi'an]Text 546 [Dashun civil servants]Text 547 [Differentiation meter]Text 548 [People's hearts are scattered]
Text 549 [The lucky general is actually myself? ¡¿Body 550 [Phoenix City]Body 551 [Sinicized Jurchen]Text 552 [There are so many betrayers]
Text 553¡¾It would be nice if Huang Taiji lived¡¿Text 554 [One Hundred Ways of Death of Manchu Qing Nobles: Falling to Death]Text 555 [It is as Xu as a forest, and it is as fast as the wind]Body 556 [Psychological warfare]
Text 557 [Send you to death, let me escape]Text 558¡¾Miner¡¿Text 559¡¾Submissive¡¿Text 560 [Speedy work and meritorious service]
Text 561 [Prelude to the Decisive Battle]Text 562 [Singing in the Rain]Text 563 [Undercurrent Surge]Body 564¡¾Civil strife and uprising¡¿
Text 565 [You sell me, I sell you]Text 566 [Survival with Broken Arms and Centrifugal Virtue]Text 567 [Pursuit]Text 568 [Deserters]
Text 569¡¾All abandoned sons¡¿Text 570 [I can¡¯t run away after all]Text 571 [Cavalry War]Text 572¡¾Bad bones¡¿
Text 573 [The people can be made to know it, but not to be made to know it]Text 574 [The Manchu Qing moved the capital? ¡¿Text 575 [Li Zicheng went to the grassland to hang out? ¡¿Text 576¡¾Liaoning, Hebei and Shaanxi-Gansu¡¿
Text 577 [Oral Return]Text 578 [Liaodong funeral]Text 579 [Li Zicheng¡¯s Journey to the Prairie]Text 580 [Gushhan? Return to King Yi! ¡¿
Body 581 [Constitution of Centralized Monarchy]Text 582¡¾Another catastrophe¡¿Body 583¡¾Imported sheep¡¿Text 584 [The Grace of Saving Life]
Text 585¡¾Crossing Bridge¡¿The text is updated very late, don't waitBody 586 [Yunnan Events]Text 587¡¾Death is not a pity¡¿
Text 588¡¾Death for money¡¿Text 589 [There are no tigers in the mountains]Body 590¡¾Annan Invasion of Soil¡¿Body 591¡¾The problem of alien slaves¡¿
Body 592¡¾Slave Trade¡¿Text 593 [Three Imperial Edicts]Body 594¡¾Macao Today¡¿Body 595¡¾New Governor of the Netherlands¡¿
Body 596 [Social Conditions]Text 597 [Books, Calligraphy and Painting]Text 598¡¾Civilization¡¿Text 599 [The head of the country]
Text 600¡¾Huangcheng Primary School¡¿Text 601 [Group frame]Text 602 [Teaching and educating people]Body 603¡¾Currency Diplomacy¡¿
Text 604 [Jade Out of Kungang]Text 605 [Annual income of 25 million taels]Body 606 [The Colonial Ambition of Duke Shu]Text 607 [The traitor in the Navy Governor's Mansion]
Text 608 [Goubuli Steamed Bun]Text 609 [Jiang You faction]Text 610 [Yangzhou, a city with a population of one million]Text 611¡¾Waste to be done¡¿
Text 612 [Royal Genealogy]Text 613 [A small country is like a beggar]Text 615 [Ultimate dog licking]Text 616 [Post Office and Newspapers]
Text 617 [Lu Lu]Text 618¡¾Song of the Holy Emperor Breaking the Battle¡¿Text 619 [Hercynian Rebellion]Text 620 [The Eight Banners Soldiers Gradually Rotten]
Text 621 [Lu Tianxiang goes online]Text 622 [Emperor Wants Concubine]Text 623 [Illusion and tricks]Body 624 [Population Growth and Tax Reform]
Text 625 [Jiahe Xiangrui]Body 626 [Ryukyu]Text 627 [Kumi's thirty-six Chinese surnames]Text 628¡¾Soldiers without blood¡¿
Body 629 [Reaction of the Satsuma Domain]Text 630 [Crushing Bureau]Text 631 [Military-civil Harmony]Text 632 [The besieged city cannot be rescued]
