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Reborn in 1999  Unleashing the Era of Black Techno Latest chapter update list

author£ºRed Sugar Fermented Rice

Volume 1 Chapter 1 Rebirth 1999vol.2 Chapter 2 The Difficult Old Chen FamilyVOLUME VOLUME 3 Chapter 3 WorseVolume 1 Chapter 4 How can I gain influence value?
VOLUME ONE Chapter 5 If You Can't Pay the Money, Go to JailVOLUME 6 Chapter 6 Taking the Blame? You Find the Wrong Person (Please recommend)VOLUME 2 Chapter 7 The Motherboard Cannot Be Repairedvol.8 Chapter 8 This Time Is Too Difficult
vol.9 Chapter 9 Stunning Designvol.Chapter 10 Chen Xiao, Is This Against the Heavens?VOLUME 1 Chapter 11 Lighting up the Tech Tree Is Equal to Opening the Blind BoxVOLUME 1 Chapter 12 A Great Wave of Influence (Please recommend)
VOLUME 1 Chapter 13 Bicycles and Girls (Please Everything!)VOLUME 1 Chapter 14 People Are SelfishVOLUME 1 Chapter 15 Chen Xiao's AngerVOLUME 1 Chapter 16 Shocking the TV Station
VOLUME 1 Chapter 17 All Repairs CompletedVolume 18 Chapter 18 Special Reports Must Be!VOLUME 10 Chapter 19 Hold it high and put it down gentlyVOLUME 20 Chapter 20 Shen Wei's Joining (Please recommend!)
VOLUME 2 Chapter 21 Special Recruitment of Universities (seeking everything)VOLUME 2 Chapter 22 I Don't Want to Sign Up (Please Everything!)VOLUME 23 Chapter 23 Digging a Big Pit for the Machinery Factory (Seeking Everything)VOLUME 24 Chapter 24 Admissions Team of Yenching University (seek everything)
VOLUME 25 Chapter 25 I must recruit this classmate! (ask for everything)VOLUME 2 Chapter 26 Amazing Performance (Seeking Everything)vol.2 Chapter 27 Fierce Debate (Seeking Everything)VOLUME 28 Chapter 28 I Want to Buy Out Your Property Rights (Please recommend!)
VOLUME 2 Chapter 29 The First Pot of Gold (Please recommend)VOLUME 2 Chapter 30 Chen Xiao's Layout (seeking everything)VOLUME 2 Chapter 31 Being Played By Chen Xiao? (ask for everything)32 Chen Xiao's Crazy Output (1)
33 Chen Xiao's Crazy Output (2)VOLUME 2 Chapter 34 Insufficient Human Heart and Swallowing ElephantsVOLUME 35 Chapter 35 Designs That Are Bound to Subvert the Industry (Please recommend)Volume 36 Chapter 36 Must apply for a patent (recommendation requested)
vol.Chapter 37 Alarming Yanjing (seeking push)VOLUME 38: Li Kui and Li Gui (recommended)VOLUME 2 Chapter 39 Shocking the Expert GroupVolume 40 Chapter 40 Jiangcheng Machinery Factory BOOM! (Please push!)
vol.2 Chapter 41 Life Winner? (recommended)vol.Chapter 42 Jumping High, Falling Hard (Recommendation Required)VOLUME 2 Chapter 43 The Orders Are Full (Please Infer)VOLUME 2 Chapter 44 Pushing People Into a Moment (Recommendation Required)
VOLUME 2 Chapter 45 The Expert Group Difficult to Calm DownVOLUME 2 Chapter 46 The Real Developer (Please Recommend)vol.2 Chapter 47 Insanely Increased Influence (seeking everything)Volume 48 Chapter 48 Integrated Circuit Design LV5!
vol.Chapter 49 Yenching University with Regrets (Please recommend)vol.Chapter 50 Do I Look Like Someone Who Has Never Seen the World? (recommended)VOLUME 1 Chapter 51 The Achievements of the Study Group (Seeking Recommendations)52 Spring Festival Dividends, Brother Xiao Makes Big Money (Recommendation Required)
52 New Year's Eve (For Recommendation)VOLUME 1 Chapter 53 This Surprise Is So-So (Recommended Ticket)54 Chapter 54 The Clown Is Actually MyselfVOLUME 2 Chapter 55 Will This Irregular Business Be Accepted? (Please recommend!)
VOLUME 1 Chapter 56 Brother, there is a hole in front (please recommend)57 Don't Want Both (Recommendation Requested)VOLUME 1 Chapter 58 A Big Money-Making Business Is Comingvol.Chapter 59 Brother, Come Cut Me! (recommended)
VOLUME 1 Chapter 60 Now, It's Over (Recommendation Request)61 College Entrance Examination, College Entrance Examination (Please Recommend)62 Chapter 62 The Perfect Ending (Recommendation Request)VOLUME 1 Chapter 63 Determined to Start a Business (Recommendation Required)
VOLUME 1 Chapter 64 People Should Pay Attention to the Right Family (Recommendation Required)VOLUME 65 Chapter 65 Seeking Cooperation (Recommendation)VOLUME 66 Chapter 66 Fifty-Five Split Accounts, Happy CooperationVOLUME 1 Chapter 67 A Wave of Influence Is Coming (Recommendation Requested)
VOLUME 68 Chapter 68 Emergencies (Please recommend)VOLUME 1 Chapter 69 Many People Are Smarter Than You Think (Recommendation Required)VOLUME 2 Chapter 70 To Take the InitiativeVOLUME 2 Chapter 71 Technology Is in Hand, I Have the World (Please recommend)
VOLUME 2 Chapter 72 I'm Actually a Little Kid (Please Recommend)VOLUME 2 Chapter 73: Make Hot Styles If You Want To Do ItVOLUME 2 Chapter 74 Enviable Business (Please recommend)VOLUME 1 Chapter 75 Ah... This...
