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Wuxia - List of articles

Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
This skill is a bit fake Array Chapter 646: Happy revenge, complete the show! LaoGu 4708K 23-09-11 serializing
Rescue Nuwa from the fairy sword Array Chapter 1014 New book "I am really the second generation immortal" FuYunBenLang 6901K 23-09-11 serializing
King Kong is not bad for the Great Walled Lord Array Extra postscript: Dali Holy Emperor and the Great World of Holy Dynasty QingJiaoWoXiaoJiaJia 9039K 23-09-11 serializing
Because I am afraid of losing all defense points! Array Chapter 251 Gap in Another World ShiShenRenMian 1728K 23-09-10 serializing
Lord of the Other Shore Array Chapter 669 New book "Mind Master" uploaded GuDuPiaoLiu 3700K 23-09-10 serializing
I am a talisman master in Liaozhai Array The new book "My Notes on Expelling Spirits in Tokyo" has been released. MengYouQu 4686K 23-09-10 serializing
I may be a second generation fake fairy Array Chapter 903 Legend of the Spiritual World XiaoLongJuanFeng 4471K 23-09-09 serializing
Create a perfect flood Array Chapter 132 Intercepting the Doctrine JiuXingMeng 786K 23-09-09 serializing
Dao Mang Ji Array Chapter 974 FengYuXianSheng 5757K 23-09-09 serializing
Like a tiger Array Chapter 181: Mad Fight YiYuPoChunFeng 1247K 23-09-08 serializing
Thunderbolt Golden Light: Breaking into Peach Blos Array Chapter 41 The scumbag picks up Tianlan, go to hell FengHouShuSheng 371K 23-09-08 serializing
Jiuyou God of War Array Chapter 386: Disciple of the Master of Aquarius Palace QianNianHaoJie 1701K 23-09-08 serializing
Chaos Emperor Array Chapter 575: Lu Chongcheng HanChengHeiHeShang 6K 23-09-08 serializing
The Eternal Emperor of the Prehistoric Array Chapter 1269, Township Divine Body, Mutual Win and Mutual Benefit MiLuoLongShao 76K 23-09-08 serializing
One Sword Palms the Universe Array Chapter 625: Gong Shujun’s Thoughts NengTongLiuQiao 9K 23-09-08 serializing
The beginning of Journey to the West refuses to ma Array Chapter 505 Heaven’s Trap WoQiHuaSanQing 26K 23-09-08 serializing
smile sword Array Chapter 306 Sword Formation SiFu. 7K 23-09-08 serializing
Liaozhai sword fairy Array Chapter 295 Zhao Qingxuan XiGuaYouPiBuHaoChi 67K 23-09-08 serializing
Guangling Fairy House Array Chapter 440 Taiqiu City JiuXuanShanZhu 7K 23-09-08 serializing
My Six Ears Started Journey to the West from the G Array Chapter 1740 crushed to death WoDeYiXiu 7K 23-09-08 serializing
From Swordsman to Great Ming Imperial Teacher Array Chapter 187 Willing to kill the enemy with Xiaolang (Part 2) [The first update on the shelf, please DaiDaoJiaoWei 10K 23-09-08 serializing
Skybreaker Array Ninety-two Heaven's Proud Son (2) CaoGenBiGu 26K 23-09-08 serializing
I have a book of ghosts and gods Array Chapter 1204 The Demonic Clay Coffin (for Subscription, Monthly Pass) NiuYouGuo 55K 23-09-08 serializing
The Way of Danxiu Array Chapter 384 Too Difficult DuanJianChenXin 28K 23-09-08 serializing
The strongest doctor and immortal mixed city Array 4269--Andrew Rules of Iron-Blood God Island WuDiFengYouJing 100K 23-09-08 serializing
The Buddhist Evil Monk of Martial Arts Array Chapter 636 Curiosity is getting heavier XiongQianYouShaQi 1K 23-09-08 serializing
I am the spectator in the demon world Array Chapter 109 New way to make money QingDiYouSanQian 24K 23-09-08 serializing
petition Array Chapter 4869 Is also a freak YeHangYue 10803K 23-09-08 serializing
Fearless Lord Array Chapter 210 Means QinZhiHuaQing 2926K 23-09-08 serializing
Mad God Xingtian Array Chapter 3948 Undercurrent YaoDeTianKong 30359K 23-09-08 serializing