Text 633 [Internal Contradiction]Text 634 [Decision of the Shogunate]Text 635 [Siege]Text 636¡¾The Mystery of the Art of War¡¿
Text 637 [Seppuku on the battlefield]Text 638 [Mistakes are very important]Text 639 [Issuance of the Constitution]Main body 640 [Militarism and refraining from eating because of choking]
Text 641¡¾Traitor and Buyer¡¿Body 642¡¾Annan Civil War¡¿Text 643¡¾Strike directly at the gate of life¡¿Text 644 [A country can perish, but a family cannot be destroyed]
Text 645 [Forcing against the landlord]Text 646 [Third party intervention]Text 647 [Mountain cavalry, aggression like fire]Text 648 [Tiger crouching cannon showing power]
Text 649 [Quick Pursuit]Text 650 [Many lines of injustice]Text 651 [I will destroy your country, you must thank you]Body 652
Body 653 [Guangnan Policy]Text 654 [Four Dissimilar Rural Examinations]Text 655¡¾Cultivation¡¿Text 656¡¾Many Traitors¡¿
Text 657 [Difficult uprising]Text 658 [Luring the enemy into an ambush]Text 659¡¾Friends of life and death¡¿Text 660 [Dutch reinforcements]
Text 661 [Ambush at sea]Text 662¡¾Enemies all over the world¡¿Text 663 [The Distress of the Prince and Daughter of the Former Dynasty]Text 664 [Troublesome Marriage]
Text 665 [Cangjie Pavilion]Text 666¡¾Scholar Candidates¡¿Text 667 [Palace Examination]Text 668 [No. 1 Scholar]
Text 669 [Horseshoe Disease Proud of the Spring Breeze]Text 670 [In the name of filial piety, foot binding is prohibited]Text 671 [The Prestige of the Emperor¡¯s Order]Text 672¡¾Scrambled eggs with tomato¡¿
Text 673 [Grannary]Text 674 [The case of losing the head]Text 675 [The fire dragon burns the warehouse? ¡¿Text 676¡¾Fallen military officer¡¿
Text 677 [Wrong step, wrong step]Text 678 [Fly separately when disaster is imminent]Text 679 [Emperor's Wrath]Text 680 [Siege of Salhu]
Text 681 [Three Ways of Flowering]Text 682 [Siege Warfare]Text 683¡¾First boarding¡¿Text 684 [Blood battle]
Text 685¡¾Another Disciplined¡¿Text 686 [A surprise attack in a surprise attack]Text 687 [Everyone is hungry]Text 688 [Closing the door and beating the dog]
Text 689¡¾Active attack¡¿Text 690¡¾The end of the road¡¿Text 691 [The startled bird]Text 692 [Savage Jurchens Rise]
Text 693 [Grenadier with Warhammer]Text 694 [News from the Cossacks]Text 695 [Three kills]Body 696 [Dutch prisoners of war]
Text 697 [Exotic hero]Text 698¡¾Receiving younger brother¡¿Text 699 [A collection of strings]Text 700 [Diplomatic Touches]
Text 701 [Eight-Power Allied Forces]Text 702 [Outrageous Johor soldiers]Text 703¡¾mafang¡¿Text 704 [The bitter Dutch Army]
Text 705 [Surrender can wear silk]Text 706 [Attack the heart and then attack the city]Text 707 [The plans of the diplomats and the navy]Body 708 [The Overseas Homeland of the Han Family]
Text 709 [Lost Land Returns Surrender]Text 710 [Chaos into a pot of porridge]Text 711¡¾All nations come to Korea¡¿Body 712¡¾Nanyang Strategy¡¿
Text 713¡¾Ambition of an eunuch¡¿Text 714 [Grand Ceremony]Text 715 [Pang Taishi discusses politics]Text 716 [The strategy of the proud enemy]
Text 717 [The Earl of Raising Pigs and the Prosperity of Culture]Body 718¡¾Milton¡¯s visit to China¡¿Text 719 [What is the concept of a big country]Text 720 [Nanjing Chronicle]
