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Huayu 1997 Latest chapter update list

author£ºA little chubby

Volume 001 A Group of Actors from the Crew of "Water Margin"Volume 002 Self-recommendation to Play Ximen High OfficialVolume 003 Director, I wrote a songVolume 004 The dream of hoarding courtyard houses is a long way to go...
Volume 005 The Surprise of "Pan Jinlian"Text Volume 006 The Crew's First Play, A Sinful FateVolume 007 Ximen Qing Fighting Side by Side with the Liangshan HeroesVolume 008 The Textbook-style Laliang House Launched
Volume 009: Lu Provincial People¡¯s Secret to DrinkingVolume 010: High Officials Are Abused in the Lion House, Cao Xuan's Friends Return to the CapitalVolume 011 Returning to Beijing DailyVolume 012 How to Earn Your First Pot of Gold
Volume 013 The Stars of NortelVolume 014 "Carrying Love Through to the End"Volume 015 The Goddess of the Beijing Circle Xu CainvVolume 016 The King of Ringtones, Xiangjiang Returns
Volume 017 The record company reached a cooperation (two in one)Volume 018 "Ten Thousand Reasons" single releasedVolume 019 The radio station is popular, and the supply exceeds the demandVolume 020 Exploration of "Returning the Pearl and Princess"
Volume 021 Reaching the Top of the Weekly Rankings, Agents and Commercial PerformancesVolume 022 A Song for a Siheyuan?Volume 023 Old Classmate Hu JingVolume 024 Six Golden Flowers and Prosperous Fortunes
Volume 025 New Album and Nan Ren Bei CaoVolume 026 Two MV Heroines (Two in One)Volume 027 A studio and two birthdaysVolume 028 The Magical Entertainment Circle
Volume 029 TV premiere, the song shocked the audienceVolume 030 The new song became popular and started to attract fansVolume 031 Letter from Paparazzi and Half SackVolume 032 New Year's Eve drama, "Water Margin" will be broadcast soon
Volume 033 Golf King and Zheng Baipro (2 in 1)Volume 034 "Song of Heroes" and the Distraught Zeng LiVolume 035 The Audience's Favorite Plot SectionVolume 036 Uncles and Aunts on TV Are Saying Hello (Two in One)
Volume 037 Everyone Swears at Ximen Qing, Everyone Wants to Be Ximen QingVolume 038 Going Home for the New YearMain Text 039 People and Things in Lao Cao's FamilyVolume 040 Versailles, Spring Festival Gala and Return to Beijing
Volume 041 Restricted movie invitation and Warner UFOVolume 042 Keban and YeluziVolume 043 Intimate shooting of MVVolume 044 The Entertainment Circle in Early 1998
Volume 045 The New Head of Warner Bros., Thirsting for TalentVolume 046 and the frontal toughness of the mainland queenVolume 047 The Children Are Stupid by the Knife......Volume 048 New album that is so popular
Volume 049 Impacting the Annual Sales Crown and Signing EventVolume 050 Foreign Versions of Pan Jinlian and Ximen QingBody 051 Sales and film and television invitations that have been rising all the wayBody 052 "Xiao Li Flying Knife" and "The True Colors of a Criminal Policeman"
Body 053 Surprise of Returning to Beijing and Being SickText 054 "Cohabitation" and making money (1/3)Text 055 The Smoky August Singing World (2/3)Text 056 Creating the North and South Kings of Chinese Music (3/3)
Text 057 Southern Ren Beicao, Peak Showdown (Part 1)Text 058 Southern Ren Beicao, Peak Showdown (Part 2)Body 059 Changing the play, modeling and play bullyBody 060 The luxurious lineup of "Xiao Li Feidao"
Text 061 One is pretty enough, the other can playText 062 King of KaraokeText 063 Another "beautiful" deathBody 064 Soaring Appearance Fees and Paparazzi
Body 065 Divine Comedy for the Spring Festival "Gong Xi Fa Cai"Body 066 Ancient Style, Chinese Style and Wahaha Mineral WaterText 067 Copied Penguin's pan-entertainment strategy (add 1/2 for the leader Jinyi)Text Modification Description
Body 068 Shocking the King of Chinese MusicText Chapter 67 RevisitingText 069 Hope Primary School and Zaoshi Propaganda AmbassadorText 070 True Little Rabbit
Body 071 "Youth Bao Qingtian" and Family Tradition (2 in 1)Text 072 First Sister Fanxing and the Excited People Who Eat MelonsText 073 [South Ren Bei Cao] Historic meetingText 074 All of them love to eat melons (add 1/2 for the leader of Jinyi)
Text 075 Brave Xuanxuan, Not Afraid of Difficulties (Add 2/2 for the leader of Jinyi)Text 076 Congratulations on Your Fortune, Congratulations on Your Excellence (Two in One)Body 077 Popularity, Commercial Performance and Album MVText 078 Turn of the Century I am King
Body 079 Director, Cameo and VillainText 080 A Collection of Love Themes¡ª¡ªSugar in the Front and Knife in the BackText 081 I have to buy another houseText 082 Five sentences, let the little king of music become my fanboy
Text 083 Following Director Zhang, a drama was beaten nine timesText 084 Cao Xuan's Improving Acting SkillsText 085 Thugs in suits and thick-skinnedText 086 Double Standard and Garuda Roc
Text 087 "Swordsman" Linghu ChongText 088 Southern Ren Beicao, so terrifyingText 089Text 090 Gods fighting? No, it's Qunxian fighting Cao Xuan
Text 091 The First Shot of the Summer Vacation WarText Testimonials (must read)Text 092 Cao Xuan VS The Queen of Two Days (First order requested)Text 093 The No. 1 Pop Singer in the Mainland? (seeking first order)
Body 094 The smashingly popular "Huan Zhu Ge Ge 2" (first order requested)Text 095 Flying on the Grass and the Magic City Fan Meeting (Seeking the first order)Text 096 Brother Ma, do you want money? (seeking first order)Text 097 Investing in Penguin QQ (Part 1)
Text 098 Investing in Penguin QQ (Part 2)Text 099 "Little Li Flying Knife" aired in Mainland ChinaText 100 I added an idol's QQ friend?Text 101 Classic Tauren Li Xunhuan
Text 102 Jing Wuming, the Cold-faced Assassin Who Makes a Stunning AppearanceBody 103 The Guest Appearance in "The Continued Journey to the West"Text 104 Ali and Dao Chen who let himself goText 105 I just want to hug you and sleep, I promise not to move
Body 106 The current surname of Cao in the Chinese music sceneText 107 The Heavenly King of the Mainland Arrives, and His Popularity Is ExplodingText 108 Double Heavenly Kings + Luxurious Combination Three Days LaterText 109 Cao Daguan is popular all over the island
Body 110 "Cao Xuan: The Man Who Fascinated Half of the Actresses in Taiwan"Body 111 First Meeting of Brother Tianwang Xuan and Newcomer Xiao ZhouBody 112 The new king ascends the throne, causing a sensation in the fan club of the Chinese music sceneText 113 Hand-picked by the official media: the most popular brother in the Mainland