VOLUME 1 Chapter 76 Someone Skimps (Recommendation Request)VOLUME 1 Chapter 77 Imagining is Wonderful (Please Recommend)vol.Chapter 78 Don't do anything, let's talk about business (recommendation requested)VOLUME 10 Chapter 79 Technical Rolling is Necessary
VOLUME 80 Chapter 80 The Big Business Is ComingVOLUME 81 Chapter 81 Attention (Please recommend!)82 Baidu Seeking Cooperation (Recommendation)83 Jealousy Can Kill
VOLUME 84 Chapter 84 Let Others Have No Way Out (Please Help!)VOLUME 85: The Server Is Down (Please recommend)VOLUME 86 Chapter 86 You Are Really Talented! (recommended)VOLUME 87 Chapter 87 Are You Crazy! (recommended)
VOLUME 88 Chapter 88 The Real First Pot of Gold (Please recommend)VOLUME 89 Chapter 89 A Product That Will Be PopularVOLUME 8 Chapter 90 Ling Hua's Little Thoughts (seeking tickets)VOLUME 8 Chapter 91 Shengda Corporation's Crazy Investigation
vol.2 Chapter 92 Sheng Da's ShockVOLUME 1 Chapter 93 Dimensionality Reduction Strike (seeking tickets)VOLUME 1 Chapter 94 Capital is Bloody (Please recommend)VOLUME 2 Chapter 95 Baidu Wants to Steal People
VOLUME 8 Chapter 96 11181's Angel Investment?VOLUME 1 Chapter 97 Who Invests Who? (Seeking Tickets!)VOLUME 8 Chapter 98 Intention of Parting from You (Please recommend)VOLUME 1 Chapter 99 Strong Pressure (Please recommend)
VOLUME 1 Chapter 100 Super Cherish Talentvol.2 Chapter 101 Talents are sought after everywherevol.Chapter 102 I Didn't Make Up Stories (Ahem, Recommended)VOLUME 1 Chapter 103 Provoking a Showdown (Please Recommend)
VOLUME 104 Hello, University (Recommendation Required)VOLUME 1 Chapter 105 Building a Team (Recommended)VOLUME 106 Job Number C0001 (Please recommend)VOLUME 107 Oh, Reconciliation? (recommended)
Main Text Chapter 108 Winter Has Just Arrived (Please Help!)Main Text Chapter 109 This Operation...Main Text Chapter 111 Foreign monks like to chant scriptures?Main Text Chapter 112 MP3 Production Success
Text Chapter 113 Report to the teacher that he cheated (recommended)Main Text Chapter 113 The Difficult Exploration in the Laboratory (Please recommend)Text Chapter 114 You have to believe in science (please recommend)Main Text Chapter 115 Late Night Academic Discussion
Text Chapter 116? Unable to hold the sand of the timesMain Text Chapter 117 Difficult Negotiations (Please Recommend)Text Chapter 118 Will be eliminated by the timesText Chapter 119 Strong Alliance
Main Text Chapter 120 Orders are filled first (recommended)Main Text Chapter 121 Everything is ready and only the east wind is owed (recommended)Text Chapter 122 Step by step (for subscription)Text Chapter 123 Phenomenon-level products (2 more subscriptions required)
Text Chapter 124 Sold Out! (3 more for subscription)Main Text Chapter 125 Another upgrade! (4 more for subscription)Main Text Chapter 126: A Coveted Business (5 more for subscription)Text Testimonials
Main Text Chapter 127 Just Beginning and Ending? (seeking subscription)Main Text Chapter 128 Successful R&D (for Subscription)Main Text Chapter 129 You are South and I am North (1 update for subscription)Main Text Chapter 132 The Arrangement of Thesis (2 more for subscription)
Main Text Chapter 133 You Are the First Writer (3 Updates to Be Ordered)Text Single Chapter DescriptionMain Text Chapter 134: A Persevering Girl Who Sticks to the TruthText Chapter 135 Shocking the School of Chemistry (1)
Text Chapter 136 Shocking Material Chemistry Department (2)Main Text Chapter 137 Intense Academic Discussions (1 update to be updated)Main Text Chapter 138 The Experiment Infers I Will Not Delete It (2 Updates Requested)Main Text Chapter 139 Tan Deming: I Want to Steal Someone (3 more begging for order)
Chapter 138 Chen Xiao, you are not doing your job properly! (1 more to order)Main Text Chapter 139 Plans on Lithium Batteries (2 updates to be ordered)Main Text Chapter 140 Yes, I'm Falling in Love with You (3 more to order)Main Text Chapter 141 National Day Sales Season (1 update requested)
Main Text Chapter 142 You will eventually be eliminated (2 updates to be made)Main Text Chapter 143 Sorry, It's A Little LateText Chapter 146 Unlock! Black technology! Carbon crystal storageText Chapter 146 IDG Wants to Invest
Text Chapter 145 Bankruptcy of Jiangzhou Machinery FactoryText Chapter 147 Valuation of 11181 (seeking order)Text Chapter 148 Chen Xiao's Additional Conditions (Request Order)Main Text Chapter 149 The Move (Subscribe)
Main Text Chapter 150: Make a decision! Heavy cooperation!Main Text Chapter 153 Grasp the Initiative (1 update to be updated)Main Text Chapter 154 You Are an Absolute Helper (2 more to order)Main Text Chapter 155 Take-off! Yuedong Internet (3 more to order)
Main Text Chapter 154 Jiangzhou Machinery Factory's Only Treatment PlanMain Text Chapter 155 Thirty Years in HedongMain Text Chapter 158 Core Technology Is EverythingMain Text Chapter 159 Music Phone Arrangement (for Subscription)
Main Text Chapter 160 Little Girl's Trouble (Subscribe)Main Text Chapter 161: Technology Is Applicable Anywhere (1 Update)Main Text Chapter 162 Sorry, I Program LV8 (2 more to order)Chapter 163 Student Union Minister, You've Done! (3 more to order)
Text Chapter 164 Forced to SubmitMain Text Chapter 165 Mass Production of Lithium BatteriesMain Text Chapter 166 Xiaoqiang who can't be beaten to death (1 more to order)Text Chapter 167 False propaganda? (2 more to order)
Main Text Chapter 168 Renren Daily's Strong Concern (3 updates to be ordered)Main Text Chapter 169 Quality Inspection Center: Unbelievable! (1 more please order!)Main Text Chapter 170 Special Report is Required (2 updates to be updated)Main Text Chapter 171 Big Order Received Soft Hands (3 more to order)
Text Chapter 172 You Say I Infringe? (1 more to order)Main Text Chapter 173 Need for Core Competitiveness (2 updates to be updated)Main Text Chapter 174: Chen Xiao's Hole Card (3 more to order)Main Text Chapter 175 Motorola: Ten Million Orders! (1 more order, 4000 words chapter)
Text Chapter 176 Cooperation? Let the bullets fly for a while longer (2 more to order)Main Text Chapter 177: Carbon Crystal Storage, the Technology Tree Is Distorted (3 more to order)Main Text Chapter 180 Capital Group's Butcher KnifeText Chapter 181 Severe Challenge
Main Text Chapter 182: The Lion Opens His Big Opening (1 update to be ordered)Main Text Chapter 183 Hehe, do you want to buy Lingyue? (2 more ordering)Main Text Chapter 184 Stunning Product (3 more to order)Main Text Chapter 183 Determined to make others have nowhere to go (1 update requested)
Main Text Chapter 184 Company Reorganization Plan (2 updates to be updated)Main Text Chapter 185 Changtian Technology: Take the initiative (3 updates to be ordered)Main Text Chapter 188 Carbon Crystal Storage, Release (1) (1 update requested)Text Chapter 189: Carbon Crystal Storage, Release (2) (2 more for order)
Main Text Chapter 190 Influence, Exploding (3 more to order)Chapter 191 Not at all a performance levelChapter 192 I am sure that you cannot imitateMain Text Chapter 191 Initiating a Scramble (1 more updates to be made)
Main Text Chapter 192 Sony: Touched My Knowledge Blind SpotMain Text Chapter 193 Huge Potential, Capital Is Ready to Move (3 more to order)Main Text Chapter 194: Venture Capital Institutions Swarming Over (1 Update Requested)Chapter 195 You Are Really Thick-skinned (2 more to order)
Main Text Chapter 196 The Conclusion Report of the Semiconductor Laboratory of Stanford University (3 updates to be updated)Chapter 197 This problem needs to be solved by a physics professorMain Text Chapter 198 Nobel Prize?Text Chapter 199 The Evil of Capital
Main Text Chapter 200 So what if it is not recognized by the West?Main Text Chapter 201 Adhere to the path of independent developmentMain Text Chapter 202 Someone at the top of the academic circle is digging holesText Chapter 203 Isn't 512 megabytes of MP3 delicious?
