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Historic - List of articles

Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
war dictator Array Organizational Equipment Chapter 504 Manchukuo Army MoShaoQing 6128K 24-03-10 serializing
The best wise king Array Text Chapter 408 My great era!  (The final chapter) QingLe 3457K 24-03-10 serializing
New Era 1912 Array Chapter 26 Lianyun’s Concession and Keding’s Black Gold MoYuDeMingYun 9558K 24-03-09 serializing
The best uncle Array Volume 2: Uncle Qin Mansion Chapter 278: A Group of Female Madmen (Ending) DongMinYiXiao 1945K 24-03-08 serializing
Return to the ancient civil and military talents Array Unsung Hero 101.The Third Road PaoMoLiDeXiWang 870K 24-03-08 serializing
Super high-tech overlord Array Super High-tech Overlord Volume 2: Across East Asia Chapter 386: Giant of the World (Finale) QingYunFeiJian 4644K 24-03-08 serializing
The reborn great scientist Array Rebirth of the Great Scientist Volume 11. Evening Fragrance Time 510. Come with empty words and leav HeShiGong 7179K 24-03-08 serializing
Longteng Nanyang Array Text Chapter 419 The entire army retreats (Part 1) YoRenNan 2629K 24-03-08 serializing
Different Tang Dynasty Array Text Chapter 135: Idle Clouds and Wild Cranes (Part 2) PanLu 2119K 24-03-08 serializing
Legend of the Food King Array Text Chapter 727 I’m really not alone (finale) XiaoHuiQiao 8257K 24-03-07 serializing
Great Tang Lie Array Volume 2: Wang Changan Postscript (not related to the main text, preview of new book) ChangFengMoLiHang 3442K 24-03-07 serializing
Reborn in the Three Kingdoms  I am Cao Ang Array 第五卷 深思熟虑后的决定 DaHaQi 4552K 24-03-07 serializing
The big era 1950 Array Text Chapter 216 Olympic Games (and Extras) SongShanAo 5007K 24-03-07 serializing
Forging swords for the world Array Text Trial reading of the new work "Desire to Control the World", please support me JieDeQingShan 2891K 24-03-07 serializing
Rebirth: I am Kangxi Array Text No time to spare ZhuangZiZai 1110K 24-03-07 serializing
Solipsistic Array Volume 2: Managing Beiyang Postscript XunXiangJian 10388K 24-03-07 serializing
scissors country Array Volume 2: The Tiger Hidden, Chapter 11: Xiaoyi Kurosaburo (Part 2) CangLangJi 1778K 24-03-06 serializing
Thief Ming Array Luoyang Storm Chapter 50, That Fat Man ShengChen 643K 24-03-06 serializing
Rebuilding China Array Text Episode 21 Chapter 10 It’s time to end (Ending and Remarks) PingFanPuTong 11617K 24-03-06 serializing
Great Tang Dynasty Array Volume 3: Romance in Chang'an - Final Thoughts and New Book Preview HuangHunQianMian 3808K 24-03-06 serializing
Fangs Snake Array Text Volume 4 Chapter 52 Biographies of Major Events FenWuYaoJi 1059K 24-03-06 serializing
Khan Array Volume 10: Ordained by Heaven to Live Longevity Chapter 28: The Elixir XiFengJin 5651K 24-03-06 serializing
dragon flag Array Text Return Speech MaoChiGouLiang 1740K 24-03-06 serializing
Mercenary of the Generation  Part One of the Trilo Array Text Chapter 256 Time Machine 11 WanXiaZhongDeDiSheng 1882K 24-03-06 serializing
Cloud s Resistance Array Text Chapter 372 Domineering OuYangFeng 30916K 24-03-06 serializing
A Biography of Determination in the Late Eastern H Array Text Chapter 75 The Final Battle JianZongShouXiDiZi 5124K 24-03-06 serializing
blood Array Volume 6: The wind is blowing and the clouds are flying. Volume 9: The banners are full of banners. HeBianCao 16K 24-03-05 serializing
The Ming Dynasty s official affairs are boundless Array Volume 3 Chapter 250 Suspect ZhongLiMei 8K 24-03-05 serializing
Cao thief Array Volume 3 Chapter 404 Wen Ji’s Request (2) 2/2 GengXin 9781K 24-03-05 serializing
Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Array Text Chapter 299 Ma Benyuan has never seen a cavalry team with such a novel strategy. LanSeYouXiang 12610K 24-03-05 serializing