Body 114 Divine Drama "Journey to the West"Text 115 Xiao Biesheng's Newlywed and Linghu ChongText 116 Amitabha, sin, sin!Text 117 The introversion between the top performers in the mainland entertainment industry and the scumbags
Body 118 Mature and youthful... including HeitanText 119 The Ultimate Mystery of the Entertainment Industry¡ªWarning from the Lawyer¡¯s LetterBody 120 Taking Off the Hat of Plagiarized Drama and ¡°Madman¡±Text 121 I really went to her room just to deliver supper
Text 122 Shocked! The reason why the popular king was slapped was like this...Body 123 Recognized for Acting Cao Xuan and Second-Rate Singer (Two in One)Invited to play mahjong after 124 days, the entertainment circle is really a circleBody 125 Three Nights Three Flights and Acquaintances of the Spring Festival Gala
Text 126 Brother Ma almost loves Cao Xuan to deathText 127 After a very young life, the high official of Ximen worshiped Song Sanlang as his teacherText 128 The more scandals, the more stable Mr. CaoText 129 The "Big Guy" at the Spring Festival Gala for the Second Time
Text 130 The Spring Festival Gala: Five Thousand Years Finally It¡¯s My TurnText 131 Comparable to brother Cheng Long's treatmentText 132 2000 was a busy year for Cao XuanBody 133 The new album "Bright Stars", the ten hit songs are going to be gods
Body 134 Zhouyi Film and Television and "Wulin Outer History"Text 135 Even Stars Have Their Own Screenwriting TeamText 136 The Surprising Rate of Return of "Youth Bao Qingtian"Text 137 Boss Cao, Worth Over 100 Million, "Talents Come Out in Large Numbers" Chinese Opera Level 02
Text 138 Entering the group of "Swordsman", "Xiaba" is online againText 139 There is an enemy fan hidden by my sideText 140 The Novice Village Story that is Essential for the Martial Arts of the HeavensText 141 Mutual Injury with Young Master Zhou
Body 142 Here Comes Jin Yong and the King of Golden SongsText 143 The Heavenly King's Wife and the Man Who Rejected Qiong Yao Three TimesText 144 If he, Liang Chaowei, can do it, can I, Mr. Cao, not be able to do it?Text 145 Music Is With Me, Cao Xuan Is Irreplaceable
Body 146 The Graduation Performance of Class 96 of Chinese OperaText 147 The biggest melon in the entertainment industry in the summer of 2000Text 148 Force Wang Yan Shuangying and "Armor Warrior" (2 in 1)Text 149 Wang Fei: I declare that Cao Xuan will be the leader of the Chinese pop music scene in the future
Text 150 Brother Ma may have made money, but Mr. Cao will never lose moneyText 151 The Seven Wolves, "Legend", 80 million worth and charityBody 152 The golden age of Chinese music has begunBody 153 Guest Appearance and Apprentice in "The Gate of the Mansion"
Body 154 Time Management and Film and Music BlossomsBody 155 The Terrifying Viewership Share of "Youth Bao Qingtian"Text 156 Cao Daguan in the Eyes of Ordinary People and the Popular TV Series (Two in One)Text 157 National Satellite TV Ratings Champion and Two Signed Artists
Text 159 The server of the Tianya Forum also exploded in the music scene "The Wind Rises"Body 159 There is a feeling of being about to witness historyBody 160 Asian Tour and Golden Eagle AwardsText 161 The out-of-print Golden Eagle trophy and another sister-in-law?
Text 162 "The Family of Gold Powder" and I Want to Become Immortals, Happy Togethertext leaveMain body 163 The overall upgrade of the characters, the convincing Taoist scenery, and the golden house Cangjiao ¡Á 2Text 164 The adaptation is not a random compilation, the person surnamed Cao is to apologize...
Text 165 years profit of 45 million +, but life is still tightText 166 The song circle layout and the final spray are short, big and tightText 167 The Cowardly Short, Big Tight and Plan to Move OverseasText 168 Cao Xuan in Zaoshi is like Zhao Benshan in Tieling
Text 169 The album is out of stock, "Bright Stars" is selling like crazy (updated)Text 170 At the twenty-fifth year of that year, I reached the top of the Chinese music scene and became a godText 171 Chinese stars, I am the only one shining, the era of Cao Xuan is comingText 172 Alert! The hot guy finally made his debut
Body 173 Recognized (new generation) Chinese music leader (one)Text 174 Exploring "Wulin Outer History", Happy Days of Mrs. HuBody 175 Stars in the left hand, money in the right hand, and hard-to-get concert ticketstext statement
Text 176 The East and West Palaces Arrived Together, Many Cottage Heavenly Kings Sisters Are in PlaceText 177 Cao Xuan is not an entertainment idol, but a life idolText 178 The Close "Comrade in Arms" Mr. Zhou and the Youth Literary and Art RepresentativesText 179 Mrs. Cao¡¯s official stay overnight at the Eastern Palace, Mrs. Hu
Text 180 This wave, this wave is to sell yourself at a clear priceText 181 Becoming a regular army of the Music Association and aiming at the American music sceneBody 182 Three consecutive titles in annual album sales and the No. 1 girl group in the Chinese music sceneText 183 [Southern Ren Beicao] Combined for the first time, becoming the king of Asia
Body 184 "Honest" Big Brother and "500 Miles"Body 185 The cover character of "Time Magazine" and the first "News Network"Text 186 Where can I find Leng Qingqiu?Text 187 A few years ago, you were enough to be shot
Text 188 The Arrogant International Chapter and the Coming of the Pop AgeText 189 Mikami Spring Festival Gala "The Brightest Star in the Night Sky"Body 190 Conquering the Spring Festival Gala and the Scary Old Zhao (Happy Mid-Autumn Festival)Body 191 Let Lao Cao¡¯s Family Guangzong Yaozu¡¯s Concert Site Selection
text...Text 192 The pattern is opened at onceText 193 Successfully Changed from the Entertainment Edition to the Finance EditionText 194 Boss Cao Becomes Famous in the Film and Internet Circles
Text 195 "Ugly Daughter-in-Law" Finally Sees Her In-Laws, Cao Scumbag Considers PregnancyBody 196 Crazy Concert at the Temple of Heaven with 100,000 PeopleText 197 Please dance your hands again for meBody 198 Guotai Min¡¯an Cao Tianwang and Pepsi¡¯s four superstars
Body 199 The Five Songs of "Chinese Style" AlbumText 200 "Tell the Truth" and "Artistic Life"Text 201 "A Family of Gold Fans" by Clouds of Beautiful Girls and Many Handsome GuysText 202 Problems with life style? That's right, it's Cao Xuan
Body 204 The first generation [Ms. Cao] is bornBody 205 What is Fanxing¡¯s first filmText 206 With our face, no one is afraidText 207 Feedback on the Premiere of "Swordsman" on Tianya Forum
