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Historic - List of articles

Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
空明传烽录 Array Text Here comes the apology GongZiYi 2364K 24-03-15 serializing
Soldier s Blood Blade of Glory Array Volume 2: The Accused Plaintiff sues all readers of "Blood Blade" FengKuangDeYueYa 909K 24-03-15 serializing
Tai Chi fight against Buddha Array Text Self-recommendation: New work "The Supervisor" DanDingYiXie 2404K 24-03-15 serializing
Ming thief Array Volume Three: The First Appearance of the Ming Dynasty. The army marched eastward and besieged the c XiaoRenWu 3205K 24-03-14 serializing
Rebellious officials in the late Ming Dynasty Array Volume 2: Zhongdu Apology Notice and Remaining Content (2) BingFengSuoXiang 897K 24-03-14 serializing
The rebirth of modern Qingpi in the early Tang Dyn Array Text Chapter 136: Talking after beating HuXianHuHanWen 1291K 24-03-14 serializing
Xing Ming Xiaoshiye Array Text Chapter 156 The Last Choice MuYi 1270K 24-03-14 serializing
far east tiger Array Volume 1: Tiger Roaring in Manchuria Chapter 1309: The Coming Madness TanLangDuZuo 14324K 24-03-14 serializing
The rise of Soviet Russia Array Text Chapter 673 The Fall of Japan (Part 1) WuZhuangXiaoBing 3504K 24-03-14 serializing
Rebirth of the Three Kingdoms: Fighting the World Array Volume 4: The Dragon Swinges its Tail Chapter 35: The Work of a Thousand Years WoAiWaWa 2181K 24-03-13 serializing
Ming rule the world Array Volume 2, debut, Chapter 652: Top of the world (finale) ZhengMuYang 6199K 24-03-13 serializing
flower of france Array The First Chivalry Conquest Chapter 19 If I don’t go to hell, who will? FengShuang 3266K 24-03-12 serializing
Travel through the Three Kingdoms happily Array Text Chapter 188 "Unification of the World" SeHeiGaFei 2467K 24-03-12 serializing
Rebirth of the Anti-Japanese Sichuan Railway Army Array Text Chapter 376 Chinese Expeditionary Force Vietnam Campaign (6) ChuanYueDeKangRiXiaoBing 3832K 24-03-12 serializing
Rebirth of the Spring and Autumn and Warring State Array Wu Yue's Struggle for Hegemony Chapter 443: Determining the World【End】 JuRenJianBangShangDeMuMu 3839K 24-03-12 serializing
Time Thief Array Volume 1: The World of Hot-Blooded Dragon Ball Chapter 731: Dapeng Kills the Corpse and the Immortal QiuBuDe 6455K 24-03-12 serializing
Rebirth of the Anti-Japanese War: The Legend of No Array Text Chapter 496 Hard Fight 4 ZhenDanTingTao 4049K 24-03-11 serializing
Rebirth of Snow White and Blood Red Array Text Chapter 156 Bloody Qunce Mountain (1) MeiLiDeShe 2500K 24-03-11 serializing
super chinese empire Array Text Chapter 385: Capture of Siberia QiuFengQiXieLa 3934K 24-03-11 serializing
bloody war Array Volume 2: Battle of Songhu Chapter 36: Advance instead of retreat (3) YuanZhengShiBing 847K 24-03-11 serializing
Journey to the Ming Dynasty Array Volume 1 Dragon Trapped in the Shoals Chapter 160 Different Reactions ZeRiBeiFei 1190K 24-03-11 serializing
Tang Qi Array Volume Four: Hu Han Cang Qiong Postscript APu 11239K 24-03-11 serializing
Records of the Last Years of the Five Dynasties Array Volume 3 (Part 2) Chapter 123 Dramatic Changes (Continued 1) XiaoShenKe117 3270K 24-03-11 serializing
Beacon smoke Array Volume Six: The Smoke Rises Thousands of Miles Chapter 455: In the Decisive Battle JueShiXiaoDao 3951K 24-03-10 serializing
Disciples of the Overlord of the Three Kingdoms Array 正文 阚虓再拜书友! HanXiao 3266K 24-03-10 serializing
Trek 1642 Array Text 579 Retreat TuTuDeBaoZi 6038K 24-03-10 serializing
Rebirth of the Best Little Prince Array Volume Seven: The Battle of the Grassland, Chapter 697: The End and the Beginning (Complete) YaoHuangBiLa 5803K 24-03-10 serializing
Travels in Yunnan and Burma Array Volume 6: The Rising Sun Chapter 560: Family Affairs and State Affairs YiDeFengEr 6893K 24-03-10 serializing
The Founding General of the War of Resistance Agai Array Related Works: Looking at Generals Zhang and Yang’s mobilization of troops to remonstrate from Jiang ZaPaiYiShi 3209K 24-03-10 serializing
Being an emperor among the Five Dynasties Array Being an Emperor in the Five Dynasties Volume 27: Hunting for the Prodigy and Guarding Huo Chapter 5 KangBaoYi 7923K 24-03-10 serializing