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Sci-fi - List of articles

Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
Python plague Array Episode 1 Python: Final Thoughts + New Book BaE 6113K 24-04-13 serializing
female bee empire Array Volume 5 Chapter 42 Full of happiness!  (Finale 6) JiangLiNingMengTang 4613K 24-04-13 serializing
path to roots Array Volume 4 Chapter 141 Arnie Reinhart NaGuoのFeiYao 3520K 24-04-13 serializing
Artifact Recycling Center Array Text Chapter 53 [Space Station] ZhuKongKong 424K 24-04-13 serializing
Apocalyptic Thieves  Row Array Text Chapter 26 My Era YuShui 5960K 24-04-13 serializing
infinite smile Array Volume 3: Return to Swordsman Chapter 5: Huashan QingYiJiaoZhu 641K 24-04-13 serializing
Rise of the Swarm Array Work related final chapter destination QuSuShiJi 2610K 24-04-13 serializing
Fake Grand Strategist Array Text Two hundred and forty, loss of yin and benefit of yang, Li Dai Tao Zhan Ⅳ AoJiaoLaoSi 2390K 24-04-13 serializing
Dark Martial Arts Array Text Chapter 185 Crescent Moon Martial Arts (I beg for monthly tickets and subscribe.) YiNianLuanTianJi 10K 24-04-13 serializing
Galaxy era Array Text Chapter 192 Patrol Mission DanJingHuangWu 10K 24-04-13 serializing
Infinite Maoshan Taoist Priest Array Volume Three: A Chinese Ghost Story Chapter 311: A Sword Hidden in a Smile SuoLiYuZhongRen 5647K 24-04-13 serializing
The truth about Invincible Heroes is revealed Array Volume 1: The Age of Professionals Chapter 67: Trading Market for Human Professionals on the Earth P DongGuoJianWen 6248K 24-04-13 serializing
Plant Card Maker Legend Array Volume 1: Clouds Rising from the Sky: Final Thoughts SiWenMaoShu 2894K 24-04-11 serializing
The happy life of an acting captain Array Outside the main text: Explain the endings of the supporting characters in the book BaZhaoDuoXinMo 6969K 24-04-10 serializing
world front Array Volume 6 Killing Contest 189 Wilderness Area, Foodie Forest (Revised) BengHuaiDeWangXiang 1360K 24-04-10 serializing
doomsday abyss world Array Volume 1: The End of Humanity Chapter 29: Inexplicable Difficulties YuanShiXianWang 290K 24-04-10 serializing
The Golden and Martial Queen of the Sky Array Volume 1, Chapter 14: Prophecy of National Subjugation YuYeLaFeng 98K 24-04-10 serializing
Little people’s journey into the stars Array Book Three Ending... MengHuiYanHuang 1104K 24-04-10 serializing
Gate of Infinite Desire Array Volume 2: Looking for Qin: The Wind Rises in Handan Chapter 30: Final Chapter and Postscript (Author JianEXuKong 6272K 24-04-10 serializing
Machine Girl Empire Array Text Chapter 51 The Wise Wolf and the Armor Merchant JiNiangZhuZai 397K 24-04-10 serializing
Infinite Silver Eyed Sword God Array Volume 2: Still Alien Chapter 934: Fate is unpredictable, God’s will is like a knife (finale) G7GaFei 7472K 24-04-10 serializing
My god sister Array another Chapter 35 The difference between a king and a warrior YunSuoXiaoXiang 8735K 24-04-09 serializing
The rise of infinite dark forces Array I don’t know Guan Yunchang Chapter 1325 Death of Chu Xuan (3) LiuShiDeShuangJiang 10115K 24-04-09 serializing
Ghostly Heaven Array Text Chapter 33 The Silent Village (End) AiYOOWang 1473K 24-04-09 serializing
Invincible God Emperor Array Text Chapter 127 The Crisis of the Sharp Knife YiLiHuiChenYo 2727K 24-04-09 serializing
Thriller Paradise Array Text Chapter 539 Jui Demon Island (45) SanTianLiangJiao 13409K 24-04-09 serializing
infinite evil Array Volume 3 Legion War Chapter 36 True Blood Breaks Illusion Evil TouKanShuDeLanMao 4845K 24-04-09 serializing
超能力文明 Array Text Chapter 952 Captured WenTunBaiShui 16501K 24-04-09 serializing
One man s time and space smuggling empire Array One Person's Time and Space Smuggling Empire VIP Volume Chapter 218 gfan001 5598K 24-04-09 serializing
Wahuang Avenue Array Volume 1: Infinite Germination Chapter 36: Entering the World of Double Dragons! YuRenJie 2472K 24-04-09 serializing