Text 208 Jin Yong: Linghu Chong played by Cao Xuan...Body 209 The Rise of ¡°Martial Arts Craze¡±Text 210 The Ratings Are BoomingBody 211 Empress Nishinomiya who started to exert her strength
Text 212 Set up a film and television base around the capitalBody 213 Cao Xuan wins numbness as a leading figure in the pop music sceneText 214 Cao Xuan: Just a Flawless Little ArtistBody 219 The Sensational Media and the Lovely Hu Jing
Text 220 Stealing Xu Talented Girl's Four Great StarsText 221 Next time, I want to act as a decisive, aggressive... scumbagText 222 ¡°Stiring Gossip¡± with GirlfriendText I have something to go out temporarily
Main Text Chapter 224 "Entertainment Scene" and Cao Xuan's Variety Show AmbitionMain Text Chapter 225 "Armor Warrior" with an all-star castMain Text Chapter 226 Net worth "shrunk" and hoarding some tiger bone wineMain Text Chapter 227 Successful bid for the Olympic Games, Shenzhou Boils
Chapter 228 I'm Sorry Old Cao's Family AncestorsMain Text Chapter 229 Yan Yikuan, the "deer-headed mouse eye", and Cao Tianwang, the "ordinary"Main Text Chapter 230 First Cooperation with European and American QueensMain Text Chapter 231 The Broad Profits of the Overseas Music Circle and Buying Islands
Chapter 232 [Chinese Swordsman] Famous in AmericaMain Text Chapter 233 The Hottest Male and Female Singer in Chinese MusicText Chapter 234 "Dongfeng Po" becomes popular, how lonely it is to be invincibleMain Text Chapter 235 Jie Chou's Life's Tribulation and the Chief Maid of the Eastern and Western Palaces
Chapter 236 Who Says Sima Yi Can't Play Zhuge LiangMain Text Chapter 237 Preparing the Golden Eagle to Watch the Emperor and the Diamond King of the Entertainment IndustryText 237 The show is not popular, but the song is popular firstText 238 The ratings are hot, and the bet is successful
Text 239 "I Love to Remember the Lyrics" and "Boys and Girls Rush Forward"Text Please take a day offText 240 Pattern routines of ancient cool texts = viewing passwordText 241 Going forward with great success, "Legend of Hot Blood" is online
Body 242 The well-deserved big brother of the new generation music sceneText 243 Business mutual bragging, successful anti-killingText 244 The teacher praised Cao Xuan's songText 245 humble people who dare not forget to worry about the country, even if no one knows me
Text 246 Chinese Style Gradually Becoming a ¡¾Cultural Phenomenon¡¿Text 247 Ten-million-level sales club and the new ace in the entertainment industryText 248 Cao Xuan: I am the living IPText 249 The Welfare Value of Asia¡¯s Top and Mass QQ Friends
Body 250 Vigorous "Flying Seven Wars"Text 251 Chaoyang is an unlucky place...Text 252 Zhang Wuji, Zhao Min and Zhou ZhiruoText 253 The Night of Cao Guanren's Golden Eagle Conferment
Text 254 The Sword Points at Asia, New Songs for the Spring Festival GalaBody 255 The 96 star class of Chinese opera that shines brilliantlyText 256 Chapter International: You Two Kill MeText 257 "Sea of ??Stars" and a Big Production
Text 258 This is no game, it is simply a money printing machineText 259 The first wave of assault on the music scene in 2002Body 260 Inspirational Divine Comedy "Your Answer", a bowl of chicken soup for everyoneText 261 "Long Time No See", "Grey Head" and "The Rest of My Life"
Text 262 Asian King? Now it's time to hit Chinese superstarsText 263 Cao Xuan Ouba, Sarah HeiText 264 Fortunately, I am China Entertainment, not HanyuBody 265 Experience Korean girl group culture
Text 266 The Wealthy Flower in the World¡ª¡ªSamsung PrincessText 267 After all, I became a Cao thief......Text 268 Cao Daguan became famous overseasText 269 His Majesty the Emperor of the Chinese Music Circle, Visiting Neon
Text 270 Start the war! Asia's No. 1 Pop DivaText 271 The two immature Japanese otaku goddessesText 272 Cao Tianwang, are you number one in Japan? Just today!Text 273 "Li Wei as an Official" became popular, and the mother-in-law came
Text 274 Out of circles in Asia, received by foreign heads of state (5000 monthly ticket plus update)Body 275 Going Home and "Railway Guerrilla"Text 276 Producer Hu in the top position and Cao Xuan who crashed on the spotText 277 The mother-in-law won¡¯t poison him to death
Text 278 Backstage King of the Spring Festival GalaText CalvinText 279 Our Journey Is the Sea of ??Stars (Part 1)Text 280 Our Journey Is the Sea of ??Stars (Part 2)
Text 281 Essay Zhao Benshan, Listening to Cao XuanText 282 With a sky-high signing fee of 100 million yuan, Cao Tianwang finally made his way to the international music sceneText 283 Three Billboard Champion-level King Zang SongsText 284 I Don¡¯t Want to Be a National Husband
Text 285 Cao Xuan: I¡¯m Really Not in VersaillesText 286 Who Is the Real Flower of the 96 Star ClassText 287 The glorious image of Boss Cao is infinitely tallText 289 No. 1 person in the Chinese music scene (¡Á) King of ratings (¡Ì)
Text 290 The Newcomer Dong Xuan Who Becomes Famous Overnight, Known All over the CountryText 291 Boss Cao who protects his shortcomings, a soft rice boy who is cleaned upText 292 The 2002 Film Lists of Entertainment Big Bosses and Fans of StarsText 293 No matter how hard everyone scolds, the more stable the buddy's scumbag is
Text 294 The Four Little Stars in the Mainland, the Mainland Entertainment Circle Begins to Rise in an All-round WayBody 295 Finale of "The Family of Gold Powder"Body 296 How to Precisely Minefield BungeeText 297 Rock and roll that makes people tremble all over
Text 298 Can anyone tell me where this Chris Cao came from?Text 299 Meiyu - "Los Angeles 2002"Text 300 How hard is it to win the Billboard Championship?Body 301 The Bard from the Far East
Text 302 Personal Blog and Crazy RankingText 303 Hey, 911, there is a Chinese here pretendingText 304 The King of China Shines in Los Angeles (Part 1)Text 305 The King of China Shines in Los Angeles (Part 2)
Body 306 Airborne on the Billboard Albums Chart, Goal: PlatinumBody 307 Taking on a new job, the theme song of "The Matrix" movieBody 308 Super Burning Divine Comedy and Chinese GourmetsText 309 The Gossip Physique That Is Still Not Insulated Across the Pacific Ocean
Text 310 The goal is achieved, and the Asian international "superstar" goes onlineText 311 Evolved from Diamond King to Tang Monk MeatText 312 Returning to China with a high reputation, very noisyText 313 Sprinkle money, take land and point at theaters
Text 314 Making a Sad Love MovieBody 315 Helping Pepsi Squeeze Coca-Cola's WoolText 316 The first Chinese speaker, so terrifying!Text 317 Why don't you change your name to Phoenix Legend in the future?