Text Chapter 204 Changtian Technology is out of moneyText Chapter 205 Xia Guo Academy of Sciences, Strong ConcernMain Text Chapter 206 We must fully supportText Chapter 207 Violence Test (for Subscription)
Text Chapter 208: An Important Report from the Xia Academy of SciencesMain Text Chapter 209 Major Cooperation: Supercomputing CenterMain Text Chapter 210 An investment of 40 million meters?Text Chapter 211 I am a principled person
Text Chapter 212 Invisible HandsChapter 213 Sorry, I Only Have One ChanceText Chapter 215 Treating You Badly?Text Chapter 216 Large-capacity carbon crystal storage, packaging (big chapter)
Main Text Chapter 217 Who Said Xiaguo Technology Company Can't Create Miracles?Text Chapter 218 Blooming and Bearing FruitText Chapter 219 Killing two birds with one stoneMain Text Chapter 220 The Physics Laboratory of Xiaguo Academy of Sciences, which is famous all over the world (1)
Text Chapter 221: The Physics Laboratory of Xiaguo Academy of Sciences, which is famous all over the world (2)Main Text Chapter 222 The technical gap cannot catch upText Chapter 223 Basket OverturnedChapter 224 The Milky Way sets sail to catch up with the world's advanced level
Main Text Chapter 225 Lian Xiang wants to cooperate? (seeking subscription)Main Text Chapter 226 Celebration Banquet (for Subscription)Chapter 227 Lianxiang Team Comes to JiangzhouMain Text Chapter 228 Negotiations with a Powerful Company
Main Text Chapter 229 Lianxiang: Absolutely Unacceptable!Main Text Chapter 230 Changtian Science and Technology's GenerosityChapter 231 Your request is unreasonable (1 more)Chapter 232 Who Lost the Opportunity? (2 more)
Chapter 233 VAM agreement, if you want to do it, make it big (3 more)Text Chapter 235 2001 Installation GuideChapter 236 Ultimate Cost-effectiveness¡ª¡ªShenzhou T1Text Chapter 237 Crazy, crazy!
Main Text Chapter 238: The Fastest Rising Brand (1 update requested)Main Text Chapter 239: Tap Water with Many People (2 more to order)Main Text Chapter 240 Full of Influence? (3 more to order)Main Text Chapter 241 Upgrading may change the course of technological development
Chapter 242 This is a trivial matterText Chapter 243 Great Changes in the MarketMain Text Chapter 244 Countermeasures on the other side of the oceanChapter 245 The United States is the real holy place for scientific research?
Main Text Chapter 246 Is Changtian Technology Worth It?Chapter 248 You must make a technical disclosureText Chapter 250 What's the matter with you? (2 more to order)Chapter 251 Changtian Technology will never agree! (3 more to order)
Text Chapter 252 Do you want to fight a price war with me? (1 more to order)Main Text Chapter 253 Americans Can't Sit Still (2 more begging for further order)Main Text Chapter 254 Comprehensive Ban (3 updates to be updated)Main Text Chapter 255: Fearful Sounds (1 update to be requested)
Main Text Chapter 256 Life and Death (2 Updates)Main Text Chapter 257 Resentment, the death of technology (3 updates to be ordered)Chapter 258 Huge Buyout AgreementMain Text Chapter 259
Chapter 260 Someone Wants to Pretend to be a GrandsonText Chapter 261 One word, do it! (1)Chapter 262 One word, do it! (2)Main Text Chapter 263 Momentarily monopolizing the market
Main Text Chapter 264 Microsoft is not calm anymore (1 update requested)Main Text Chapter 265 Panicked (2 updates to be made)Main Text Chapter 266 Drastic Measures (3 updates to be updated)Text Chapter 267 Crazy Attack
Chapter 268: Young and Handsome RebusChapter 269 Li Gui Killed Li KuiMain Text Chapter 270 Layout of Changtian TechnologyText Chapter 271 Fighting wits and courage
Text Chapter 272 Give up a small fortune for a big profitChapter 273 Excitement! (1 more)Chapter 274 Who is the boss behind it? (2 more)Text Chapter 275 Product Test (3 more)
Chapter 276 Everyone is SelfishChapter 277 Shenzhou¡¯s Chance to Overtake in a CurveChapter 278 The VAM Agreement Should Be SecuredText Chapter 279 Violent Test, Insanely Increased Influence
Text Chapter 280 Expectations of Chinese peopleText Chapter 281 Who on earth leaked the secret?Text Chapter 282 Don't be imaginary, directly crushed by strengthText Chapter 283 Dare to be the first in the world (1 update requested)
Main Text Chapter 284 Only Fast and Unbreakable (2 updates to be ordered)Main Text Chapter 285 The Great Man Appears (3 Updates to Be Ordered)Text Chapter 286 Wholesalers are crazyText Chapter 287 Historic meeting
Text Chapter 288 Mass Production Problem SolvedChapter 289 Take a Gamble!Main Text Chapter 290 Terrible Reverse Exit (Two in One)Text Chapter 291 Leave it to the market to decide
Main Text Chapter 292 Flood Beast!Text Chapter 293: Each has his own thoughtsChapter 294 You guys go first, I'll check the situation laterChapter 295 Now is the time to stand in line
Chapter 296 Fox Tail RevealedMain Text Chapter 297 Building an industrial chain belonging to Changtian Technology (replenishment from yesterday)Main Text Chapter 298 Leaker (1 update to be updated)Main Text Chapter 299 Cruel Competition (2 updates to be made)
Chapter 300: Two Ways to Surrender for YouMain Text Chapter 301 Choice (1 Update)Main Text Chapter 302 Difficult Situation (2 updates to be updated)Main text Chapter 303 Let's talk about the anti-killing (3 more to order)
Main Text Chapter 304 Long Sky Technology Must Be Divided (1 update requested)Main Text Chapter 305 Bow to capital? (2 more updates)Main Text Chapter 306 Shame and Disgrace (3 updates to be made)Text Chapter 307 Ultimatum
Chapter 308 Domineering AnswerText Chapter 309 Breaking down one by oneText Chapter 310 Powerful PartnerText Chapter 311 Tripartite Agreements Affecting the Science and Technology World (1)
Text Chapter 312 Tripartite Agreement Affecting the Science and Technology World (2)Chapter 313 Ang Da in despairChapter 314 Changtian Technology: I want to become a shareholder!Chapter 315 Nervous, vote for a resolution! (1 more to order)
Text Chapter 316 Crazy! These people are rebelling against each other!Main Text Chapter 317 Losing His Wife and Losing His Army (3 more to order)Chapter 318 Looting in a big cityChapter 319 Extremely favorable conditions!
Main Text Chapter 320 Onda: Domestic OfflineText Chapter 321 Huge cost advantageChapter 322 Crazy OrdersChapter 323 Changtian Technology¡¯s Option Pool
Text Chapter 324 A NestText Chapter 325 The Great Manufacturing Country ComesMain Text Chapter 326 Planning Changtian Science and Technology ParkChapter 327 Chen Xiao's Anger
Main Text Chapter 330 Dell Europe Waiting for RescueText Chapter 331 Untitled ChapterChapter 331 Crazy! no plan at allMain Text Chapter 332 Great Changes in the Internet Era
Chapter 333 Difficulties in the development of domestic systemsChapter 344 Harder than Whose FistText Chapter 335 Sword Pulling Captive ZhangChapter 336 Who can drive the development of Jiangzhou (1)
Chapter 337 Who can drive the development of Jiangzhou (2)Text Chapter 338 It's over! Heavy investment to flyText Chapter 339 Industry ShockChapter 340 Completely Satisfied, Please Make Conditions
Text Chapter 341 Building OverturnedText Chapter 342: Request from Xia Guo Academy of SciencesMain Text Chapter 343: Go All Out to Build a World-Class Technology Industry ChainChapter 344 Strong sense of crisis
Text Chapter 345 Happy to be a father?Chapter 346 Rebus's Lonely BackChapter 347 Jingshan's DilemmaText Chapter 348 I can't avoid it
Chapter 349 You Give Up Such an Important OpportunityMain Text Chapter 350 Heavyweight R&D, Super Performance CompilerChapter 351 Absolute ArtifactChapter 352 Miraculous Moment
Chapter 353 Yang Fei: The Boss Is the God of EternityMain Text Chapter 354 Sudden increase in ordersChapter 355: The Saipan Era Has ArrivedText Chapter 356 To be a Super God-level Supplier
Body 11.06 One day offChapter 357 Conditions for Nokia (1 more)Chapter 358 Signing a Big Order and Planning for the Future (2 more)Chapter 359 Alarming the Finnish Laboratory (3 more)
Chapter 360: The Hero Behind (1 More)Main Text Chapter 361 The Birth of the King of Machines, Changtian Technology's First Achievement! (2 more)Text Chapter 362: Vomiting Blood With Anger (3 more)Chapter 363: Nokia, Emergency Rescue Operation (1 more)
Chapter 364 Luxurious negotiation team, Jiangzhou is excited (2 more)Chapter 365 Competing for cooperation, gluttonous feast (3 more)Main Text Chapter 367 Profiteer Chen XiaoChapter 368: Anti-General (1 more)
Main Text Chapter 369 How can I get the support of Changtian Technology? (2 more)Chapter 370 Ultimate Goal: Industrial Monopoly! (3 more)Chapter 371 Greeting Victory with Tears (1)Chapter 372 Leading an Era Forward (2 more)
Text Chapter 373: This Is Your Purpose (3 More)Main Text Chapter 374 Domestic Operating System Design GuidelinesMain Text Chapter 375 Major Progress¡ªFirefly OSChapter 376 System upgrade, what gift is this time?
