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Historic - List of articles

Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
Xiliang Iron Cavalry Array Text Chapter 7: New training methods DuanYaLu 6765K 24-05-04 serializing
Rebirth of Liu Xie in the Three Kingdoms Array Volume 1: The Trapped Dragon Leaving the Abyss Chapter 115 Madam, please be careful! LaiBuJiYouShang 1941K 24-05-04 serializing
The mighty man Array Text Chapter 128 Doubts ShenLan2000 880K 24-05-04 serializing
Taifu is very busy Array Pengcheng Qianyong Chapter 104 Nanyang Merchant ZhiLi 1080K 24-05-04 serializing
Sui soldiers dominate the road Array Volume 1 The First Arrival of the Sui Dynasty Ending EDeShanRen 1391K 24-05-04 serializing
Hunting around the world Array Volume 1: The First Ming of the Young Phoenix, Chapter 146: Small Fight or Big Fight BaYuYiSu 1290K 24-05-04 serializing
Happy life in the late Han Dynasty Array Volume 1: Blockade of Jiangnan Chapter 131: The Road to Civilization is Endless (End) XuanHuangFuXing 3203K 24-05-04 serializing
Vietnam war blood Array postscript YuanZhengShiBing 9470K 24-05-04 serializing
Politicians of Ming Dynasty Array Text Chapter 1309 A Legend (Epilogue) FengZhongDeShiLa 12374K 24-05-04 serializing
Ming Dynasty noble family Array Volume Six: Xu Yi Longhu Borrows the Wind and Cloud Chapter 700: Ke Shao Ji Qiu (10) YanJiu 10523K 24-05-04 serializing
Aspirations to the throne Array Text Chapter 399 The country is at a loss tonight (finale) CangHaiMingYue 3509K 24-05-04 serializing
I am the carpenter emperor Array Volume One: The Eagle Chapter Finale: The wind is blowing and the clouds are flying. DuZuoChiTang 5517K 24-05-02 serializing
Xinshun Steel Century Array Volume 4 Leviathan Remaining Outline KeLiSiWeiBai 3442K 24-05-02 serializing
Flying leopard attacks Array Text "" Remarks on the completion of the manuscript DengFeng 4533K 24-05-02 serializing
Go back to ancient times and be a general Array Volume 3 The Battle of Peking Chapter 453 Psychological Test LingYunMoJi 3630K 24-05-01 serializing
Song Shigui Array Volume 1: Yan Yun Chaos Volume 3: Bending the Sky Chapter 209: Banquet at Hongmen (46) TianShiAoSiKa 14786K 24-05-01 serializing
Qinghan Array Volume One: Crusade against Dong Zhuo Chapter 369 YueXiaKuangQin 4402K 24-05-01 serializing
Ding Song Array Volume One: A New Year’s Eve Story (Actually, it should be called a confession) CaoShangFei 2473K 24-05-01 serializing
high official Array The second volume of Qiantang Spring Tide, the final chapter: The dawn of the prosperous age SanJieDaShi 12500K 24-05-01 serializing
Tang Zui Array Volume 1: First Arrival in the Tang Dynasty Chapter 94: Everything is in Settlement [Final Finale] TangYuan 5632K 24-04-30 serializing
Secret Thirteen Array Volume 2: Wandering in the Jianghu Chapter 143: The Emperor Guards the Country YeBanWeiFengZhiLaoGui 4205K 24-04-29 serializing
Night singing in the prosperous Tang Dynasty Array Volume 1: Who Rides the Star to Break through the Void Chapter 496: The building has collapsed ShengZheChenLei 6666K 24-04-29 serializing
The rise of the late Qing Dynasty Array Text Chapter 1042 Air Strike (2) LaoShenYang 8959K 24-04-29 serializing
Late Tang Dynasty Array Volume 1: Tutuan Countryman Chapter 627: Seeking Peace MuZiLanSe 12024K 24-04-29 serializing
Longxing Huaxia Array Text Chapter 177: Healing the rift YinDaoFuMa 5761K 24-04-29 serializing
Tang Xiong Array Volume 1: Never give up being a Lingnan native Chapter 197: The most enchanting sister-in-law HuaYueQingYang 2466K 24-04-29 serializing
Strong Qi Array Volume 1 Xuzhou Rebellion Chapter 20 Please think twice before acting (Part 2) GengXin 7648K 24-04-29 serializing
The Immortal Legend of Anti-Japanese War Veterans Array Volume 1, Battle of Songhu, Postscript JiMoJianKe 6432K 24-04-28 serializing
The reincarnation of Sun Bin Array Text Chapter 153 Sun Bin defected to Qin (Part 2) FengHuaJueShi 1119K 24-04-28 serializing
Han cavalry Array Volume 1 Chapter 130 Storm gathers on the grassland DuoLaDeLangZai 1384K 24-04-27 serializing