Text 318 Stop arguing, your father is here to see Liu YanText 319 Yixun, call me Brother Xuan from now onText 320 Cao Xuan: Our Hualiu is the most embarrassingMain text New chapter is reviewed
Text 321 Film and television are blooming twice, and the movie starring me in the second half of the year...Text 322 The Young Version of Zhang Wuji and the First Meeting with Liu TianxianText 323 Cici, Don¡¯t Call Me Uncle Cao, Call Me TeacherBody 324 The Fully Upgraded "The Story of Yitian Slaying the Dragon"
Text 325 Concubine Ai, this is my future film and television industryBody 326 Bulletin board history, targeting Europe & South AmericaBody 327 Release of World Cup Promotional SongText 328 The first global hit song
Text 329 Star Football Friendship Match and Brother Cheng LongBody 330 Opportunity to show your face in front of hundreds of millions of fans around the worldBody 330 Opportunity to show your face in front of hundreds of millions of fans around the worldText 331 The national football team lost face, and a singer earned it back (6000 chapters)
Body 332 After the World CupText 333 Flashback Editing + BGM Dafa, Teacher Zeng FinishedText 334 Not in the music scene, but there are still legends about brotherText 335 How come I became a scumbag in the United States?
Body 336 The second English album, either Wang Zha or Four TwoBody 337 The Crew and News of "Dragon Babu"Text 338 My homeroom teacher is a beautiful starBody 339 Cao Family Entertainment Jiangshan and Erlang Shenhe "Legend of Sword and Fairy"
Text 340 The Empress of the Eastern Palace who refuses to admit defeatBody 341 The first movie "When Men Are in Love"Body 342 Nortel Bole and Air Force StarsBody 343 "Sugar" MV Shooting, Cengfan Preparations
Text 344 Mom, look, it's the real Cao Xuan! ! !Text 345 Legend of Red Lives, King of the Wedding Celebration Volume 1Body 346 Daily Spring Festival Gala song selection phobiaText 347 The drama explodes again, the number one floret on mainland TV
Text 348 From a Role Model Scumbag to a Public Enemy ScumbagText 249 The Influence of the Number One Superstar from Lu ProvinceBody 350 "Huang Bo'er" who is a man of the year mixed with the crewText 351 Comparable to Qingxia Manyu, comparable to Fa Ge Chaowei
Text The old group exploded, and the new group was just establishedMain Text Chapter 352 The Chinese music scene is shocked every day, Cao Tianwang is nominated for a GrammyText 353 "Invisible Wings" Combined with the King of Pieces + Famous MemesBody 354 Hustle and bustle of the film market and annual meeting of stars
Text 355 A Cao¡¤White Lotus Flower That Emerges from the Silt but UntaintedBody 356 The Divine Comedy of the Spring Festival Gala "When You Are Old"Daily life after 357 yearsText 257 Rapid Retirement, Commissioner Cao and Vice Chairman Cao
Text 359 The second child in a thousand years? Laozi is the uncrowned kingText 360 The new history of the Chinese music scene and the Grammys 8000-word chapterText 361 The number one star in the Asian music scene, whose surname is Cao from now onMain text Single chapter explanation [Must read]
Body 362 Sao Operation, Theme Song, Godsister & Younger Brother, and Endorsement (8000 words)Text 363 East and West Ninomiya Shura Field? Danger & OpportunityText 364 Another strong general is added, the first sister of Fanxing and the second generation are in placeText 365 Days, East and West Palaces, Night and Night Shura Fields
Text 366 Oysters and Mutton Are Not Enough, He Needs Some Hard FoodText Please take sick leaveText 367 Premiere of "Yi Tian Tu Long Ji"Text 368 Ximen High Official Becomes a Gentleman, Cao Thief, You Have Today
Text 369 Jin Yong Cao Xuan Is the Zhang Wuji in My MindText 370 New Movies¡ª¡ªThe Ancient Costume Martial Arts Film "Embroidered Spring Knife"Text 371 Dameiyuan is finally popularText 372 Lifting the SARS ban, preparing for the summer file
Body 373 The common business philosophy of Fanxing and Deyun Club - no refundText 374 The trailer is so sweet, it must be a warm and beautiful love movieText 375 Audience: This is also called sweet, and Nima refunds the money, woo woo woo~ (Wanzi Dazhang)Body 362 Sao Operation, Theme Song, Godsister & Younger Brother, and New Endorsement (8000 words)
The text will be updated tomorrowText 276 The box office boom, the most "healing" movie in 2003Body 378 "Tomorrow's Star" and the next picture of the movieText 378 Chairman Cao spreads heroic posts, calling for heroes in the singing world
Text 379 All the heroes in the singing world bowed their heads, and Cao Xuan ruled overbearingText 380 The Four Great Queens of Japan, South Korea, Mira, and "When the Wind Rises Again"Text 381 I only have two girlfriends, how can I compare with Xiao Lizi?Text 282 [Cao Franklin Xuan] with green light on his face
Body 283 Music Magician from the East¡ª¡ªCaoText There are a few days of emo in every monthText 284 The richest man in the country? The new little brother is named RonaldoText 285 Surrounded by Supermodels, Public Enemy of All American Men
Text 386 Billboard Reached the Top, New World Pop KingText 387 Cao Daguan who almost "liked to be a father"Text 388 The No. 1 Gold King in the Chinese Entertainment IndustryText 389 The heroine becomes a sister-in-law, Penguin Blog and Qzone
Text 390 Annual ratings champion & annual box office runner-upBody 391 The Age of Internet Blogging Comes (Adding Updates for Leader YDUHU)Text 392 The Tear King of the Spring Festival Gala: Zhao Benshan Makes People Laugh, Cao Xuan Makes People CryText 393 The stars who made frequent big moves in 2004.
