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Sci-fi - List of articles

Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
We live in Nanjing Array Text The physical book is officially on sale! Tianrui speaks spells 1029K 23-08-12 serializing
I Am Truly Invincible in the Apocalypse Array Text The 39th Liang Clan Meeting (Part 2) Hehe and I 221K 23-08-12 serializing
Apocalyptic Rats Array Text 1033 You are poisonous! The Tenth Name 8601K 23-08-11 serializing
Traversing the Paths Across the Realms Array Text The new book is here!  ! New Moon Over the Sea 1 3644K 23-08-11 serializing
Spiritual Energy Resurgence I Cultivate Immortali Array Text Chapter 799 One Word is a Promise 4836K 23-08-10 serializing
Greed Island: Infinite Nightmares Array Text Chapter 1 The first day (1) North Rain Nestled in the Wind 1294K 23-08-10 serializing
Demon Arrival Array Text Asking for a day off, I need to think about it. Pure Little Dragon 6308K 23-08-10 serializing
Returned from Nine Hundred Levels Array Main Text Chapter 473 Adding a Touch of Ink 3289K 23-08-10 serializing