Text 721¡¾Great Differences in Civilian Education¡¿Text 722 [Heilongjiang Capital]Body 723¡¾Myanmar Invasion¡¿Body 724¡¾Myanmar Conquest Plan¡¿
Text 725 [Stealing half-day leisure in a floating life]Text 726 [Concubine's Bet]Text 727 [Conquering Rakshasa Ghosts]Text 728 [Cossack Bandit]
Text 729 [Burning, Killing and Looting]Text 730¡¾Swatting a fly¡¿Text 731 [Temptation of Benefits]Text 732 [Water and land containment]
Text 733 [Khabarov opens his eyes wide]Text 734 [Policy Adjustments]Text 735¡¾The Divine Khitan Emperor¡¿Text 736 [The Cossack's Secret]
Text 737¡¾Embassy to the West¡¿Text 738¡¾Mughal Emperor¡¿Text 739¡¾Theory of Heaven¡¿Text 740 [Blood Collection Obsession]
Text 741 [Inexplicable battle]Text 742 [Big Victory]Text 743 [Criticism Conference]Text 744¡¾Accept slaves¡¿
Text 745 [A Story of Shipwreck and Drifting]Text 746 [Island Owner Evolution History 1]Text 747 [The Evolution History of the Island Owner Part 2]Text 748 [The Evolution History of the Island Owner Part 3]
Text 749 [Island Owner Evolution History Part 4]Text 750 [The end of the island owner's evolutionary history]Body 751 [Portugal and Africa]Text 752¡¾Chinese Etiquette¡¿
Text 753¡¾The British royal family in exile¡¿Text 754¡¾The Anglo-Dutch War¡¿Body 755¡¾Visit Paris¡¿Text 756 [Gifts and gifts in return]
Text 757¡¾Rebellion Book¡¿Text 758 [Knight Tournament]Text 759 [Queen Anne's Bathroom Summoned]Text 760¡¾Buying Officials to Revitalize France¡¿
Text 761 [Colonies as dowry? ¡¿Text 762 [A country cannot live without a king for a day]Text 763¡¾Science¡¿Text 764¡¾Gewu School¡¿
Text 765¡¾Travel in England¡¿Text 766 [On Politics]Text 767¡¾Cromwell Difficult to Communicate¡¿Text 768 [A Blasphemer? ¡¿
Text 769 [Returning to China]Body 770¡¾Return of the Mission¡¿Text 771 [Xu Ying's new errand]Text 772 [Eastern Palace Official]
Text 773 [Thirty-one-year-old chief envoy]Text 774¡¾Self-taught scholar¡¿Text 775 [The Book of Rites of the Prince]Text 776 [Jiangsu Salt Administration]
Text 777 [Husband is indisputable]Text 778 [The cornerstone of the country]Text 779 [When Zeng Yi was a teenager]Text 780 [The Rise of Khalkha Mongolia]
Text 781 [Li Zicheng offers soil]Text 782 [Emperor personally teaching the prince]Text 783¡¾I don¡¯t know where Wolf Juxu is¡¿Text 784 [Zhu Hongwu is reborn? ¡¿
Text 785 [Grassland Beacon]Text 786 [The Great War between Khalkha and Horqin]Text 787 [Each votes for his own mother, each finds his own father]Text 788 [I don't want to leave]
Text 789¡¾You run away from you, I go away from you¡¿Text 790 [Frog at the Bottom of the Well]Text 791 [Stable as an old dog]Text 792 [Frustrated everywhere]
Text 793 [Cavalry decisive battle kicks off]Text 794 [Disruption with randomness]Text 795 [Decisive Charge]Text 796 [Sandu Protectorate]
Text 797 [Governor of Luzon returns to Beijing]Text 798¡¾Contribution¡¿Text 799¡¾Feminists¡¿Text 800 [Emperor's review of "History of Ming Dynasty"]
Text 801 [Debate of Fan Lou]Text 802 [Material Discussions are Raising]Text 803¡¾Experiencing the Holy Will¡¿Text 804 [Already read: Bullshit is unreasonable]
Main body 805 [Development model of rural industry in China]Text 806¡¾Hangzhou Discussion Conference¡¿Text 807¡¾Became a prince teacher¡¿Text 808 [I haven't taken the imperial examination, so I'll be number one first]