Text 394 Heavy! The two trump cards in the Chinese entertainment industry join forcesText 395 "King Cao Yan" who beat Cheng Long violently and suppressed the entire crew with full auraText 396 Two Billboard Top Singles, Cao Tianwang WWII GrammyText 397 The 02 star class of Chinese opera begins to rise
Body 398 Gulfstream G550, Penguin shareholding change and dinner at Huo¡¯s familyText 399 East Palace Dang Da Mi Mi, Zhao Xiaodao VS West Palace Dang Liu Tianxian, Tang YanText 400 The "Rising Star" Draft Begins, and Talents Come Out in Large NumbersThe text will be updated tomorrow morning
Body 401 Draft wave in full swingBody 402 Theme Song of the Program¡ª¡ª"Chasing Dreams and Innocent Heart"Body 403 Everyday, PremiereText Chapter Four Hundred and Four
Text 405 "House of Flying Daggers" and Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Double Best Actor NominationsText 406 Xiuchun Knife, Flying Fish Clothes, and Jinyiwei (Happy New Year's Eve)Text 407 They flattered the Hong Kong circle, and the Hong Kong circle flattered Cao XuanText 408 The momentum is getting higher and higher, beauty tricks and beauty tricks
Text Explanation of questions in some books & expressing feelingsText 409 The Seven Superstar Judges and the Fudge Little Black FattyText 410 "Wulin Biography", the decisive battle beginsText 411 The winner of the "Rising Star" finals is¡ª¡ª
Body 412 Olympic theme song? Guest star in "Wulin Biography"Text 413 The movie "New World" and new songs are onlineText 414 The nickname of the death of the society, the outrageous scandal of Cao DaguanText 415 Class 96 where the Actors and Actors Get Together, Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Double Grand Slam
Text 416 The Ambition of a Three-Gold Grand Slam ActorPlease take a day offText 417 What is the relationship between those who scold A Xuan and me, Mr. Cao?Body 418 The Ravely Acclaimed Villain and the Rising Fan Xiaopang
Text 419 The battle between old and new kings, a big fight for Xiao Zhou at the beginningBody 420 I have crossed mountains and seas, and I have also crossed mountains and seas of peopleText 421 [Northern Cao and Southern Zhou] and the artistic director of the Spring Festival GalaText 422 Web Comics and the Busy Director Cao
Text 423 Not everyone has a private mansion on the third ring road of Beijing...Body 424 Cao Tianwang Who Missed the Golden Horse Name SceneText 425 Boss Cao¡¯s Pretentious Daily LifeText 426 The confident Fan Xiaopang, the popular Liu Tianxian, the next time Cao Tianwang
Text 427 A strong dragon does not overwhelm a local snake, but Cao Daguan is just a stingy dragon crossing the riverText 428 Damimi: Sister Jing is my half-sisterText 429 No one stipulates that a singer can only perform one show in the Spring Festival GalaText 430 Listening to songs in the Spring Festival Gala, it must be Cao Xuan!
Body 431 The Popular Empress Nishinomiya and the Freshly Released Star-studded DirectorText Wanding, get what you want!Body 432 Refreshing History, Film FinishedBody 433 Three "Rats" from Class 96 of Chinese Opera
Text 434 Fanxing, One Brother and One Sister, Movie Version of "Fairy Tale"Text 435 This may be the sorrow of the boss (Add 1/2 for the leader of the Institute of Cosmic Civilization)Body 436 Refuse to gamble, refuse to drug, refuse to invest in footballText 437 Farewell to "Legend of Hot Blood" and favor "World of Warcraft"
Text 438 He Has That Heart, But He Doesn¡¯t Have That KidneyBody 439 "A Beautiful Fairy Tale" and the Deadly Orange Sky EntertainmentText 440 Overwhelming Cao Tianwang, the family slave of the three surnames "Wang Fengxian"Body 441 "Painted Skin" and Action Movies Ready to Break into Hollywood
Body 442 The Rising Jay Chou and the Awkward "Seven Swords"Text 444 The mainland boy who is expected to top the local box office in XiangjiangMake a supplementary response to the textText 445 The history of the mainland is second, the history of Xiangjiang is the first, and the history of Chinese film and television sits on the second and the first
Body 446 The Beautiful Man Once in Four Thousand Years and the Three Kingdoms Series MoviesText 447 What, how did you know I bought a private jet?text Please take a leaveBody 448 Homecoming and a new English album full of surprises
Text 449 The eldest princess of Samsung is divorced and has a child? (Update 1/6)Text 450 Yes, I have a child...?Text 451 Liu Tianxian and Da Mimi, who started to fight against each otherText 452 The Crazy Showbiz Stars and "Taken" (Update 2/6)
Text 453 Director Chen: It¡¯s getting cold, and it¡¯s time for Titanic to drop from the top of the listText 454 Alternative Shura Field, "Headless Battle" in the East and West Second PalacesText 455 Cao Xuan: I Can¡¯t Understand, But I¡¯m ShockedText 456 This bitch is crazy (Update 3/6)