Chapter 377: The Era of Bio-Black Technology Is About to BeginMain Text Chapter 378 Biology Laboratory: BSL-3 (1 update requested)Chapter 379 Experiments That Overturned the History of Biological Sciences (2 More)Chapter 380 So what if it is not recognized by the West? (3 more)
Main Text Chapter 381 A Paper That Will Change HistoryText Chapter 382 Emergency call for helpChapter 383 Extreme Adventure PlanChapter 386 Surprised the audience
Chapter 387 Ningren is angry but helplessText Chapter 388 Strong concern from the global medical community (1)Main text Single chapter description, some plot revisionsText Chapter 387 Strong concern from the global medical community (2)
Chapter 388 You can go to win the Nobel PrizeText Chapter 389 Must publish a paperChapter 390 Sorry, I'm afraid you will be disappointedChapter 391 Strong Concern (1 more)
Chapter 392 "Nature" must be rejected! (2 more)Chapter 393: If the gap is too large, you will be looked down upon (3 more)Chapter 394 The VAM agreement is reached, should Shenzhou be acquired? (1 update requested)Main text Chapter 395 Dirty appeasement agreement in the PC world (2 more to be ordered)
Main Text Chapter 396 The God Ship Must Be Killed (3 Updates to Be Ordered)Text Apology and ExplanationChapter 397: PC Chaos, Comprehensive Encirclement and SuppressionText Chapter 398 Really desperate?
Chapter 399: I Won¡¯t Play With You at All With Outdated Production CapacityText Chapter 400 Blockbuster productChapter 402 Shocking everyone, the junior intelligent assistant XiaoyingChapter 404 Comprehensive counterattack, one word "dry" (2 more)
Chapter 405: Your Structure Is Still A Little Low (3 more)Chapter 408 Technological dwarfs stop making international jokesText Chapter 409 Super Conference (1)Text Chapter 408 Super Conference (2)
Chapter 409 Those of you who did not attend the press conference will regret itText Chapter 410: To follow the path of the ChineseChapter 411 Full layout, ready for warChapter 412 I can't, how could you?
Chapter 413 Unexpected Explosion, Crazy Installed Capacity (1)Chapter 414 Unexpected Explosion, Crazy Installed Capacity (2)Chapter 416 Microsoft is not calm anymoreMain Text Chapter 417 Gates: I want to overthrow XP and start over
Chapter 418 Hooligans will kill youChapter 419 Angry domestic usersText Chapter 420Chapter 421 The biggest hooligan leader
Text Chapter 422 Desperation (1 more)Chapter 424 All-out war (3 more)Text Chapter 425 Teach you to be a manChapter 426 Alas, I just want to play with you!
Text Chapter 427 The initiative is mineChapter 428 Adhere to the path of self-creation (2 more)Chapter 429 Win-Win Means Winning Twice (3 more)Chapter 430 Absolutely vicious attack
Chapter 431 Sorry, I just want to fight backChapter 432 It is the real kingChapter 433 Left is dead and right is deadText Chapter 434 Invincible
Main Text Chapter 435 Rule MakerChapter 436: All Losses (1 more)Chapter 437: The Last Puzzle of the Operating System (2 more)Main Text Chapter 438 Performance spikes Microsoft (3 more)
Chapter 439 The more you prohibit, the more I develop! (1 more)Chapter 440 Changtian Technology Kills Crazy (2 more)Chapter 441 Absolute pride, must be supported! (3 more)Text Chapter 442: The Market Will Be Popular (4 More)
Text Chapter 443 Crazy installed capacityChapter 444 Watching You Rise UpMain Text Chapter 445 Special Report on News NetworkChapter 446 Can't Sleep Tonight
Chapter 447 This battle must be won (1 more)Chapter 448 Vicious Exclusivity Policy (2 more)Chapter 449 No Solution, Instantly Kills the Audience (3)Chapter 450 Victory is just the beginning
Text Chapter 451 Strong BreakChapter 452 You are a toothpaste-squeezing disgusting personText Chapter 453 Crazy with anxietyChapter 454 Why do you want to click on the technology tree like crazy?
Chapter 455 Definitely becoming a first-class companyChapter 456 Really Small GoalChapter 457 Performance is so powerful that you are autisticChapter 458 Production must be expanded
Text Chapter 459 Building a Matrix CompanyText Chapter 460 Ah! What a missed opportunity!Text Chapter 461 Establishment of the Big Mac FoundryChapter 462 Pain Points of Inland Cities
Text Chapter 463 Strongly grateful to Changtian TechnologyText Chapter 464 Mass production is comingText Chapter 465 Total defeatChapter 466 Crazy self-salvation
Main Text Chapter 467 Oh, it¡¯s the anti-customerText Chapter 468 If you want to buy it, then I will raise the price.Chapter 469 Overturning the blockade with one's own powerChapter 470 I Have Four 2s and Big and Small Kings
Chapter 471 My Lord, Times Have ChangedText Chapter 472 This Abacus Is Well MadeChapter 473 Less BB, mobile phone system project approvalText Chapter 474 Planning for the future
Text Chapter 475Chapter 476 Traveling across the ocean to seek helpChapter 477: The Inescapable Law of True FragranceText 12.31 leave
Chapter 478 Hundreds of millions of orders are rolled up into each other!Text Chapter 479 Perfect Site SelectionChapter 480: Popularity in the East (1 more)Chapter 481 Each has his own thoughts, the alliance completely disintegrates (2 more)
Chapter 482 Softbank Investment? (3 more)Main Text Chapter 483: A Great Character! (1 more)Chapter 484 Absolutely Unexpected Harvest (2 more)Main Text Chapter 485 Do you agree with Softbank's heavy investment? (3 more)
Chapter 486 Global Strategic Plan of Firefly OSChapter 487 Changtian Technology Is About to Take Off & Technology UpgradeChapter 488 This is forcing me to enter a monopoly industryChapter 489 Firmly welcome, must support!
