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Wuxia - List of articles

Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
This swordsman is a bit fierce Array Chapter 910 Almost Missed... WanShangBuHaoBa 5589K 23-08-17 serializing
Da Bong beats up people Array Extra Story 3 Celebration Banquet MaiBaoXiaoLangJun 6533K 23-08-15 serializing
Myth alone Array Chapter 136 Exotic Scene HuaXinJiuSe 1182K 23-08-15 serializing
My disciple is Sun Wukong Array Chapter 341 It Must Be a Conspiracy ZhouQiLin 4354K 23-08-15 serializing
The beginning of reincarnation Array Chapter 441: Zhou Yu's Knowledge of Liu Ying QingShiDaPeng 6589K 23-08-15 serializing
The ultimate anti-day cultivation system Array Chapter 558: The Chrysanthemum Has Been Developed DaShanDeXiaoJiaTuo 3982K 23-08-15 serializing
interstellar miner Array Chapter 858 Gecko Tail MengLiShangHua 6311K 23-08-15 serializing
Journey to the West: I am Tang Seng s father Array Chapter 1197 MoYe001 7808K 23-08-15 serializing
Outlaws of the Marsh Array Chapter 59 White Hair and Double Eyes ZhaiZhu 786K 23-08-15 serializing
Rebirth Westward Journey Array Chapter 131: Yi Xi Rejoices, Zhuang Zhou Rejoices ZhaiZhu 2950K 23-08-15 serializing
Unique in the world Array Chapter 472 The primordial spirit is reborn and becomes a great witch! ZhaiZhu 6428K 23-08-15 serializing
Holy Old Emperor Array Chapter 552 Reversal of Reincarnation YaoTian 3497K 23-08-14 serializing
Chronicles of Immortals Spirits and Demons Array Text Chapter 147: Hanging Zhu Yan...with Hunyuan! Purple Star Emperor 837K 23-08-12 serializing
Eternal Prosperity of the Great Qian Array Text Chapter 1188: Nie Yuan (Part 2) Xiao Shu 8677K 23-08-12 serializing
This humble Daoist really doesnt want to pursue w Array Text The new book "I have a page to change my life"! Master of June 2582K 23-08-12 serializing
White Snake Asks the Heavens Array Text Chapter 139 The Butterfly Effect, Nine-Tailed Sky Fox (6,000 words) Moonlight Pavilion 1040K 23-08-11 serializing
Master times have changed Array Text A new book has been published, titled "I Have a Home in 1982" Full Metal Shell 2073K 23-08-10 serializing
Immortal Fox Array Text 45. Unnatural Creatures Foundation Wandering Frog 2335K 23-08-10 serializing
Under the Snowy Night Brandishing the Sword to Sh Array Text Chapter 50: Storyteller Lonesome Unending 1257K 23-08-10 serializing
Starting from the Embroidered Uniform Guards Slay Array Text Sorry, I can't hold it anymore A Sleeve of Morning Song 541K 23-08-10 serializing
Extraordinary Tales of Immortality Starting at Ca Array Text Volume The new book "Lord of the Immortals" has been updated!  Ask for support! The Truly Foolish Elderly Pers 4471K 23-08-10 serializing