Body 457 Cao Xuan¡¯s No. 1 Fangirl in JapanText 458 Although I am worth tens of billions, I have lost my happinessText 459 Qishang Spring Festival Gala and Jiang ZiyaText 460 The Super Bowl Halftime Show ¡°Stolen¡± from the Rolling Stones
Body 461 A Performance Destined to Be Recorded in History (Supplement 4/6)Text 462 Don¡¯t the Chinese have creative bottlenecks?Text 463 10 songs, let the American queen cry and be my apprenticeText 464 Cao, he made the whole of America crazy
Body 465 Sister Bull Abuse, Flat Beatles, Beyond Michael JacksonText 466 The National Glory and the Academy Award red carpet are goneText 467 Refreshing history is disgusting (update 5/6)Body 468 The Director of "Three Kingdoms: Chibi" and Who Plays Cao Cao
Text 469 The Flourishing Starry Film and Television City (Supplement 6/6)Text Let¡¯s talk about the bulletin board data problemText 472 When Time Online is online, Cao Xuan¡¯s works are gradedText 473 Things the Male Protagonist of This Space-Time China Entertainment Novel Must Do When Traveling
Text 474 Ready to Spread Branches for the Old Cao FamilyText 475 Graduated Chinese Opera Level 02 (Update 1/2)Text 476 "Ghost Rider" Cao GuanrenText 477 "Rising Star" Season 2 Champion (Supplement 2/2)
Text 478 "Hug left and right, Cao Tianwang holds hands for centuries! "Body 479 "Painted Skin" Expressing ViolenceText 480 When Heaven and Earth Leverage Together, Capping the No. 1 Movie HistoryText 481 Empress Nishinomiya Is Pregnant
Text 482 Who does Zhuge Liang find to play?Text 483 Ma'am, you don't want to...Text 484 The Three Beauties of Fanxing/Three Sons of Fanxing and Cao Xuan of the East Jiaoxi Ancient Middle SchoolText 485 King Cao with Amazing Physical Strength
Text 486Text 487 Winning Prizes, Getting Soft Hands and Great NephewText 488 Daily life (update 1/2)Body 489 Concerts in Asia and the Dispute Between Elegance and Vulgarity
Text 490 "Soldiers Assault" and the Father of the Rise of Guoman (Supplement (2/2))Body 491 Taylor: The teacher is really too gentleText 492 Are you here to receive an award or TM to buy goods...Text 493 Korean media: According to reliable historical data, Cao Xuan has our Korean blood
Text 494 Eight Spring Festival Gala, "Where Has the Time Gone"Text 495 They said write a love song quicklyText 496 Cao Xuan: Which bastard is talking about me behind my back...Body 497 Girls' Generation and the Arabian Horse
Text 498 Little Black Fatty and "Run"Text 499 Zhou Gongjin Enters Cao Ying Alone, Cao Mengde Gathers Heavenly Kings TogetherText 500 Accumulated 2 million concertsBody 501 The Birth of a Daughter and the New Chinese Album "Human World"
Text 502 Passing through the world is just a...Text 503 "Ten Years in the World" is also Cao Xuan's Ten Years in the WorldBody 504 The Man Who Applauded Everyone at Old TraffordBody 505 Friends of the South African People and "Crazy Racing"
Text 506 If honey is born, how can immortals be born!Text 507 Yang, what are you fighting against me with? (update 1/3)Body 508 Chibi Finishing and New MovieText 509 Mr. Wu? Mr. Cao? Mister! (2/4)
Body 510 Fanxing 10th Anniversary Charity GalaText 511 Theme Song of the Olympic Games and Winning Marvel (Update 3/4)Text 512 "Run" is onlineBody 513 Starry Female Artists in Eight Groups of Four (Supplement 4/4)
Body 514 Disturbance in early 2008Body 515 First Battle in North America, "Taken"Text 516 Big Mimi: Although I made few appearances and died a miserable death, I am still the second female in the movieText 517 Entering the Ten Million Dollar Salary Club
Text 518 Cheng Long: Damn, he pretended to beText 520 Cao Banbi and Zhou Cheng in the Chinese music scene, and the remaining 30% are called Qunxing (Update 1/1)Body 519 The Strongest All-Star MV in History¡ª¡ª"Welcome to the Capital"Body 521 Remnants of feudalism and successors of socialism
Text 522 Starry old man leaves and Olympic torchbearer.Text 523 "Three Kingdoms: Chibi" was released, breaking the box office record on the first dayText 524 Stop pretending, I¡¯m showing my cards, I¡¯m the richest man in AsiaBody 525 A Day Trip to Cao Xuan Hotly Discussed by Netizens
Text 526 The opening of the Olympic Games, the whole country is boilingBody 526 National Treasure Singer Waka "Hall of Fame"Text 527 QQ Star Music Website and Two World Superstars Join ForcesText 528 The 8th Billboard Top Single and Empress Nishinomiya, who came back from the rivers and lakes
Text 529 "Happy Family" released, Huang Bo and Fan Xiaopang gain powerText 530 Jiang Wen: My younger brother Cao Xuan...Text 531 Cao Silang and Jiang MaziBody 532 "Taken 2" Launch and New Four Little Actresses
Text 533 Painting Big Pancake and Big Nephew for Da Mi MiText 534 Dagua frequently and the best comment in the Chinese music scene [Cao Xuan Regret] (Update 1/1)Text 535 "The Voice of China" That Absorbed Money CrazilyText 536 Master Cao became Grandpa Cao?