Text Chapter 490 Prepare for a rainy day and inject capital into AliText Chapter 491 Chip! chip! Still a chip!Main Text Chapter 492 Comprehensive Restructuring and Charge to ChipsChapter 493 Global recruitment of talents, high annual salary
Chapter 494 Don't be behind by another eraChapter 495 You don¡¯t even want a bright futureMain Text Chapter 496 In times of crisis, life-saving technologyChapter 497 A global sensation, "Nature" apologizes (1)
Chapter 498 A global sensation, "Nature" apologizes (2)Main Text Chapter 500: A market worth hundreds of billions in the future, Suzhou and Hangzhou come to your doorChapter 501 No one has priorityChapter 502 A Big Surprise
Chapter 503 My boyfriend is a top studentMain Text Chapter 504: Great Master of the Country, Important Weapon of the CountryText Chapter 505 Big RewardChapter 506 Warwick's Intense Attention
Chapter 507 Mr. Ren VisitsText 1.16 One day offChapter 508 Feeling Like Flying, Entering the 3G Era in AdvanceText Chapter 509 Explosive Earnings, High Royalties
Chapter 510 Blossoms outside the wall will kill everywhereChapter 511 Cutting off your path, leaving you with nowhere to goChapter 512 Shocking the communications world, Warwick went crazyChapter 513 Breakthrough Achievement, Big Boss By Your Side
Chapter 514 The West is jealous when the order is softChapter 516 Nokia: Be Vigilant!Chapter 517 You will also lose if you play the bright cardText Chapter 518 Affecting the future war
Text DescriptionChapter 519 Technical blockade, dead end!Main Text Chapter 520Chapter 521: Firefly OS Destroys Symbian
Text Chapter 522 Can you enter the mobile phone business?Chapter 523 The situation is still grimChapter 524 Rejection!Text Chapter 525 Chip design, who will produce it?
Chapter 526 Integrated Circuit Upgrade! Chip coming?Chapter 527 Difficult Chip BreakthroughText Chapter 528: Mozi¡¯s Communication, Overturning the TraditionText Chapter 529 Crazy for Business, Shocking the Communications Industry
Chapter 530 I will do my part to make huge profitsText Chapter 531: Industry-changing Blockbuster CollaborationText On January 29, I couldn't bear it anymore, so I asked for a day offChapter 532 Chen Xiao: I want to build a powerful platform
Chapter 533 Birth of a giant chip companyChapter 534 Pangu No. 1 ChipChapter 535 Chip Performance Can Be BetterText Please take a leave on the first day of the Lunar New Year, so let's take a look at the outline!
Text Chapter 536: The field of science and technology does not make do, so do your bestText Chapter 537 The performance of backward products will blow you away!Chapter 538 Capital is cold-bloodedText Chapter 539 Release of Domestic Jiaolong Computer
Chapter 540 With Changtian Technology, Nothing Is ImpossibleMain Text Chapter 541 Domestic production: Explosive performance!Text Chapter 542 Not much to say, strength is crushing (two in one)Chapter 543 This price is invincible
Chapter 544 Changing History, National Chip DanceChapter 545 Crazy Purchases, Order ExplosionChapter 546 I have a way to increase productionText Chapter 548 Ah! Break the defense! (two in one)
Text Chapter 549 Double-headed, full speed forward (two-in-one)Main Text Chapter 550: The supply chain is up, and it's a blast (two in one)Main Text Chapter 551 Such a Huge Humiliation &Main Text Chapter 552 Intel: I plagiarized, I am justified! (two in one)
Text Chapter 553 Feeling Scared (Two in One)Chapter 554 Standing on the Waves of Great Changes in the Great Era (Triple in One)Chapter 555 Truth and Absolute Strength (Two in One)Chapter 556 Head-to-head confrontation
Text Chapter 557 Complete defeatText Chapter 558 AmbitiousMain text Chapter 559 Talents, industry chain, comprehensive layoutText Chapter 560 Shut up with strength
Text Chapter 561 Rapid RiseText Chapter 562 Forced you to a dead endText Chapter 563 Technology is king without compromiseChapter 564 Chen Xiao's hole card?
Chapter 565 Shocking the West, Overwhelmed by Technology!Chapter 566 Showdown, You Must LoseChapter 567 Do You Think I'm Joking?Main Text Chapter 568 Unicorn wants IPO
Text Chapter 569 Detonating A sharesText 3.2 Request for leaveChapter 570: On the Forbes list (big chapter)Chapter 571 Absolutely Proud!
Chapter 572 You read that right, this is the money printing machine!Text Chapter 573: Number One in the World! Unique in the world!Main text Chapter 574 Major scientific discoveryChapter 575 Crazy upgrade
Chapter 576 Do you want a market worth hundreds of billions?Chapter 577 I'm afraid it will overturn the history of human biomedicineChapter 578 The paper is released, and the daily limit is doubled again!Chapter 579 Whose Cake Moved
Chapter 580 The Great Era Coming SoonChapter 581 I won¡¯t lie to you, it¡¯s not a dream to overthrow SonyChapter 582 Dragon Slayer, Changtian Technology!Text Chapter 583 65 nanometers! Earn and grab the release!
Chapter 584 Sorry, You Don¡¯t Have Any ChanceChapter 585 This is not a visitor, this is a robber.Text 319 leave slipChapter 586 Subversion of your imagination
Chapter 587 Important cooperation conditionsMain Text Chapter 249: The Maker of the Rules (1 update to be updated)Text Chapter 329 Ningren's suffocating competitionText Chapter 343 Plan to leave
Chapter 366 Sorry, I Never SufferMain Text Chapter 401 First Experience of Using Domestic SystemMain Text Chapter 403: The Death of the System (1 more)Text Chapter 415 National Strategy
Main Text Chapter 423 Strong general joins (2 more)Chapter 499 A sudden wave of influenceText Chapter 515 Changtian Technology's 3G Mobile PhoneChapter 554 Standing on the Crest of the Great Changes of the Great Era (3 in 1)
Text Chapter 588 Sticking to the Bottom LineChapter 589 No technical confidence at all?Chapter 590 Come on, hurt each otherChapter 592 The Four Major Respiratory Associations of the United States: Beg for Treatment!
Chapter 593 Great Changes of the Times: The Birth of the King of MachinesText Chapter 594 Late strikeText Chapter 595 Release of Domestic 65nm Chips (1)Text Chapter 596 Release of Domestic 65nm Chips (2)
Chapter 597 Reversing the decline and becoming number one in the worldText Chapter 598 It smells so good, ah! It smells so good!Main Text Chapter 599 Extreme Worry of the PC IndustryChapter 600: A World of Controversy
Main text Chapter 601 30 million RMB, poaching Changtian scientific and technological talents!Chapter 602 Who is the fool?Chapter 603 Oh my god, girls are snapping up too?Main Text Chapter 604 Crying bitterly, how can you just lose money! !
Chapter 605 Under the heavy money, there must be a traitor?Chapter 606 Global Medical Monopoly, Xia Country's First Time!Chapter 607 If you want to get the agency right, you must compromise!Main text Chapter 608 Will be popular in the United States
Chapter 609 Huge profits, terrible cash flow!Chapter 610 Unintentionally inserting "Willow", "Willow" becomes hundreds of billionsMain Text Chapter 611 Heavy technological breakthrough and mobile will be angryMain Text Chapter 612 Choose to Bear All the Consequences!
Chapter 613 Intel: I seem to have fallen into a pitText Chapter 614 Selling Negative Equity at Super High Prices, Preparing to Enter the Mobile Phone IndustryChapter 615 Chen Xiao: Oh yes, I'm just playing!Chapter 616 Acquisition, integration!
Text Chapter 617 Testing the mobile phone marketChapter 618: Nokia, you have found the wrong opponent (1 more)Chapter 619 Surprised, Exploded! (2 more)Text Chapter 620 Hustle and bustle (3 more)
Chapter 621: The King of Future Energy!Chapter 622 Explosion of research and development capabilitiesChapter 623: Quite embarrassing Mizuki UniversityChapter 624 An Urgent Visit by the Nobel Prize Winner
Chapter 625 Absolute atmosphere and technical confidenceText Chapter 626 Joint Nomination for NobelChapter 627 Two Nobel Prize nominations shocked the Nobel Prize Committee!Chapter 628 The Defector's End
Text Chapter 629 Upgrade! Light up physics technology tree!Text Chapter 630 100 Ton Thrust EngineText Chapter 631 Please Changtian Technology RescueChapter 632 This is a must to complete scientific research
Chapter 633 Can you accept hundreds of millions of orders?Chapter 634: Never Looked Down on the Xia Country BrandChapter 635 That damned monopoly!Chapter 636 Let's see whose fist is hard
Chapter 637: A thorn in the side of the U.S. intelligence agencyText Chapter 638 Turning the tideChapter 639 Let me make a quick callText Chapter 640: A Great Weapon!
