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author£ºThe car is fast enough

Volume 1.Im backVolume 2. First meeting with the brokerVolume 3. I am the best at prying the corners of teammatesVolume 4. What is the experience of having a bunch of copyrights for online texts and movies in your hands?
Volume 5. Finally finalized the first filmVolume 6. Meet the director Obedient TigerVolume 7. The beginning and end of the fan war with Sir WuVolume 8. Andy Lau started playing Lu Han's idea again
Volume 9. I really can't beat the big honeyVolume 10. Who would have thought that the daughter of the nation could become a benefactor one day?Volume 11. How did Little Milk Tea Sister miss her dream start?Volume 12. "Left Ear" vs. "Furious 7" + "Wolf Warrior"
Volume 13. The third member who left the group this year is hereVolume 14. Is the crew of the princess really poor?Volume 15. "Charlotte" finally won (addition for tomorrow there will be no night rewards)The 16.10% box office share of the main volume is already very profitable
Volume 17. Whether a twist movie is good or not mainly depends on the rattan contentVolume 18. How fresh and refined are you talking about box office looting?Volume 19. We may have been fooledVolume 20. I understand the truth, but it is impossible to be soft
Volume 21. Labor and management are born to learn not to bend downVolume 22. Making original music is a dead endVolume 23. Do you think our company can dig Yuan Hua?Volume 24. Is "Charlotte's Annoyance" really not an adaptation of Shuangwen?
Volume 25. You don't even know how awesome Huang Bo is in this eraVolume 26. Everything is Ready, Only Huang Bo's East Wind Is OwnedVolume 27. If you can't attend the Spring Festival Gala, you will inevitably loseVolume 28. Inspecting the Crew of "The Princess"
Volume 29. The four leading actors are good-looking men and women, but they are not as good as the supporting rolesVolume 30. "The Princess" was pre-ordered by KiwiVolume 31. Biography of Xiao FeiMain Text Volume 32. Beating a Wolf with a Hemp Stalk
Volume 33. Is that you, Liu XingVolume 34. Baimao we also completely holdVolume 35. The affirmation from the hot cannonVolume 36. Early top-tier box office appeal (please collect and recommend)
Volume 37. Broker's AnxietyVolume 38. "Prince Princess" is finally cut outVolume 39. The first director included in Huazhang Film and TelevisionVolume 40. Why don't we dig out Zhang Tianai's signature!
Volume 41. Buy One Get One FreeVolume 42. Selection of Director and Actress for "Remaining Sin"Volume 43. Huazhang Film and Television is finally not like a leather bag companyVolume 44. The box office of this film is worth 300 million, I said it!
Volume 45. No, this scale is too big, right?Volume 46. Refresh the record of the fastest broadcast volume of online dramas breaking 100 millionVolume 47. The Birth of the First Internet Drama in HistoryVolume 48. Xu Dongdong seems to have eaten three catties of lemons
Volume 49. Da Mimi's Front and Back RespectVolume 50. Da Mi Mi's performance was recognized even by blind audiencesVolume 51. Careful Yang MiVolume 52. Why don't you sing "Little Lucky" to me?
Volume 53. Girls' Feelings Are Always PoemsVolume 54. Painting a Tiger Cannot Be an Anti-DogVolume 55. Let's Watch "The Left Ear" TogetherVolume 56. Impressive Time As soon as It Appears
Volume 57. Set the second opening score in the history of youth filmsVolume 58. Regret for Not Listening to Yuan Hua's SuggestionVolume 59. Another Film ContractVolume 60. Some people are happy while others are worried
Volume 61. "Remaining Sins" has been paid back only by advertising placementVolume 62. "Remaining Sin" sold for 100 millionVolume 63. Mrs. Jia who is obsessed with "Prince Princess"Volume 64. Meeting the Immortal Sister for the First Time
Volume 65. This script looks like a bad movie reservation!Volume 66. Extremely PickyVolume 67. Brother, what are you looking for? Dad help you find it!Volume 68. Have you ever thought about coming to our company?