Body 537 A contestant surnamed Cao in "The Voice of China"Text 538 The red sun rises in the east, and its avenue is full of rays of lightText 539 Zhao Benshan: My grandfather is also surnamed Cao...Body 540 Overnight Fame and Spring Festival Daily Life
Text 541 There will be no suspense for this year's Golden Horse Best ActorText 542 The Crazy Involution of the Stars and ActressesBody 543 Investing in and the movie "Sword Rain"Text 545 The copyright of "The Voice of China" goes overseas
Text 546 Xu Song? afternoon high? Ten? one bite?Body 547 Two Songs by Wang Zha English Crown Single and Chinese Opera GraduateText 548 The team of Nishinomiya Qunxian has grown againText 549 Fairy Honey War and Returning Next Week
Text 550 Sister Feng: Cao Xuan is not good enough for me...Body 551 Cao Tianwang¡¯s Reality Show DebutText 552 Cao Xuan's story overwhelms the Korean Wave, "Six Generations of Famous Director" Lu TaroBody 553 Twitter, Netflix, Tesla, and Cao Men¡¯s Disciple Taylor
Text 554 Breaking 100 million in North America, becoming popular in AmericaText 555 "Proud" Lu Tailang, "Magnanimous" Boss CaoText 556 Beating the Reservoir Dog and ¡¾Penguin Star Video¡¿onlineText 557 "The Richest Man" Pony and the Harem of Class 96
Text 558 Daily life of the crew, superstars fallText 559 "Rain of Swords" Finished, RecordedText 560 The Plastic Sisters and the Huabiao Movie KingText 561 The Law of the Seven Wolves and "Surrounded by Immortals"
Text 562 "Cannon Fodder Counterattack" and the Second Leader of the Nishinomiya PartyBody 563 The King of Red Events and the New Song "Fulfillment of Wishes"Body 564 Leading an Era of Chinese FilmsBody 566 "Conan Show" and the "Mediocre" Chinese Cao
Text 565 Cao Zhou CP and Billboard FatherText 567 TMD Zhang Mazi Dare to Kill My Horse!Text 568 Murder and Punishment and the First Three-Gold ActorText 569 A short life, the East and West Palaces are torn apart
Body 570Text 571 [Famous Singer] Cao Xuanhe¡¯s Spring Festival Gala CollectionText 572 The Crazy "Stupid Coin" Mr. CaoText 573 "Now You See Me" and the official announcement to withdraw from the Spring Festival Gala
Body 574 Shining Grammys, A Tale of Master and DiscipleText 575 Twelve Years of "Chapter" Turned Over, "Unforgettable Tonight"Text 576 Jingjing, won't you leave?Body 577 The last pure Chinese album
Body 578 The Avengers Division of the Four Horsemen of the ApocalypseText 579 "Secret Revealed: China Cao's Box Office Artifact Is...Body 580 The Star-Making Project of Group Performances and the Release of "Sword Rain"Body 581 Antiheroic Gu Long Martial Arts
Text 582 Empress Nishinomiya, who is so popular that she regrets itText 583 Shakira: Cao, thank you~Text 584 How can the Chinese play Norse gods?Text 585 The Hot Searched Mad Devil Cao Tianwang
Text 586 Joining the Marvel Universe, Magically Modified and Enhanced HawkeyeText 587 The Heavenly Immortal is deflated and happyText 588 Infernal Affairs and the August DisturbanceText 589 The Eagle Eye That Neither Men nor Men Can Resist
Body 590 Black Widow, Crossfire, Imitation Master, and Lao MouziText 591 The Empress of the Golden Eagle, the Second Fairy Honey WarBody 592 Emerging Stars in Group PerformancesText 593 The music scene is updated, and Cao Tianwang is the first to mention [Tian Lai Award]
Body 594 The person who made the Chinese-language film grand slam actor unable to catch the showText 595 New album album song: An excellent person like me~Text 596 The hot man who dominates the music scene is backText 597 Pang Yidian: The Song "Under the Sea" Shatters Someone Cao Eight Streets
Text 598 The master is tall, the county magistrate is tough, and Mr. Huang is tall and tough!Body 599 Who do they help and who winsText 600 Invincible, so lonely~Text 601 Everyone pays attention to people by giving out red envelopes
Text 602 Many years ago, you and I were simple teenagers~Text 603 Spring Festival Gala? Cao Xuan's cover concert!Text 604 Post-95s and Post-05s Stop Singing "Reverse War"Text 605 Show off wealth to Iron Man
Text 606 Rocky, who is the villain of the movie?Text 607 The treatment that made Durant cry with envy...Body 608 The New Movie Universe and "Sister Over Flowers"Text 609 The Job-hopping Disturbance and "Hunting" and "Super Body"
Text 610 Asia's richest man, eighth in the worldText 611 Domestic and Foreign Audiences Who Are Frustrated at the Release of "Thor"Text 612 Liu Tianxian: I am still too conservative...Text 613 The new first-line superstar in Asia¡ª¡ªLiu Tianxian
Text 614 I used to look up at the starry sky you saw, and meet again after a hundred years of time and space,Text 615 Big flowers with different thoughtsBody 616 Wu Jing and Vanity Fair who became popular in "The Raid"Text 617 "The Legend of Zhen Huan" launched and became popular all over the country
Body 618 Welcome to My HollywoodText 619 The "Giant" whom Xianmi joined forces withBody 620 Hollywood Hu Baoyi, Chinese Cao GuanrenBody 621 Premiere, the appearance of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Text 622 Big explosion in the mainland, top ten in North America?Text 623 The non-stop entanglement fairy honey, the third popular 85 flowerText 624 The New Four Little Stars and the Seventh in the WorldText 625 "Family of Desolation" Old Cao's House, the Wedding of a Business Ghost
Text 626 A new action superstar stepping into the $20 million salary clubBody 627 The End of the "Taken" Series and the New Variety ShowText 628 The Dreamy Collaboration Between "Flowers and Boys" and "Taken 3"Text 629 Counterattack Cao Tianwang, "33 Days of Broken Love" released
Text 630 Desperate Thirteen MothersText 631 Simple mouth odor, ultimate enjoymentBody 632 A superhero full of Chinese elementsBody 633 "Hawkeye" Sweeping the Box Office All Over the World (Happy Mid-Autumn Festival)
Text 634 Before the end, no more accidents...Body 635Body 636 The "Surprise" of Class 02 of Chinese OperaText Chapter 637
Text 638 When encountering a small composition, let the bullets fly for a whileText 639 Confronting the Second Palace of Actresses of Half a CenturyText 640 Lei Datou, Guo Jinfei and Fanxing DNABody 641 YYDS and the premiere of "The Avengers"
Text 640 Lei Datou, Guo Jinfei and Fanxing DNABody 641 YYDS and the premiere of "The Avengers"Text 642 Bandit Cao, You Are Worthy of!Text 643 Hawkeye is not enough, how about Green Arrow?
Text 644 Unbearable Youth and Frivolity and the Four Top Streamers in ChildhoodText 645 Life Idol and Tomson YipinBody 646 "A Date with Lu Yu" and the World's Annual Box Office ChampionText 647 Master¡¯s Advice, Immortal Honey Contests Hundred Flowers
Text 648 Slot Gate and Manchester United ShareholdersText 649 Investing in Manchester United and the last English albumText 650 Duan Shui Dafa, YYDS!Text 651 SS-level projects "Why Shengxiaomo" and "Langya Bang"
Text 652 Century Weddings and National DadsText 653 "The Shame of the Stars" Zhao XiaodaoText 654 Chen Zhixi Underestimated Boss CaoText 655 Official Announcement of Retirement Plan from the Singing World
Text 656 Crazy Cao Came to Trample the Bulletin Board AgainText 567 The bulletin board is really opened by his family!Text 568 One professional and four crowns, a desperate new albumText 569 President Hu and "Dear"
Text 570 Do you want to dance!Body 571 The Divine Comedy for Square Dance and the Battle to Defend the EarthText 672 Uncrowned King? Best New Age Pop SingerText 673 A group of demons dance wildly, and the era of Chinese-language movies rampant with evil spirits is coming...