Text May 8th leave note and complaintsChapter 641 Explosion! Deep space power! (6000 word chapter)Chapter 642 Absolutely Perfect Design!Text Chapter 643 The West is Not Calm
Chapter 644 Profits Exploding! The stock price soared!Main Text Chapter 645 Facing the Future: Smartphone Project ApprovalChapter 646 Investment Attraction: Jiangzhou attaches great importance to it!Chapter 647 Chen Xiao Distributing Gift Packages
Text Chapter 648 PrecariousChapter 649: Nokia: Urgently seek help from Changtian Technology (seeking order)Chapter 650 Sorry, I have the final say on the rules (1 more)Chapter 651 You Are Not Qualified To Negotiate Conditions (2 More)
Chapter 652: Kill Nokia (3 more)Chapter 653 People from the Xia Kingdom must have a backbone! (1 more to order)Chapter 654 Technological Breakthrough! (2 more to order)Chapter 655: An Absolute Tech Madman (3 more to order)
Chapter 656 Abundant Scientific Research Results (1 more)Main Text Chapter 657 Please Changtian Technology to Support Immediately! (2 more)Text Chapter 658: Technological nuclear bombs can shut them up (1 more)Chapter 659 Going to the Olympics with Black Technology (2 more)
Chapter 660: A Challenge and an Opportunity (1 more)Chapter 661 Serious Problems Found (2 More)Chapter 662 Either you come back, or I invite you back (1 more)Chapter 663 Cutting the net and powering on! (2 more)
Chapter 664 Don't use ignorance as truth (1 more)Chapter 666 Amazing World (1 more)Chapter 667: The Thesis Has Been Robbed (2 More)Text Chapter 668 100 Years Ahead of the West
Text Chapter 669 International EventText Chapter 670 You Have to Pay a Painful Price for TalkingText Chapter 671: Apologizing collectively, the fire spread all over the worldChapter 672 All nations come to Korea, a coveted business
Chapter 673 International Giants, Beg for CooperationChapter 688 Crazy pursuit, Jobs' determination (1 more subscription required)Chapter 689 I'm Already Making Money Against My Conscientiousness (2 More Orders)Text Chapter 690 Popularity due to Changtian Technology
Chapter 691: Hardware godfather of the mobile phone industry (1)Text 6.19 Take a day offChapter 692: Hardware godfather of the mobile phone industry (2)Text Chapter 693 Extreme regret and Jobs determination
Chapter 694 Apple's Huge OrderText Chapter 695 You Are Aggressive And So Are IText Chapter 696: The Big Boss Behind Mobile CommunicationsChapter 697 Excuse me, I changed the world again
Chapter 698 Threshold is brokenChapter 699 The Real Big WinnerChapter 700 Chen Xiao is a Traitor! (seeking a monthly ticket)Chapter 701 Some people want to court death (seeking a monthly ticket)
Text Chapter 702 Hehe, playing media with Changtian Technology?Chapter 703 In the field of public opinion, it also depends on the strength of science and technologyText Chapter 704 Firmly grasp the right to speakChapter 706 Buying You, Telling You to Shut Up!
Text Chapter 707 Huge CompensationText Chapter 708 Powerful Technical SupportText Chapter 709: Returning home to increase investmentChapter 710 It may be too late to ask for cooperation
Chapter 711 Is Nokia Worth the Investment?Text Chapter 712 Ouch, hurt my self-esteemText Chapter 713 Emergency meeting in South KoreaChapter 714 I Monopolize Because You Are Too Spicy
Chapter 715 Valuation too expensive for you to affordText 714 leave formText Chapter 716 Violent short sellingChapter 717 Head-on battle
Chapter 718 Hammering Wall StreetChapter 719 Yes, I cut the leeksText Chapter 720 IDG High Level Emergency Visit to ChinaChapter 721 Changtian Technology Does Not Accept Any Threats
Chapter 723 The Terrifying Changtian TechnologyChapter 724 Huge SurpriseChapter 725: The Invincible GiantChapter 726 You have banned loneliness
Text Chapter 727 An Excellent Opportunity to Bring the Dead Back to Life (Ask for a Monthly Ticket!)Text Chapter 728 Urgent Seek (Ask Monthly Pass)Chapter 729: The News That Shocked the World (Seeking Monthly Pass)Chapter 730 This Man Wants to Reshape the World
Chapter 731 This Man Wants to Reshape the World (2)Text 7.31 Request for leaveText Chapter 732 Overwhelming number of foreign students coming to Xia KingdomText Bad mood, 8.2 leave
Chapter 733 The competition has just begunChapter 734 Hematemesis acceptedChapter 735 Great Changes of the TimesText Chapter 736 Already standing on top of technology
Text Chapter 737 Waking up like a dreamText Chapter 738: The stars hold the moonText Chapter 739 Biological New HumanChapter 740 Some People Are Better Dead Than Alive
Text Chapter 741 Major ChangeChapter 742 Is it really dangerous?Chapter 743 Chen Xiao Plays CardChapter 744 Nokia must be swallowed
Text Chapter 745 Buy One Get One FreeNText Chapter 746 The global communication industry is fried (1)Text Chapter 747 The Global Communications Industry Is Frying (2)Text Chapter 748 Finished, pre-sale avalanche
Chapter 749 You Might Die TwiceChapter 750 Changtian Technology, Vast Sea!Text Chapter 751Chapter 752: The Final Closed Loop of the Supply Chain
Chapter 753 Creating a New WorldChapter 754 Jobs, come back!Chapter 755 To tell you the truth, you are all hot chickensText Chapter 756 Big announcement
Chapter 757 Ultra-dimensional crushingChapter 758 Firefly, apply the matrix!Text Chapter 759: Performance blows you awayChapter 760 Industry Killer
Text Chapter 761 Why Compete With Apple? (seeking a monthly ticket)Chapter 762 Western Media: Now we can rest assuredChapter 763 Artifact! Han Hai's mobile phone is crazy!Main Text Chapter 764: Explosively Strong Elementary Artificial Intelligence
Chapter 765 Suddenly ExplodingMain Text Chapter 766 Explosive models covering all age groupsText Chapter 767 Sales are skyrocketingText Chapter 768: Resurrection of the King, Strides into the European Market
Text No. 769 It is in a hurry, they are in a hurry! !Text 9.9 Request for leaveText 9.9 Request for leaveChapter 770 Shine in Europe
Chapter 771 Savior!Text Chapter 772 Total WarText Chapter 773 Pressing every step of the wayChapter 774 Changtian Technology: Comprehensive Counterattack!