Text 809 [Crying at the door and knocking on the que]Text 810 [The emperor has many bad ideas]Text 811 [Datong Law and Publication Law]Text 812¡¾Xing Da Prison¡¿
Text 813¡¾All of them¡¿Text 814 [Businessman's needs]Text 815 [One country and two genera]Text 816 [The envoys holding the festival are all ruthless people]
Text 817¡¾Zhang Huangyan¡¿Text 818 [The army is dispatched]Text 819 [Jieyan]Text 820 [Chaotic War Prelude]
Text 821¡¾Hot Air Balloon and Siege¡¿Text 822¡¾Zhang Xianzhong's strategy¡¿Text 823 [The plan changes again and again]Text 824 [Lonren Lin Laoshi]
Text 825 [One person captures hundreds of people]Text 826 [The Governor of the Netherlands Determined to Fight to the Death]Text 827¡¾Siege Ball¡¿Text 828¡¾Geometry Problems¡¿
Text 829 [Breaking the Governor's Mansion]Text 830 [Bet on the negotiation table]Body 831¡¾Re-acquisition of Dependent States¡¿Text 832 [Small Country Standing in Forest]
Text 833¡¾Islanders offering soil¡¿Text 834¡¾Breakthrough in Spinning Technology¡¿Text 835 [Li Zicheng's surrender]Text 836 [Taoyuan everywhere]
Text 837¡¾Cotton and Rice Rotation¡¿Text 838 [The Eye-opening Chuang Wang]Text 839¡¾Microscope¡¿Text 840 [Military Academy]
Text 841 [Princesses also want to choose a consort]Text 842¡¾Aim in the world¡¿Text 843 [Not just as simple as a navigator]Text 844¡¾Official Smuggling¡¿
Text 845 [Little fool]Text 846¡¾Border station¡¿Text 847¡¾Northeast Development Plan¡¿Text 848 [Tsarist Russian Nobility]
Text 849¡¾Unknown guy¡¿Text Chapter 853 Chapter 850¡¾Spicy Meat¡¿Text Chapter 854 Chapter 851 [Waiting for a rabbit]Text 852 [Rush for three thousand miles]
Text 853 [Forest Battle]Text 854 [Drawing lots to garrison]Text 855 [Female Shaman of the Daily Department]Text 856 [Felt for Mammoth Ivory]
Text 857 [Unaji]Text 828 [Internal strife and warplanes]Text 859 [not simple]Text 860 [King Narai Returns to the Kingdom]
Text 861 [Three-sided Siege Plan]Text 862 [The Lone Army Goes Deep]Text 863 [Captain of the Transportation Brigade]Text 864 [Siam and Eight Hundred Divisions]
Text 865 [Brother kills brother]Text 866 [Killing Father and Begging for Surrender]Text 867 [Win the world's largest jadeite producing area]Text 868¡¾Surprise attack¡¿
Text 869 [Toast's defection]Text 870 [collapse at the touch of a button]Text 871 [The Decisive Battle Begins]Text 872 [Horse riding joint venture]
Text 873 [Emperor Zhao, a Good Man and a Faithful Woman]Text 874 [Pingnan Military and Civil Mansion]Text 875 [Queen Huang¡¤Governor of Pattani]Text 876 [Sun Chuanting makes a move]
Text 877 [Merchants living in the cracks]Text 878¡¾What I saw in Guangzhou¡¿Text 879 [Bard]Text 880¡¾Fiscal deficit¡¿
Text 881 [Humanoid Xiaoqiang]Text 882 [Eunuch Mathematician]Text 883¡¾Get ahead¡¿Text 884 [The Chinese countryside in the eyes of the French envoy]
Text 885 [News from Qinghai-Tibet]Text 886 [Ming History Publishing]Text 887 [Zhao Han is the heroine]Text 888¡¾Market¡¿
Text 889 [Jungar Occupies Mobei]Text 890¡¾Russian Mission¡¿Text 891¡¾Great Baoen Temple Becomes a Park¡¿Text 892¡¾Petroleum¡¿
Text 893 [To deceive the king will cut off the hand]Text 894 [Voyage to America]Text 895 [Purchase of land]Text 896¡¾A warm and considerate Spaniard¡¿