Volume 69. This is the rhythm of holding one popular and one popular!Volume 70. It's time for Huazhang Film and Television to stand in lineVolume 71. Gong Yu's Annoyance and Li Xiaoqin's StruggleVolume 72. "Tang Detective", I Have the World
Volume 73. What is the name of a good girl, Song Tie?Volume 74. I Want All of Tang Tan TrilogyVolume 75. We just want to make a simple comparison, is it so difficult?Volume 76. "So You" Officially Finished
Volume 77. The World Is Suffering, the Ugly Man in Ancient Costume Has Been Gone for a Long TimeVolume 78. Yang Mi's Deadly CallVolume 79. This edition of "Zhu Xian" cannot repeat the same mistakes!Volume 80. A Genius Detective Who Is Both Good and Evil
Volume 81. Chen Sicheng's CautionVolume 82. A Master Plays a Move and Matches His OpponentVolume 83. Do you want to eat durian?Volume 84. Even the wife of the director general¡ª¡ª
Text 85. "Tang Detective" is finished and ready to return to ChinaText 86. Mr. Yuan, who is worth 800 million yuan, is freshly releasedText 87. Can the IP adaptation be a little bit easier?Text 88. To become bigger and stronger, to create greater glories
Text 89. Zhang Tianai's Small AbacusText 90. Set a small goal firstText 91. I will make an AK, and I will get you a LaifuText 92. At that moment, I felt the difference in the world
Text 93. The Heaven and the Earth Are TogetherText 94. The Universe is Undecided, You and I Are Dark Horses!Text 95. You don¡¯t know what you want when you listen to the song at first, but you need a VIP when you listen to it againText 96. If I am young and promising
Text 97. Do not feel inferior when you are youngText 98. Thank you, Director Lu (this book will be available on August 1st)Text 99. The Most Unable to Stay in the WorldText 100. I think of happy things¡ª¡ª
Text 101. They are all classmates pretending to be chicken feathersText 102. Don't call me anymore! I'm afraid Charlotte misunderstood! "Text 102. "Charlotte" is only ranked third?Text 103. Breaking 100 million on the first day and winning the box office championship on the first day
Text 104. The most beautiful boy in the National Day fileText 105. Isn't one billion eight hundred million like drinking soup?Body 106. What is the concept of a film salary of 78 millionText 107. Yuan Hua enjoys promotion treatment for the first time
Text 108. Yuan Hua Adds Another New PlayText 109. Li Xiaoqin's studio was incorporatedBody 110. Am I like that kind of person?Text 111. "The Unknown Man" Finished
Body 112. The most suitable schedule for "The Nobody"Text 113. I'm so annoying!Text 114. Simultaneous production of the film and drama versions of "Quick Brother"Text Testimonials
Text 116. He is only 20 years old, what's wrong with wanting to take AK? (seeking first order)Text 117. Do you use this to test the cadres? (seeking first order)Text 118. The Celestial Immortal Is Finally Opened Up (First order requested)Text 119. It's not that our army is weak, but the enemy has Gundam!
Text 120. People are beautiful without knowing itText 121. Finding Yang Mi's Psychological Shadow AreaText 122. Actually, I¡¯m Face BlindText 123.50 million breaks the first-day box office record for suspense films
Text 124. "I Am a Witness" is expected to break the box office record of suspense filmsText 125. "Master Wuxin" is officially broadcastText 126. Which father can lend me a membership?Text 127. Let us suffocate our dreams together!
Text 128. Those who offend China will be punished even if they are far awayText 129. The Legendary Golden TriangleText 130. Yuan Hua's Miserable Life in the Film CrewBody 132. The feeling of going home without the needle poking
Text 133. Why does "The Villainous Angel" have so many films?Text 134. Confessions of Little Steel CannonText 135. Pressed and rubbed on the ground on the first dayText 136. Even a man like me thinks he is so handsome
Text 137. Wucao, are you trying to lure me to "Havoc in Tianzhu"?Text 138. I don't want you to thinkText 139. Well, it smells so good!Body 140. Exchanging Large-Scale Screening for Film Arrangement
Text 141. The Dark Day of Mary Shen TengText 142. Even kindergarten children are not spared?Text 143. It's so good-looking, it's unscientific!Text 144. Adding a billion-dollar movie to your resume
Text 145. Here Comes the Spring Festival GalaText 146. What is the concept of the Spring Festival Gala solo stage?Body 147. I play myselfText 148. Since then, crouching dragon and phoenix chick has become a derogatory term
Text 149. The first post-90s star to enter TussaudsText 150. All the Actors of "Zhu Xian" GatherText 151. Inspector Ma's EcstasyText 152. A Beautiful Boy in Tsing Yi, a God with Yellow Ribbon
Text 153. You blush with a bubble teapotText 154. I grew up watching your dramas!Body 155. The difference between making a TV series and making a movieText 156. Jinling is crisp and devours blood by mistake, and she is always sued by infatuation all her life
Text 157. The two heroines began to compete secretlyText 158. Goodbye Xiaotong at the Spring Festival Gala RehearsalText 159. Sure enough, if you stand tall, you can see farText 160. Is there any windfall on this trip?