Text 674 Sun Yanyan of Yu Leaping Dragon Gatebody 675Text 676 The Birth of Wang ToutiaoText 677 Star System = Half of the Mainland Entertainment Industry
Body 678 Moderate meaning and robbed headlinesText 679 Vice Chairman of the Film Association, Restructuring the Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers AwardsBody 680 "Ghost Blowing the Lantern" Series and "Where Are We Going, Dad"Text 681 Children's Toys and the King of Songs Finals
Text 682 Fierce Fighting, King of Songs CrownedText 683 Wuzi Lianke, the well-deserved king of popText 684 Grammy Grand Slam and Ugly Son-in-Law VisitText 685 Is your son-in-law Bill Gates or Cao Xuan?
Body 686 Formation of the Spring Festival and the Battle of the Berlin Film FestivalText 687 Berlin Best Actor, Captures Two BearsText 688 The ceiling of the Chinese film industry and see you on MondayText 689 The work of Shushan, the last album "Cao Xuan"
Text 690 The first little flower born in the 90s?Text 692 The 76-meter Nishigong Empress and "The Play of Drawing Silk"Text 693 This stick will blow you away~Text 694 Not good at songwriting and barrage
Text 695 Cao's eldest son, Li's JunxianText 696 "Dear" hits theaters, "Sorrowful" Brother FanxingText 697 Cao Xuan: I am almost forty, and there are still people who miss my bodyText 698
Text 699 "50% off" Hawkeye and Happy Huang XiaomingText 700 When Cao Xuan was furious, the entertainment circle trembled three timesText 697 Cao Xuan: I am almost forty, and there are still people who miss my bodyText 698
Text 699 "50% off" Hawkeye and Happy Huang XiaomingText 700 When Cao Xuan was furious, the entertainment circle trembled three timesText, the last big plot of the textText 701 I am still the boy from before...
Text 702 The Worldwide Popular "Youth"Text 703 What, Taobao and are sold out!Text 704 Sales Miracle, God of the Pop Music World!Body 705 Fifteenth No. 1 Single, Billboard Wins No. 1 for 71 Weeks
Text 706 What you said was so awesome, you thought it was the original songText 707 Cao Daguan? Cao Xiahui!Text 707 Cao Daguan? Cao Xiahui!Text 708 The first stop of the farewell concert, debut at Wembley
Text 709 [Fuck, Cao Xuan! ¡¿text sorryText 710 Happiness comes from comparison!Text 711 The last stop in Europe, the Golden Hall in Vienna
Body 712 Youth and "First Grade"Text 713 The first prize in the Chinese music scene?Text 714 The King and Queen of TianlaiText 715 Cao Zhimo: The music there is pure
Text 716 The Pride of Hardcore TomText 717 Magic Begins, Loyal and Kind CaoText 718 A Generation and "In the Name of the People"Body 719 A good friend of the African people
Text 720 Seoul, South Korea, Visiting FatherText 721 Boss Cao: I can choose not to be innocent for the time beingText 722 The concert that sparked the Korean Internet battleText 723 The eldest son¡¯s ideal
Text 724 Who is the successor and Kenshi YonezuText 725 Tour Concert Around JiangxiThe text was recruitedText 726 Guangzhou: Don't you have any ideas of your own?
Text 727 Returning home, a sensation in the cityText 728 I don¡¯t know what the song is like when I first listen to it, but I am already in the song when I listen to it againText 729 Goodbye [text ending]Text Ending speech &
Text Extra Episode 1 The cosplay of the Cao familyText Extra Story 2 Cao Xuan: Not big or small, let your father comeMain text Extra episode 3 "In the Name of the People" starts broadcastingMain text Episode 4 Hugging left and right like a family portrait
Text Episode 5 The "well-run" Empress NishinomiyaMain text Episode 6 Star class teacher¡¾X¡¿Calamity star class teacher¡¾¡Ì¡¿Text Extra Episode 7 Zha Er and "Longing for Life"Text Episode 8: Super fans and crimes other than war
Text Extra 9 This episode is going to explode!Text Extra Story 10 The Romance of a Man Only¡ª¡ªA Single Page of the GenealogyText reviewedMain text Episode 11 Cao Daguan seldom talks about feelings
Text Extra Episode 12: The Demon of Collective 85 FlowersText Extra Story 13 The first melon in 2018Text Episode 14 [Subscription on demand] "Longing for Life" audience barrage (Part 1)Text Episode 15 [Subscription on demand] Audience barrage of "Longing for Life" (Part 2)
Text Episode 16 Cao Xuan's "Illegitimate Son"¡ª¡ªFan ChengchengText Episode 17 I had a dream, it was in 1997Text Extra Story 18 The main character template and two new scriptsText Extra Episode 19 Magnolia Golden Eagle, A Tale of Master and Disciple
Text Episode 20 The Second Palace of East and West is true love, Boss Cao is just a tool [Happy Chinese New Year]Text Episode 21 East and West Palaces: The boat of friendship is about to capsizeText Episode 22 Master Cao Arrives at "Goose City"Text Episode 23 Run, Proud Boy
24 people in the extra text are in the capital and just got off the planeText Episode 25 Miss Cao: My Father Sacrifices Heaven, I Have a Big MelonText Fanwai 26 Douyin live broadcast, the little broken ball explodedText Extra Episode 27 Business Wizard Miss Cao
Main text Episode 28 Staring at the melon fieldsText Episode 29 Crazy 2019, calmly deal with the cold winterText Episode 30 Shocking Big Melon, Weibo ParalyzedText Episode 31 Cao Xuan: Yes, I have my own children...
Main text Episode 32 Boss Cao, a rookie in the live broadcast industry ¢ÙMain text Episode 33 Cao Tianwang, a rookie in the live broadcast industry¢ÚText Episode 34 Cao Xuan Talks about E-commerce and the Crying Miss CaoText Extra Story 35 Little padded jacket with thorns and "I am an actor"
Text Episode 36 Cao Li: Uncle, my dad¡¯s name is Cao XuanText Episode 36 Melon for the Super Rich Is Not TastyText Episode 38: The Bloody Lessons of the Two Teachers Chen and Cao DaguanText Extra Story 39 Cao Family¡¯s ¡°Internet Celebrity¡± Experience
Text Extra 40 Starry Princess "Exposure" and Lao Cao's Exploration ShopText The new book has been released, "Who are you scolding for being powerful?"Text Sorry, the deacon group made a mistakeMain text Extra 41 Douyin's No. 1 gnawing old/cheating blogger
Text Episode 42 The whole people strongly urge Miss Cao to chew on the oldText Extra Story (End) The Second Palace of East and West is pinching againText True ¡¤ Closing speechText The audio drama of this book is launched in Himalayas
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