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Historic - List of articles

Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
Good boy of the Three Kingdoms Array Text Chapter 18 Thunder Car WuLaoLang 8948K 24-04-08 serializing
The steel craze of the Republic of China Array Volume 2: Torrent of Steel Chapter 1097: The German Atomic Bomb Plan LuDongDaoFu 13974K 24-04-08 serializing
The last Beiyang warlord Array Volume 2: Under the Warlords Volume 5: Rebuilding History Chapter 819: Shrine of the Chinese Heroes XiMenChuiDengLingLingQi 11501K 24-04-08 serializing
National beauty produces owl Array Volume One Who Doesn't Know You in Yunshan Chapter 1833 Night Assassination ShaMo 21872K 24-04-08 serializing
Tang Brick Array Volume 18 City of Wisdom Section 17 New Year JieYu2 13852K 24-04-08 serializing
Small people in troubled times Array Volume One: Living in Troubled Times Chapter 54: It’s either black or white? YangYangXiSong 4946K 24-04-08 serializing
Drunk and sleeping in the country Array Volume 8: Hundred Riders Chapter 1,113: Xiaojiabiyu YueGuan 13779K 24-04-08 serializing
The great thief of the country Array Volume 2: The Smoke is Rolling, Chapter 71: When a Master Meets a Killer (Please subscribe) HeiJiaoChaoSanGuo 8238K 24-04-08 serializing
Stunning murder weapon Array Text Chapter 279 Military Supplies YanMo 11812K 24-04-08 serializing
super dictator Array Volume 1: Upgrading the Killing of Japs Chapter 495: Li Hongzhang also rises to prominence HuiFeiDeXiaoChong 5710K 24-04-08 serializing
1908: Iron Ambition Array Text Chapter 209 Vomiting blood JinNaLuoZaiChangGe 6469K 24-04-08 serializing
The Rise of Great Powers in the War of Resistance Array Text Chapter 522 The National Government’s Big Procurement WuCaiBeiKe 7461K 24-04-08 serializing
I am Qin II Array Chapter 1 I am Qin Er HuaXiaJiuZhou 6519K 24-04-08 serializing
Will be clear Array Volume 1: The Journey of a Cheerful Young Man Chapter 447: This life is not in vain ZhiBai 9148K 24-04-08 serializing
Records of Emperor Ming of the Tang Dynasty Array Volume 2: The Rise of the Phoenix Chapter 7: Swinging QiHaiZhiHuang 456K 24-04-08 serializing
New Dream of the Song Dynasty Array Volume 1: Angelica meets Guihua Chapter 347: Consequences of the collapse JinShaoBenMoLu 3776K 24-04-08 serializing
Little Hunter of the Three Kingdoms Array Volume 5 NO046 Pig heads are easy to fall into traps GuSheLieDan 837K 24-04-08 serializing
His wife is a general Array Text [Postscript] JianZongShouXiDiZi 9218K 24-04-08 serializing
Qin Huang Ji Array Volume 4 The Return of the King Conclusion YanYang 6937K 24-04-08 serializing
Tang Ren Array Volume 1 Chapter 86 The mute eats Coptis chinensis ZhenNiu 751K 24-04-08 serializing
Governor of Sichuan Array Text Chapter 74 Meeting YaLiHenDa 552K 24-04-07 serializing
I am Qin Sanshi Array Text Chapter 12 Tenderness and Lingering TaiYangZanGe 83K 24-04-07 serializing
Crazy Artillery Array Text Chapter 230 Coma HeiXuan01 1709K 24-04-07 serializing
Flag rolls all over the world Array Volume 6: The Yellow Turban Rebellion Chapter 411: Emperor Wu of the World (Complete) DuGuTianLang 3826K 24-04-07 serializing
Romance of the Three Kingdoms Array Volume 4: Yellow Turban Chaos, Fishing in Troubled Waters Chapter 89: Treasures from the World (Part MaKe·BoLuo 640K 24-04-06 serializing
Good men in the Song Dynasty Array Text Chapter 172 The Future BanXianSuanMing 1628K 24-04-06 serializing
The Biography of Cao Ang in the Three Kingdoms Array Volume 1 Chapter 197 Anmin City ZhangJianBang 1922K 24-04-06 serializing
Royal system Array Text: Temple Escape XiaoSuYou 1429K 24-04-06 serializing
Transformation of the Russian Empress Array Text Chapter 145 Long live the river crab FengZhongDeZiYou 891K 24-04-06 serializing
The Story of Peace Array Volume 3: Morning and Night Under the Balcony Chapter 501: The Chaohui Pema Grass is Lush XiFengJin 4943K 24-04-06 serializing