Text 161. You can watch my brother Hua with your parents in the Spring Festival Gala this yearText 162. Where has all the time gone?Text 163. Unexpectedly, this will be on the news broadcastText 164. Misunderstanding and Clearing the Copy of the Official Media
Text 165. In the future, you will definitely thank me with three kowtows and nine obeisancesText 166. Ranked No. 2 on the Post-90s Rich List in HuaguoText 167. After all, "Wolf Warrior 2" is the box office champion of mainland movie history!Text 168. The online copyright of "Zhu Xian" sold for 500 million
Text 169. Refreshing the first round of copyright transaction records for TV dramasText 170. I'm Stop Pretending, It's a Showdown!Text 171. Hey, hey, don't slap someone in the faceText 172. Pure and coquettish
Text 173. That means you are quite young at heartText 174. It is good to enjoy the shade under the big treeText 175. Don't you give me a hug before you leave?Text 176. "Zhu Xian" Officially Finished
Text 177. What a Miserable CrewText 178. The three-year period has comeText 179. Didn't Nima ever teach you not to bully children?Text 180. Buying out the network distribution rights of "In the Name of the People"
Text 182. Making money is the last wordText 183. Xiao Yang, Let¡¯s Call the Boss From TodayText 184. Will "Three Lives III" be discontinued?Text 185. The Immortal Hero drama whose reputation is second only to "Immortal Sword"
Text 186. Nominated at a mainstream film festival for the first time in her acting careerText 187. Let the two seasons of "Ode to Joy" be sold separatelyText 188. On How Unlucky a Female Star Can BeText 189. My mother won¡¯t let me play with idiots
Text 190. The most expensive single advertisement placement feeText 191. Star Salary Limit Order Has Not Come yetText 192. I feel sorry for Brother Bofeng in advanceText 193. Reba who ate five catties of lemons
Text 194. "Zhu Xian" Is Finally Broadcast (Two In One Chapter)Text 195. Handsome Refreshing Mind Can't SleepText 196. There is no suspense in the first broadcast of Xianxia drama with high ratingsText 197. How high can a star's appearance be?
Text 198. You are definitely the best-looking man in ancient costumes I have ever seenText 199. Fairy sister, after all, I go to school...Text 200. Even Sissi CalledText 201. I can't bear it anymore and don't need to bear it anymore
Text 202. Ten Moves But Refusing "The Demon Subduing Chapter"Text 203. Aren¡¯t you the best backer?Text 204. Kissing Reba in front of Yang MiText 205. Men are mostly duplicity
Body 206. Layout short video trackbody 207. The advantage lies in meText 208. Inviting Reba to settle in HoulangText 209. "Wei Wei" Finished
Text 210. "Zhu Xian" Ends "Ode to Joy" RelayText 211. You must never approach my son in the futureText 212. Liu Tianxian in a Joyful MoodText 213. Sister, who are you acting like a baby with?