Text Chapter 775 Tell you what a real monopoly isText Chapter 776: Rich Europeans buy like crazyChapter 777 Shocked! What kind of magical operation is this!Chapter 778 The Enemy's Lair Was Stolen
Chapter 779 Sales Reversal!Text Chapter 780 Don't even want your faceText Chapter 781 Fierce confrontationChapter 782 EU Members: We Are All Yu Zecheng
Text Chapter 783 Dad who wants to be an appText Chapter 784 If you want to cooperate, you must abide by the rulesChapter 785 Sending you a meeting giftChapter 786 The Original Sin of Changtian Technology
Text Chapter 787: Great Explosion of TechnologyText Chapter 788 Will Influence Human Civilization for Thousands of YearsChapter 789 Fairness! Fairness! What is needed is fairness! (Ask for a monthly ticket)Text Chapter 790 Really good at labeling
Chapter 791 Pounce on the big net of Changtian TechnologyChapter 792 Bloody Vicious ExperimentText Chapter 793 Three consecutive shots, stabilize the situationText Chapter 794 Light up the technology tree, and a blockbuster technology is born
Text 10.5 Request for leaveChapter 795 This business is profiteeringChapter 796 Not for you to do multiple choice questionsText Chapter 797 Tell you who is the father (1)
Chapter 798 Tell You Who is Dad (2)Chapter 799 Really! hammeredChapter 800 Some Faces Are DisappearedText 800 is locked, it will be unlocked tomorrow
Text Chapter 801 Murder every step of the wayText 801 is also lockedText Chapter 802 What's the matter with letting the big and small kingsText Chapter 803 Big move behind
Chapter 804 I wanted to cooperate, but you insisted on me blowing awayChapter 805: Super Dimensional CrushingText Chapter 806 PowerlessText Chapter 808: The Holy Land of Global Scientific Research
Text 808 is lockedText Chapter 809 The world's number one word-of-mouth companyChapter 810 Yes, I'm just a hooliganChapter 811: The Unvaluable Cornucopia
Chapter 812 True, the third energy revolution of mankindText Chapter 813 BiogoldChapter 814 Some People Should Go to Hell (Ask for a Monthly Ticket!)Chapter 815 You Missed an Opportunity to Create an Era Together
Text Chapter 816: Large "Money Printing Machine" LaunchedChapter 817 Huge Overseas OrderChapter 818 Will become more invincibleText Chapter 819: The New Energy Era is Coming
Text 10.31 leaveChapter 820 I still despise this kind of technologyChapter 823 Wang Zha, Neuron Computing GroupChapter 824 You all feel very good about yourself
Text Chapter 825: There is no way to hell, you have to goChapter 826 You want a godly assist!Text Chapter 827 Capital is bloodyChapter 828 Welcome to the Country of Xia
Chapter 829 I don't do it, someone does itChapter 830 Forcefully Open the US MarketChapter 831 Crazy American middle classText 11.11 Request for leave
Chapter 832 Access, super chip!Chapter 833 Crucial new fieldText Chapter 834 Super Design AbilityChapter 835 Amazing World Internet Conference (1)
Chapter 836 Amazing World Internet Conference (2)Chapter 837 Hammering GoogleChapter 838 Strong enough to suffocate youChapter 839 Sorry, I surpassed your era
Chapter 840 Incomparably Powerful PlatformChapter 841 Technical shortcomings must be overcome!Text 11.22 Request for leaveChapter 842 Breaking South Korea's Absolute Monopoly
Chapter 843 Challenging the old orderText Chapter 844: Will Surprise the Mobile InternetText Chapter 845 Ready to GoText Chapter 846 Samsung and Apple large-scale face-slapping scene
Chapter 847 Global Consumers Falling InsaneChapter 848 Don't snatch it! Better stuff is behind! (seeking monthText Chapter 849 Western Technology Company Spitting BloodChapter 850 Unequal crushing
Text Chapter 851: Technical power is so terrifyingText Chapter 852 Too powerful to competeChapter 853 The high-end market belongs to Changtian TechnologyText Chapter 854: First Experience of Explosive Models
Text Chapter 855 Powerful to ExplosiveText Chapter 856 A development project worth trillionsText Chapter 857 Ecosystem ExplosionChapter 858 Super cool experience, the birth of a diehard fan
Chapter 859 The United States: Using National PowerChapter 860 Chen Xiao's WorriesChapter 861 Heavy! brain-computer interfaceChapter 862 Creation God Project
Text Chapter 863 Should have dug out the old bottom of EuropeChapter 864: The Enemy Lurking in the DeepChapter 865 Traitor dog must dieChapter 866 Don't play tricks with Changtian Technology
Text 1218 Asking for leave due to positive symptomsText Chapter 867 Global Strategic LayoutChapter 868 Extra-dimensional revolutionText Chapter 869 Overthrowing the old era dominated by the West
Chapter 870 Cameron: Shocking!Text Chapter 871 Western media collapsedText Chapter 872 Children, send Twitter and Facebook to the endChapter 873 Xiao Zha is in a hurry, eating is too ugly
Text 871 is lockedChapter 874 Changtian Technology makes a moveText Chapter 875 Facebook vomits bloodChapter 876 Great defeat
Text Chapter 877: Industrial products that compete strongly with the West (seeking a monthly ticket)Chapter 878 Sky A01 hits the road (seeking a monthly ticket)Chapter 879 If you are unhappy, you will buy youChapter 880 Don't treat Xiaguo Enterprise as a winner
Chapter 881 Excuse me, I like to throw money at youText Chapter 882 Sorry, the core era belonging to Europe is overText Chapter 883 Heavy release, faster than the times (1)Text Chapter 884 Heavy release, speed beyond the times (2)
Chapter 885 Crazy Face SlapText Chapter 886 The performance of all products (1)Text Chapter 887 The performance of all products (2)Chapter 888 Let you all win with one hand
Chapter 889 Absolute Monopoly (1)Chapter 890 Absolute Monopoly (2)Text Chapter 891: A small test can also slay a dragon (1)Chapter 892: Even a small test can kill a dragon (2)
Chapter 893: Even a small test can kill dragons (3)Chapter 894 Unprecedented, daily sales record!Text Chapter 895 Hammer your advantageous industries (1)Text Chapter 896 Hammer your advantageous industry (2)
Chapter 897 Hurry up, they are really in a hurry!Text Chapter 898 Competing to apply for cooperationChapter 899 Active Attack! The Encirclement of Changtian Technology (1)Chapter 900 Active Attack! The Encirclement of Changtian Technology (2)
Chapter 901 Active Attack! The Encirclement of Changtian Technology (3)Text January 23 leave slipText Chapter 902 The stock price has gone flyingText Chapter 903 Super craftsman spirit
Chapter 904 Inventory is also sold outText Chapter 905 Industry crocodile arrivesChapter 906 Emergency Response by Joint Venture Car Enterprises!Chapter 907 Bet against each other and win the market!
Text Chapter 908 Despotism, challenge the 5D magic cityText 1.31 Leave formText Chapter 909 The product is crazy (1)Text Chapter 910 The product is crazy (2)
Text Chapter 911 The two-line strategy is a great successText 2.4 Request for leaveText Chapter 912: Technical Guidelines in the Hands of Changtian TechnologyText Chapter 913 Official declaration of war on Europe, America, East Asia and South Korea
Text Chapter 914 Strong attackText Chapter 915 Bloody massacre in the market (1)Text Chapter 916 Bloody massacre in the market (2)Main Text Chapter 917: The End of the World of a Joint Venture Automobile Manufacturer
Text Chapter 918 I have all four 2s against the kingText Chapter 919 Directly blasted by the hammerText Chapter 920 Played disabled by Changtian TechnologyText Chapter 921 Endless defeat
Chapter 922 The European Financial Crisis, caused by Changtian TechnologyChapter 923 Changtian Capital Explosively Buys EuropeText Chapter 924 Across EuropeText Chapter 925 Establish rules and let Europeans call Dad
Chapter 926 Musk is in a hurryText Chapter 927 Strong return to the Western market (1)Text Chapter 928 Strong return to the Western market (2)Text Request for leave on February 22
Text Chapter 929 Double killChapter 930 Compromise! Win!Chapter 931 Time is running out for AmericaText Chapter 932 Can't hold back anymore
Text Chapter 933Chapter 934 You Are Not the Man Behind America's EconomyText Chapter 935 Weird, the ghost of technologyText 3.2 One-day leave
Chapter 936 What is the meaning of life?Chapter 937 Initiating the greatest project in human historyChapter 938 A Small Upgrade Shocks the WorldChapter 939 Huge orders from overseas tyrants!
