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Wuxia - List of articles

Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
Pig Fairy Array Volume 1 Chapter 47 Crow and Phoenix JunZiRuLian 7520K 24-03-01 serializing
Yujianlu Array Prequel 246: The Guards YuLin 6753K 24-03-01 serializing
Immortal s Ninth Grade Sesame Official Array Volume 1 Chapter 432 Why don’t you apologize to Master Qin quickly? DaQinJiBing 7362K 24-03-01 serializing
Bloodline Record Array Volume One Chapter 1,496 Mysterious Power YueZhongYin 12287K 24-03-01 serializing
A capable person from ancient times Array Text Chapter 425: The Wu Clan is busy planning (3) BaiCiGuan 3816K 24-03-01 serializing
Xian Suo Ji Array Volume 2: The Difficult Road to Immortality Chapter 125: Ice Spirit Root Monk XiaoWangYing 1781K 24-03-01 serializing
Changsheng asked Array Chapters uploaded by netizens Chapter 411 There is no refuge between heaven and earth, and I am alon ShuiChengShenXian 10676K 24-03-01 serializing
My name is Kunpeng Array Prehistoric Volume Chapter 54: The Heavenly Court Appears MoXiaoTian 4612K 24-03-01 serializing
Cross the line Array Episode Seven: Volume of Turmoil Chapter 139: Warmth (Part 1) NiuYuZhe 3020K 24-03-01 serializing
The road to immortality is slow Array Text Chapter 1315 Meet Xiu Shen again LaoLiangTou 18596K 24-03-01 serializing
Become an Immortal through a Hundred Refinements Array Volume 5 The Twelve States of Sky Cloud Chapter 4106 The Peacock Awakens HuanYu 30449K 24-03-01 serializing
Big devil Array Text Chapter 719: Impact on the Void Refining Level Plan XianZiRaoMing 7648K 24-03-01 serializing
Immortal cultivator Array Volume 9: Remaining Thoughts Chapter 4322: Xuanyuan Pure Land WangXiaoMan 32030K 24-03-01 serializing
Born to be an evil doctor Array Return to the Ruins of the East China Sea, a battle to determine the outcome, the final chapter; fin BaLanYan 2260K 24-02-29 serializing
Black and white must take it all Array Volume 2, Chapter 100: After one flower blooms, hundreds of flowers will be killed LuYeJuShi 2864K 24-02-28 serializing
Chaotic Ancient Desolate Lord Array Volume 2: The Wind Rises and the Clouds Chapter 102: Crazy Desires KuaiLeDeXiaoYu 714K 24-02-27 serializing
People seek the way Array Volume 2: Shushan invites you to be a guest Chapter 137: The Curse of Witch Death DuoE 1118K 24-02-27 serializing
Promise Array Volume 3 Tianluo Secret Realm Chapter 8 Hongmeng Spirit Vein, Tianluo Overview ShiJi8727 1945K 24-02-26 serializing
Yun Chuan Ji Array Volume 1 Wendao Mountain Chapter 33 Emperor's Temple (final chapter of this volume) AnMuNian 1462K 24-02-26 serializing
Zhentian Emperor Road Array Volume 7: The Wilderness Chapter 72: Killed to Bareness DuShi 4813K 24-02-26 serializing
Common people are like monsters Array Chapter 681: Sword Light DianKuangHeiDiao 5922K 24-02-26 serializing
Shattered Void Wuji Array Text Chapter 626 The End (Complete, please collect for new books) YueMing 5935K 24-02-26 serializing
Thirty-six strategies for cultivating immortality Array Text Chapter 655 Copy (Finale) A75 3858K 24-02-25 serializing
The fate of immortal mansion Array The latest 2017 fairy-themed work "I am a fairy" is officially uploaded on Qidian! BaiLiXi 3764K 24-02-25 serializing
They say I am a swordsman Array Volume 4 Huang Tianjuan Postscript Master of Hundred Flowers (complete book) XianFeiKanDao 6698K 24-02-24 serializing
Long live the gang leader Array Volume 2: Heroes Struggle for Hegemony Chapter 50: My heart knows your heart, and your heart knows m LianPianGuiHua 5319K 24-02-24 serializing
The Taoist Lord of Creation who protects the ancie Array Chaos Island Chapter 191 Yuan Tian Returns PinDaoMingYun 3317K 24-02-24 serializing
Immortal Cultivation Heart Technique Array My Name is Yang Zhuo Chapter 260 Ancient Battlefield (Twenty-five) ReRanZhaiZhu 1184K 24-02-24 serializing
Seeking Immortal Scroll Array Text Chapter 1, The Continent of Immortals, the Kingdom of Immortals WeiYiYongHeng 3340K 24-02-23 serializing
The Holy Way of the World Array Episode 18 Nine Yins and Nine Yangs Final Thoughts ErShuiHuaDan 6211K 24-02-23 serializing