Text 214. She Won¡¯t Really Want to Trick a BeautyText 215. That year was eighteen, standing like a minionText 216. I have only seen such a beautiful woman like thisText 217. Yan Ruyu, Qi Rulan, Luo Weiqi Foil Powder Fragrance
body 218Text 219. Xiantian is self-sufficient, suitable for IKEABody 220. Crazy Fans Smash Airport Glassbody 221
Text 222. I have Admiral Pan FengText 223. Make a special call to beat Yang Mi downText 224. Why do you want to watch "Grand Trail" when there is such a good film?Text 225. A good fight is not as good as a good row
Text 226. "Chen Xi Yuan" Officially LaunchesText 227. Pan Yueming ushered in the second spring of his career and became popular againText 228. "White Night Chasing the Murderer" became the first domestically produced online drama broadcast on a large scale around the worldText 229. Almost Thought Liu Tianxian Checked Out
Text 230. Pulling the Heavenly Immortal AgainText 231. A Man¡¯s Mouth Deceiving GhostText 232. Entering the Field of Variety ShowsText 233. It's a pity that I'm already a wife
Text 234. Damn it, I pretended it for him againText 235. It is easy to go from frugality to extravagance, but difficult to go from luxury to frugalityBody 236. Lack of memorable thingsText 237. Autumn and Winter Come Another Year
Text 238. Optimizing two bugs in the script of "Detective Tang 2"Text 239. A moral model in the entertainment industryText 240 Two Yuan Huas Collided TodayBody 241. This trade union movie is really hard to make
Body 242. First Experience on Hollywood StudiosText 243. Is it Axiang or Zhenxiang?Text 244 Liu Tianxian Wants to See Photos of Yuan Hua's Women's ClothesText 245. My Broadsword Is Already Hungry and Thirsty
Text 246. It turns out that the copyright of "Three-Body Problem" is in your handsText 247. Don¡¯t be coquettish all the time, don¡¯t eat this setText 248. The First Roadshow Press Conference of "The Unknown"Text 249. Die under the peony flower, even be a ghost
Text 250. Have a better attitude! A bit too disrespectful!Text Chapter 252 251. It seems that this year's Spring Festival champion is still uncertainMain Text Chapter 253 252. Who will have the last laugh when the Spring Festival breaks again? "Main Text Chapter 255 253. Right now is indeed a flourishing age of traffic
Main Text Chapter 256 254. The Mystery of the Filming Location of "Genius Gunner"Text Chapter 257 255. Surprise exam before filmingText Chapter 258 256. A Mixture of Youth Movies and Crime MoviesText 258. I guess you can only play her silly and sweet side in your true colors
Text 259. "Wei Wei" takes over from "In the Name of the People"Text 260. The biggest winner of "In the Name of the People"Text 261. The premiere of "Wei Wei" breaks the second recordText 262. Xiao Nai with Rave Reviews
Text 263. Can't I enjoy myself after fighting all my life?Text 264. It turns out that Huang Bo is a waste of namesText 265. This Sea Water Is CoolText 266. The progress of filming is not as expected
Text 267. Overseas Achievements of "Wei Wei" Explode (4900 words, two chapters in one)Text 268. Changing Maps and Visiting the Oriental Movie Metropolis for the First TimeText 269. Xiti Magnolia Best Actor NominationText 270. Liu Tianxian Was Nominated for Magnolia for the First Time
Text 271. "Sweet Crit", isn't this your love drama?Text 272. What movie is so funny? Wolf Warrior 2!Body 273. Act feminine, not sissyText 274. Those who imitate me live, those who imitate me die
Text 275. The seventh movie with a box office of over 2 billionText 276. Green plums from heaven and a word of prophecyText 277. Under the Thunder, All Are FansText 278. Debts of Love Are Difficult to Repay, and Debts of Human Favors Are Harder to Repay
Text 279. Is It Necessary to File Up "Wolf Warrior 2"?Text 280. A Strong Country Makes the People StrongText 281. What about trust between people?Text 282. The Birth of a New Mainland Film King
Text 283. The international movie queen is here, so welcome!Text 284. A Movie Earns BillionsText 285. Shall we make an official announcement after the company goes public?Text 286. The cool night is a river of longing for you
Text 287 Mu Huachen, the Brightest Nine Heavens, Has a Lingxi in His HeartText 288. Great Mimi who deserts watching moviesText 289. Sissy, You Have So Many FansText 290. You agreed to go to the old age together, but you secretly baked the oil
Text 291. "Mulan" which is tasteless to eat but a pity to discardText 292. The company's listing and Wanbang's congratulationsText 293. The Richest Man Worry About MoneyText 294 Madam, your hairstyle is dangerous!