Chapter 940 Subversive Technology, Great World!Text Chapter 941 Life Homeland ProjectChapter 942 Excited, Shocked, UnbelievableText Chapter 943: A New Product that Will Capture the American Market
Chapter 944 If there is a sacrifice, then sacrifice it on the other side of the oceanText Chapter 945 New product release, what is Changtian Technology doing?Text Chapter 946: A Product That Disrupts the IndustryChapter 947 This price is invincible
Main Text Chapter 948: Highly Anticipated, Big Buy!Text Chapter 949 God-level experience, continuous snapping upText Chapter 950: We must severely pry open the US marketText Chapter 951 Dominating Times Square
Text Chapter 952 American users are addictedText Chapter 953 North America¡¯s Revenue ExplodesText Chapter 954 Super Thank you Changtian Technology!Chapter 955 Dongyang: Begging Chen Xiao's father to cooperate
Chapter 956 Explosive growth, lighting up the new technology tree!Chapter 957 Emergency Response, Important CooperationText Chapter 958 Turning the tideChapter 959 This is a cruel war
Text Chapter 960 Murderous Intent Hiding in the DarkChapter 961 Self-protection, Changyue Heavy Industries was establishedText Chapter 962 PreparationsText Chapter 963 Purchasing, Crazy Purchasing
Chapter 964 If you don¡¯t solve it, you will bear the consequencesChapter 965 "Peanuts" is the last wordText Chapter 966 RobberyChapter 967 Hunting Drone
Text Chapter 968 Solve the problem in your own wayChapter 969 Birth of a new kingText Chapter 970Main text Chapter 971 Beating CNN
Text Chapter 972 Breaking the monopoly of the United States starting from foodText Chapter 973 The granary is full, and the target is Western capitalText Chapter 974 The Savior of the PoorText Chapter 975 Technology is too difficult, ask God
Chapter 976 Publishing a paper that affects the fate of mankindChapter 977 The United Nations fully supports it!Chapter 978 The Laboratory Needs Heavy WaterText Chapter 979 Changtian Technology¡¯s strategic focus
Chapter 980: Three Moves to Control the EnemyText Chapter 981 Tragic deathChapter 982 Nuclear Fusion Power On!Text Chapter 983 Endless Energy
Chapter 984 Wall Street is in ChaosText Chapter 985 Don't be too shamelessText Chapter 986 I'm sorry, you don't deserve itChapter 987 Shocking the global physics community
Chapter 988 Conquering the Western Science and Technology WorldText Chapter 989 Opportunity for DevelopmentChapter 990: The Second Fusion Power StationText Chapter 991 Shaking the world pattern
Chapter 992: Europe, move closer to Changtian TechnologyChapter 993 Super Artifact, MayflyText Chapter 994 Civilian RevolutionText Ask for leave on May 2
Text Chapter 995 Not enough technology, camera to make up?Chapter 996 You guys hit the muzzleChapter 997 Prepare for the StormText Chapter 998 Super Product
Chapter 999 This Price Is Exploding!Text Chapter 1000 Don't grab it, it's out of stockText Chapter 1001 Damn, it's too precise to be disassembled!Text Chapter 1002 Crazy Scientific Research Clues
Chapter 1003 Who is the authority in the academic world?Main text Chapter 1005 Heavy technology upgradeChapter 1006: Opening the Box of GodText Chapter 1007 Super long-distance strike
Text Chapter 1008 Europeans can't hold on anymoreText Chapter 1009 Open IOS Cook¡¯s GamblingMain Text Chapter 1010 The country fully supports it!Text Chapter 1011 This is miserable!
Text Chapter 1012 Lost in a MessChapter 1013 Violent Test SuccessfulText Chapter 1014 Upgrading "roll" youText Chapter 1015 The Physics Building Collapsed?
Chapter 1016 Specially invite you to come on stage and get slapped in the faceChapter 1017 You are all going to die anyway, so what are you trying to do?Chapter 1018 Ambition is a Global Communication NetworkText Chapter 1019 The technology is beyond your comprehension
Text Chapter 1020 Opening the Door to the FutureText Chapter 1021 Starting a new lifeText Chapter 1022 Exploding your manufacturing industryText Chapter 1023 Foxconn's Great Debacle
Chapter 1024 Crazy Summer Study AbroadChapter 1025 Dead Fish Under the Huge WavesChapter 1026: The Ultimate Problem of Human CivilizationText Chapter 1027 Super outstanding contribution
Chapter 1028 Crazy Struggle to Be a Medical VolunteerChapter 1029 This is the world of the jungleText Chapter 1030Chapter 1031 Don't pretend to be a rich man in front of me
Text Chapter 1032 Change the world? no change humanChapter 1033 All the people leave a message to change the rulesText Chapter 1034 Influence surgeChapter 1035 How the Future World is Made
Main Text Chapter 1036 Changtian Technology is heavily formulated!Text Chapter 1037 "Firefly Member Points Guidelines"Chapter 1038 The highest ideal pursued by societyChapter 1039 Westerners don't make fun of themselves
Text Chapter 1040 Overseas Netizens Break the DefenseText Chapter 1041 Animal experiments are a great successText Chapter 1042 The choice brought about by technological progressChapter 1043 Supervising Mission or Cooperation Mission?
Chapter 1044 The professors' IQs are crushedText Chapter 1045 No one can make up for the generation gapText Chapter 1046 Experiment BeginsText Chapter 1047 Anti-kill and then counter-kill
Text Chapter 1048 Get You Through Technical MeansText Chapter 1049 Playing with applauseText Chapter 1050 Strong Technical SupportText Chapter 1051 Ambition to Monopolize the World
Text Chapter 1052 Must Make Westerners HappyText Chapter 1053 National TestChapter 330 Jedi Counterattack from Europe (Big Chapter)Text Chapter 705 Investing heavily in shares
Text Chapter 1004 Academic Reports Are CrazedChapter 1054 Technological Miracle!Text Chapter 1055 Complementing each otherText Chapter 1056 Opening of the Press Conference
Text Chapter 1057 Scary TechnologyText Chapter 1058 Unlimited imaginationText Chapter 1059 Already beyond your imaginationText Chapter 1060 Roll yourself and kill you by the way
Text Chapter 1061 Twitter Darknet Live StreamingText Chapter 1062 Is the price good?Chapter 1063 Seaside Breeze and Chen Xiao's ThoughtsChapter 1062 Free Things Have a Price
Text Chapter 1063 A Powerful Beginning: Decentralized ComputingText Chapter 1064 What are you in front of absolute technology?Chapter 1065 Obtaining information by suicideChapter 1066 This wave of sales has stabilized
Text Chapter 1067 Cool enough to take offText Chapter 1068 Huge Controversy Brought by Technological ProgressText Chapter 1069 A sensation overseasText Chapter 1070 Heavy! Biochip usage rules
Text Chapter 1071 The era of innovationText Chapter 1072 Shady studio collapsedChapter 1073 Some things the West says don¡¯t countChapter 1074 Excuse me, I started stealing money
Text Chapter 1075 Returning to the United States VolumeText Chapter 1076 JealousText Chapter 1077: New Era, New WorkerText Chapter 1078 Knowledge Sharing Era
Chapter 1079 The country will droolChapter 1080 This saves a lot of moneyText Chapter 1081 The start of the blockbuster dramaText Chapter 1082 You will die if you move
Chapter 1083 Shocked and helplessText Chapter 1084 Application for the publicChapter 1085 I am not interested in oilChapter 1086 I sell kitchen knives, how do I care if others kill people?
Chapter 1087 This is too scaryChapter 1088 Yes, you are behindChapter 1089 Breaking through the taboo of lifeMain text Chapter 1090 Detailed formulation of access rules
Chapter 1091 Pangu Chip 2.0Chapter 1092 This is the pattern  
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