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Historic - List of articles

Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
Riding the Middle Ages Array Chapter 4 Heart of a Lion Section 54 Duel ErLiangBaiTang 2383K 24-03-05 serializing
Survivors of the Anti-Japanese War Array Volume 1 Chapter 172 Guanshan LanChangESheRi 6906K 24-03-05 serializing
The festival of the world Array Chapter 239: Suspicion KeLiSiWeiBai 8637K 24-03-05 serializing
good monks of tang dynasty Array Part One: The Rise of Jiujiang Chapter 75: I can’t be as shameless as you. RangFengChui 3694K 24-03-05 serializing
My Republic of China Years Array Controlling Suiyuan Chapter 15 Suppressing Bandits 5 YunDePiaoBo 1166K 24-03-05 serializing
red dawn Array Volume 3: There is no way forward without friends Chapter 125 no_name FeiGongZhiYue 14208K 24-03-05 serializing
Official affairs Array Part One: The Butcher's Son Chapter 266: Picking quarrels and provoking trouble, taking advantage of TianTangFaYanRen 6281K 24-03-05 serializing
The ultimate dandy life Array Volume 1: First Arrival in Your Land Chapter 9: Two Children HuangMoGongLiuZhong 4140K 24-03-05 serializing
Harmful to the Qing Dynasty Array Volume 1, Chapter 280: An unexpected hit WuLaoLang 8697K 24-03-05 serializing
The smoke and clouds of the prosperous Tang Dynast Array Volume 1: Drunk in Chang'an Chapter 6: The Waking of Insects (Part 3) JiuTu 4975K 24-03-05 serializing
Song Dynasty Modernization Array Volume 3 Spreading Wings Chapter 230 Finale QingFengZhuXie 1963K 24-03-04 serializing
Overseas Ming Dynasty Array Volume 2 The Northern and Southern Empire Chapter 224 The Supreme Power GuBuJia 1883K 24-03-04 serializing
Ming Dynasty Samurai of the Takeda Family Array Volume Three: Tall buildings rise from the ground. Postscript XingFuLaiQiaoMen 6046K 24-03-04 serializing
High-tech warlord Array High-tech Warlord Volume 1 (Seven Hundred and Fifty) Final Chapter: Strange Madman YinDaoFuMa 13662K 24-03-04 serializing
Rebirth of the Yongzheng Dynasty Array Text: A few words after finishing this book SiBeiLe 3101K 24-03-04 serializing
Qingyunji Array Volume 3: Blue Tile and Red Wall (Part 2) Volume 5: The Temple is High, the Rivers and Lakes Are Far LinNa1 2823K 24-03-03 serializing
Longqi late Ming Dynasty Array Development Chapter 542: Xiao Mingchou’s Assassination (Final Chapter) SuBeiXiaoBaiLing 3790K 24-03-03 serializing
Medieval Western Qin Empire Array Volume 3: Stormy France Chapter 158: Two Schools of Mohism YanJiuZouJiangHu 5957K 24-03-03 serializing
The number one sister in the Three Kingdoms Array Volume 3: The Wind Rises in the Eastern Capital, Chapter 442: Final Chapter (Complete) JunFaA 4433K 24-03-03 serializing
The Great Sui Empire Array Text Chapter 348 Let’s go home MengZi 4532K 24-03-03 serializing
imperial firmament Array Volume One: The Setting Sun of the Empire When They Return to the Brandenburg Gate TianKongZhiCheng 5978K 24-03-02 serializing
stubborn general Array Part 4 Zhengrong Chapter 0271 Buy one for two YanHuiZaiFei 2311K 24-03-02 serializing
Luo Er s War Array Text Chapter 551, Meteor Flashes FuShiDeGuanZhu 6740K 24-03-02 serializing
Return to the Three Kingdoms and become the princi Array Text 0146 Finale: Our journey is the sea of ??stars GuoJiJingShen 1404K 24-03-02 serializing
Dahan Weilong Array Text Chapter 346 Yan Xing’s Return (Part 2) FenShouWeiShaBaWanDaiZou 2603K 24-03-02 serializing
war code Array Volume 2: Traces of the Sky Chapter 1: What to say WeiShuiZhiYang 1022K 24-03-01 serializing
Tiantang Array Volume 1 Chang'an Storm Chapter 016 A mountain is higher than a mountain GeYu 4766K 24-03-01 serializing
Super continental power Array Cannon Doctrine Chapter 573 Shandong Crisis (5) ZhanLieJian 10784K 24-03-01 serializing
War of Resistance Red Alert Array Volume 2 Setting the Sail, 1938 to 1939 Chapter 460 Urgent Support DaDaoLaoYuan 12438K 24-03-01 serializing
Xingtang Array Text Chapter 82 Dawn (Part 1) WuHouFangQing 8261K 24-03-01 serializing