Text 295. The New Generation Wins Over the OldText 296.We are tired of logging!Text 297. Twins are the dream of all menText 298. Golden Broom Lifetime Achievement Award
Text 299. Blessings cannot be exhaustedText 300. Yuan Hua Seems to Live Alone in the World of WinnersText 301. Film kings are more magnanimousText 302. When the moon is full, it will lose money, when the water is full, it will overflow, and when you climb high, you will fall heavily
Text 303. Best Actor Awarded at the 31st Huaguo Film Golden Rooster Awards - "The Unknown", Yuan HuaText 304. The ordinary life has always lacked surprises, and there is no need to question the meaning of happinessText 305. The golden rooster is just a picture, and the real gold content depends on the Houston actressText 306. Why don't we make an official announcement on New Year's Day
Text 307. I am about to liquidate the shares of Happy TwistText 308. I want to work hard to be a people¡¯s actressText 309. Xiu Nian Don't GoBody 310. A National Day file with the best video quality
Text 311Text 312. If there is no Yuan Hua, the mainland film industry will lose half of its countryText 313. How Many People Want to Kneel?Body 314. Attack on Pearl Harbor
Text 315. Uncle Da, Good to See YouText 316. I will try my best to make our own science fiction filmsText 317. Don¡¯t Persuade Others to Be Kind Without Knowing Their SufferingText 318. There are thousands of roads, but safety is the first
Text 319. Shen Teng Huangbo Came to Visit the ClassText 320. Sissy, You Are ThinText 321. So you also use pesticidesText 322. Huaguo Film History¡¯s First Ten Billion Actor Is Birth
Text 323 Well, My Mom Knows About Our MatterText 324. It's too small, the layout is too smallText 325. I am the Ten Billion Film King, who the hell are you?Text 326. Are you going to the Golden Horse this time?
Text 327. Mom, this aunt is so beautifulText 328. At this moment, exactly at this momentText 329. I have only seen people riding horses, but I have never seen horses riding peopleText 330. It¡¯s okay, I can sit on Yuan Hua¡¯s lap
Text 331. I want you to help me practiceText 332. There is still a long way to go in life, and it is uncertain who will be brilliant in the futureText 333. I am professionally trainedText 334. Auntie, I Don¡¯t Want to Work Hard Anymore
Text 335. Only when Zixia really leaves can Supreme Treasure grow into Monkey KingText 336. You still say that you are a dick, isn't that extraordinary?Text 337. The glamorous and enchanting and the innocence that emerges from the mud but does not stainText 338. This film will not be watched without Yuan Huagou
Text 339. Please give me more advice for the rest of my lifeText 340. Did Yuan Hua propose to you?Text 341. Immediately I feel that the food in my mouth is not deliciousText 342. Congratulations to Liu Tianxian for owning a black fan
Text 343. Yuan. Box Office Magic Medicine. HuaText 344. The Eighteen Changes of the Female UniversityText 345. Not being envied by others is mediocrityText 346. Yuan Hua was not weaker than others all his life
Text 347. Getting fat first is not fatText 348 Who would have thought that this year's Spring Festival stalls would be pecking at each other?Text 349. If You Don¡¯t Mention Xiao Moxian, We Can Still Be FriendsText 350. Afraid of Being Tired of Love
Text 351. This streaking scene should be Yuan HuaText 352. Oh, that¡¯s bad, the king is deadText 353. The room is tidy and has no peculiar smell, she is either a fake girl or a gayText 354. Zhao Xiaodao's Belated Thanks
Text 355. "The Legend of Chu Qiao" Starts the First Shot of the New YearText 356. Congratulations to "Tang Detective 2" for being promoted to the runner-up in mainland film historyText 357. The script of "Tang Detective 3" must be changedBody 358. Changes in the pattern of the short video track
Text 359. The Leading Stars of "Operation Red Sea" Officially AssembleText 360. Huazhang Film and Television resumes trading with daily limitText 361. A female star born at an untimely timeText 362
Text 363. What kind of experience is it to grow vegetables on the set?body 364. Why do my eyes often contain tears?Main Text Chapter 254 
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