Body 897 [Hawaii]Text 898 [Conquest by force]Text 899 [Longnuo returns]Text 900¡¾Life on the Island¡¿
Text 901 [Sunset Empire]Text 902 [Development bottleneck]Text 903 [Governor]Text 904 [Issuing banknotes]
Text 905 [Access to Tibet]Text 906 [Asymmetric Combat]Text 907¡¾Defending the Grain Road¡¿Text 908 [Batur's helplessness]
Text 909 [Eastern Science and Technology Association]Text 910 [Encounter]Text 911 [The Split Yarkand]Text 912 [Zungar split]
Text 913 [Finance is abundant]Text 914 [Spring Breeze Like a Guest]Text 915 [Sell Poems]Text 916 [Orchid's Belly Dance]
Text 917¡¾The emperor is also a historian¡¿Text 918¡¾Economics¡¿Text 919 [The Nguyen Coup]Text 920 [Another scammer]
Text 921¡¾Suicide in Fear of Crime¡¿Text 922 [Already Rotten]Text 923 [I have stabbed the sky]Text 924¡¾Middleman¡¿
Text 925 [Lady Fei]Text 926 [The two princes are gone]Text 927 [Reward and punishment]Text 928 [Yellow River]
Text 929 [Pu Songling]Text 930 [Dushui Division is the Gold Swallowing Beast]Text 931 [Water and Fire Mage]Text 932¡¾Cassava and Population¡¿
Text 933¡¾Colonization is bloody¡¿Text 936 [England, your king is back]Text 937 [Alliance of China, Britain, France and Portugal]Text 938¡¾Change in England and France¡¿
Text 939 [How many tens of thousands of Han people are there in Mexico? ¡¿Text 940 [Fugui car]Text 941¡¾Electrical¡¿Text 942¡¾Ideological upheaval in North Korea¡¿
Text 943 [Angel Questions]Text 944 [Monarch and ministers running away]Text 945 [Korean Peasant Uprising]Text 946 [Datong secret work is making trouble]
Text 947 [Continuing party struggle]Text 948¡¾A group of insects¡¿Text 949 [38.65 degrees north latitude]Text 950 [Tsushima Island]
Text 951 [Smart people]Text 952 [Era of Expansion]Text 953¡¾Zhang Xianzhong becomes governor¡¿Text 954 [The tiger returns to the mountain]
Text 955 [Thieves also have a way: holy, brave, righteous, wise and benevolent]Text 956¡¾End of the Mughal Civil War¡¿Text 957¡¾Inflation Expansion and Moderate Colonization¡¿Text 958 [Tsar]
Text 959 [Envious]Text 960 [Eastern Covenant Revolution]Text 961 [SSS-level Great Emperor]Text 962 [Another one who is reluctant to leave]
Text 963 [Second Prince]Text 964 [Dividing and developing? ¡¿Text 965Text 966 [Is this the Ida system? ¡¿
Text 967 [Concubine for the country]Text 968 [Great Gold Mine]Text 969 [Enemies on all sides]Text 970 [The Sultan lying flat]
Text 971 [Foreign Enemy Invasion]Text 972 [Eat the tail]Text 973 [Strategy of veteran rogues]Text 974 [Prince tribute and female tribute]
Text 975 [Hall Examination and Assignment]Text 976 [The Emperor's New Clothes]Text 977 [Cultural and Educational Policy Adjustment]Text 978 [military reform]
Text 979 [Jinling School of Painting]Text 980 [Your Majesty, it's time to repair the imperial mausoleum]Text 981 [The crown belt enters Beijing and jokes with the emperor]Text 982 [Third Prince¡¯s Money Path]
Text 983 [Printing Revolution]Text 984 [Ministry of Industry also has supporting inventions]Text 985 [Rubber and Mayan Temples]Text 986¡¾Inca Royal Legacy¡¿
Text 987 [Japanese General Slave and Fusang Ji]Text 988 [One general succeeds and ten thousand bones dry up]Text 989 [Nerchinsk]Text 990 [Epoch-making Air Raid]
Text 991 [Reprint of the Battle of Guandu]Text 992¡¾Killing Prisoners¡¿Text 993 [Blowing up the city]Text 994 [Buryat Mongols]
Text 995¡¾Mobei¡¿Text 996 [Big effort]Text 997 [Mobei Protectorate and Beihai Protectorate]Text 998 [Occupying the North Sea]
Text 999 [Conferring the King]Text 1000 [Rebel Propagandaist]Text 1001 [Old Country]Text 1002 [Blood Purification Document]
Text 1003 [The Governor of Mexico who can speak Chinese]Text 1004¡¾Chain Reaction¡¿Text 1005 [The World of Great Controversy]Text 1006¡¾Students from Tsarist Russia¡¿
Text 1007¡¾From Overseas Student to Beggar¡¿Text 1008¡¾Steamboat¡¿Text 1009 [Lighting up the map of Central Asia]Text 1010 [Another person gave the emperor a girl]
Text 1011 [Volga and Don River Uprising]Text 1012 [Russian version of "Da Tong Ji"]Text 1013 [Tsarist Russian Military Household]Text 1014¡¾Close the window¡¿
Text 1015 [Wenqing Khan]Text 1016¡¾News from Madagascar¡¿Text 1017 [The motherland is China]Text 1018 ["Smart" King]
Text 1019 [New Guangcheng]Text 1020 [Jin Wang is very close]Text 1021 [Financial Sufficiency]Text 1022 [Gibeke]
Text 1023 [Kuozi Boy and Bayan Beauty]Text 1024 [Cans, rubber and generators]Text 1025 [copper cans]Text 1026¡¾China's "India Company"¡¿
Text 1027 [Han Wang who speculates in stocks]Text 1028¡¾Stock Broker¡¿Text 1029 [Financial Rectification]Text 1030 [The Wolf of the Canton Stock Exchange¡ª¡ªZheng Zhilong]
Text CalvinText 1031 [Rural scholars and village officials]Text 1032 [Japan¡¯s Lockdown]Body 1033 [Choshu Clan and Sumitomo House]
Body 1034¡¾Edo Naval Battle¡¿Text 1035 [Respecting the King and Seeking Thieves]Text 1036 [Emperor Wants Hokkaido]Text 1037 [Empress and Monk Overlord]
Text 1038 [Deputy General of the Shogunate]Text 1039 [Siege and internal strife]Text 1040¡¾Surrender loses half¡¿Text 1041 [Ezo County]
Text 1042¡¾Reconstruction of Shantytowns in Nanjing¡¿Text 1043¡¾Literacy Class¡¿Text 1044 [War in the Western Regions]Text 1045 [Mantis arm as a car]
Text 1046 [Zongma Gobi]Text 1047 [The King Trampled to Death]Text 1048 [Li Bai's Birthplace]Text 1050 [Field investigations are reliable]
Text 1051 [Dawan, Dawan! ¡¿Text 1052 [Caring for the homeland]Text 1053 [Brave and Valiant Rider]Text 1054 [Infantry vs. Heavy Cavalry]
Text 1055 [chain reaction]Body 1056 [New Guinea and Australia]Text 1057 [The prince understands the people's sentiments]Text 1508 [Recalling the past]
Text 1059 [Saints are ruthless]Text 1060 [Unification of Java]Text 1061 [Western Regions Stability]Text 1062¡¾Final Chapter 1¡¿
Text 1063¡¾Final Chapter 2¡¿Text 1064¡¾Final Chapter 3¡¿Text 1065¡¾Final Chapter 4¡¿Text 1066 [Final Chapter Five]
Text ¡¾Postscript 1¡¿Text Zhao Han EncyclopediaText ¡¾Special Part 1¡¿Text ¡¾Special Part 2¡¿
Text Zhao Han EncyclopediaText ¡¾Special Part 1¡¿Text ¡¾Special Part 2¡¿Text ¡¾Special Part 3¡¿
Main text ¡¾External episode 4¡¿Text ¡¾Extra Five¡¿Text ¡¾Special episode 6¡¿Text ¡¾Extra Seven¡¿
Text ¡¾Special episode 8¡¿Text ¡¾Special Part 9¡¿Text ¡¾Extra ten¡¿Main text ¡¾Extra Eleven ¡¤ End¡¿
Text The new book "Guide to Traveling through the Northern Song Dynasty" has been releasedText 239¡¾Team training¡¿  
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